Do Over

Well this morning is a do over of yesterday. Somehow I put the orthodontist appt in my phone on the WRONG DAY!  the appts are today not yesterday…CRAZY!  We went to the store instead, looked at baby chickens and the got a Red Box movie: Sky Fall to watch. Holy cow, that movie was LONG!!

Anyhow, it’s a nice day here– looks to be the best weather we are going to have this week, so…we’ll head to the zoo after the ortho appts.

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My workout last night was AWESOME! I feel it big time:

Warm up bike 11mins

push ups- perfect pushups 15repsx3 sets

Flat bench DB Flys- 30’s x10x3 sets

DB Lat Rows- 30x10x1set, 40x10x2sets

Bent over Rows- 95x10x3sets

Standing Shoulder press 45x10x3sets

Bicep Curls- 45x10x2sets

plus I threw in some plate raises and shrugs ABS in between sets: Sit ups Knee ups lower back rotations Standing hip rotations hip ups ab wheel

here’s my workout proof pic– I have a new boyfriend

Then I ran intervals outside did 2 min on; off intervals on mins 4,8,12,16

We also have my DD having a friend sleep over tonight, so it’ll be extra busy here today!

Hope your day is GREAT!!

Love, Michelle

  The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Baby Calves that is 🙂   They are everywhre here in the fields and so CUTE!!  I just love how they are always running around and full of spunk! 

I had a good day yesterday- I took it off and feel so much more refreshed and energized today because of it!!  Hubby got back into town last night- It’s so good to have him home.  Right after I picked him up we HIT the OUTBACK for some filet, ceasar salad, green beans and of couse some coconut shrimp!! YUMMY it was perfect!!

Today, I just got done with an appt. at the accountant, have a coaching call at 12, a trainining session @ 1 and then another call at 3pm- BUSY, BUSY Friday here!!  Maybe at 2 I can get in a run and then later workout with my hubby, and at some point also work on my passing/catching with my son and/or hubby.  It’s gorgeous here today- I’ve gotta get outside and enjoy it some!!

I’ve been having 26 day cycles the last few months ,but this month I went a bit longer- YAY!! Eating more, supplementing and consisten workouts are to thank for that!  It was 29 days–  I hope I stay at 28-29 days for next cycle too….A great app that I use for my I-phone to track my cycle days is : FMC Menstrual Calendar by Tamtris Web Services

Today is cycle day 1- weight 129
tummy upset- very normal for me on cday 1
pain- medium, I have a bit of sciatic irriation- normal for me this cycle day
last night had night sweats and had to get up to pee 2x’s- expelling water!!
no zits
clear head
a bit tired this morning- but good energy now

C.Date Mood Stress Anxiety Pain Craving Bloat Fatigue


happy medium low med-low low- no hunger upset tummy but low bloat Needed some extra sleep- but now feel good energy

Well, I have not eaten anything yet today- I’ve only had coffee with some sugar and cream! So I MUST go feed myself!



AHHH!! clean carpet!!

*last updated in red on wed***

OH wow!! i got my carpets cleaned this morning…FINALLY and boy does my house feel cleaner!!  Now my walls really look like they need to be painted.  That’s on my “home improvement” list right after new Bathroom shower fixtures (both of which need pliers to be turned on) :hehe:  Being buff takes sacrifice and sometimes squatting is more important to me than shopping @ HOME DEPOT.

Okay– On to the PLAN of ATTACK!

I have 9 days until I leave for VEGAS!!  So…the focus is on! I am focused on a lot but I will categorize them in 3 parts:

1- God and family
God has to be #1- I’ve had some great study time recently.  I’ve been doing a Beth Moore Bible study on Belief.  It’s really good stuff, but I missed this week’s class because my church moved it from Tuesday morning, to this morning during my carpet cleaning  🙁  But I did watch and I did follow up on my study of Song of Song by  Mike Bickle.  Each day I will start my day with some time in devotions.

Family- Football games for Gunner start this week- he has one tonight the RAVENS vs. Jets (just like Monday Night Football!!) and then one again on Thursday. The girls all have field trips this week, so they are fired up for school, which makes life so much easier in the morning.  The girls also have Dance on Thursday and I have a dentist appt  and parent teacher conference that day also. Travis will need to prep for business travel also…some shopping needs to be done. I also have library books that need to be returned along with several other errands.

To Do’s:
Daily Devotions- Bible study and Song of Songs study- M, T, Wed done!
Make dentist appts for kids= working on it…it’s hard to get appt for 4 kids at once!
Get Layla’s glasses adjusted= done
Get Van’s oil change and tires rotated=tuesday at 2pm
Be sure to have food and clothes ready for “events”
Go shopping for travel needs= got travel sized stuff and underware…now I need a couple bras and I’d like a new pair of sneakers, a bra, some socks, and a pair of jeans…maybe I should shop in Vegas.  I do get there early Wed morning!

2- Body
Tan- a couple more times in the tanning bed to help some of my farmer’s tan and then use tanner starting Tues next week
Teeth whiten- I just use crest white strips
Nails put on- I need to find a new nail place
Hydrate, Exfoliate skin
WORKOUT- run every other day- at least 2 spinting days
M- run- lift back, sh, biceps= I did it!! 6 sprints and then a fast effective back, sh, bi, abs @gym
W- run- lift chest, triceps=  I did this TUES
Thurs- BUSY DAY~! dentist appt -off workouts
F- run – hair appt-
Sa- Gma arrives!! YAY!!- lift Legs; play tennis??
Sun- run lift upper body
Mon-Lift legs
Tue- run- get ready to leave for trip

3- Business
To Do’s
Continue Event Organization- finalize location and times ASAP!= close to having this done…just have to talk with the lady at the Marriott
Get announcements about Gathering sent
Prep Event promo materials
Send prizes out for the SX70!! And blog winners
Get BuffMother! Trainer training organized and announced!!
Conference call for Contest Team @9pm on Thursday night (central time)= this is going to have to be moved to another time we didn’t get home after the game until 9:20
Start remaining new  contest clients- Shana and Vikki
Follow up with current clients via blogs and e-mail

Now that’s a ton of stuff to do- and making lists seems to have made my stress level worse- SHEESH!  Okay- Just BREATHE and do one thing at a time- right!  I can do this!!! PRIORITIZE!!!

So off to run I go!

Love ya,


MIGHTY Monday!

I feel MIGHTY today, lol!!  I have been very productive already and I am ready to keep that up!!!

Yesterday was great~ I rested and did NOTHING, lol!  We went to church in the morning, then had filet for lunch and then we went looking at vehicles.  We looked at some tahoes, We really need something new, but having NO PAYMENT is just so nice!!  We are going on vacation to MN in a couple weeks, so we’ll decide soon about what to do…..

Well, my photoshoot is now officially set for next Monday, so today I started doing fasted cardio to get this final layer of fat off me.  I ran intervals outside~ it was WONDERFUL!!

here is my POA for the remainder of the week:
M-am cardio fasted;chest
T-am cardio u-bike; lift legs
W-back and run intervals
Th-just fasted cardio and intervals
F-lift legs
S-lift chest and run outside
S- just cardio

I am on a very low carb diet right now~ shooting for only about 1 serving daily.
My weight was 127 this morning.

I’m off to the shower, store, training appt and then home to clean and cook~
have a MIGHTY day!!!