Giveaway and an app!

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5 Winners will be chosen at the end of the day tomorrow.  fyi-I pick the winners!!


in other news, I’m still sick today, but on the upswing for sure!  …took the day off of most movement, so no workout– lol! But I did manage to shower and make a quick trip to pick up the dry cleaning.


I also, got some important work done on my app…now it can be submitted for approval with the app stores— Apple takes up to 16 days to approve.


here’s the info–

1) App Name –
“Diet & Workouts by BuffMother”
2) App Icon Name – “BuffMother”
3) App Description –

The official app of Michelle Berger, known worldwide as “BuffMother”.  As a Mother of 4, including twins via c-section, BuffMother is truly Living proof that you can be buff and beautiful no matter what obstacles stand in your way. Her story and unique training system on has inspired thousands to take action towards their personal fitness goals. Besides being a fitness model Michelle is a hormone optimization expert, personal trainer, author, speaker and actress.Features include:

  • 28 Day video workout program by BuffMother including extra emphasis on abs and booty.
    Work with basic exercises; easy to perform in the comfort of our own home and results showing after 4 weeks. Michelle shares a workout routine that allows you to regain your youthful shape, endurance and healthy tone in as little as 11 mins a day!
  • App Nutrition – Follow a suggested diet system, food lists and food timing information is included.
  • Updates- This app is designed to evolve though regular updates. So stay stay connected and Michelle will continue to bring you new workouts and nutrition advice.
  • Workout log – Easily keep track of the workouts you do day to day with a log built right within the app.
  • Gym cam – Awesome transformation! Take pictures and save them. Show me your progress by emailing them to me.
  • App gallery – Be the first to see Victoria’s newest photo shoots as they are released along with app exclusive only photo’s.
  • Quick links-  to Social media and other helpful BuffMother sites- including a private women’s only social website

Nitetime for me now, see you on the healthy side tomorrow!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

“What I Eat Wednesday”~ Shine in 49: Day 10

Sorry I’m a bit late with today’s post– I’ve had an unusual day– 2 sick kiddos home from school with ear infections~ Ouch!

“What I EAT” is going to be our Wednesday theme– so I’ve been taking pictures~ and I’ll be taking more…

So far today:

Over Easy Eggs- 4 of them salted
Coffee with half-n-half

Guac- 1 avacado smashed+ salsa+ salt and garlic salt
Baked Corn Chips

a Snack of a protein + water shake is coming up soon
I’ll be having a big salad with a large portion of chicken for dinner tonight– seriously close to 3 portions of protein can be in 1 breast!

Some other meal ideas:

  • small (3-4oz) chicken breast w/onions and mushrooms and some celery = P, G
  • 4oz tuna with salad dressing and relish on bread =1P,1C,1F
  • large green salad , with avocado or olives, w/grilled steak, dressing  and fruit for dessert = 1 P, 1G, 1C, 1F, 1W
  • Big lettuce salad with 2 cups romaine/spinach/baby greens –garninshed with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers+ 3oz Chicken and fixings- dressing, nuts, bacon bits, (fats)=PFGG
  • 3 whole eggs and blueberries (or another fresh fruit: apple, orange, strawberries, etc…) =PFC
  • Salmon 4oz and with a red/yellow pepper or spinach salad with a vinaigrette dressing= PFCG
  • protein shake = PC (ideas: OJ+ vanilla protein powder; Choc whey+ unsweetened almond or coconut milk; choc protein powder+ water+ 1 cup frozen berries; Choc protein+ water+ a couple ice cubes+ banana mixed with hand blender)
  • 6-7 oz of chicken (seasoned or marinated to your desire cooked in olive oil on 1 cup rice or beans and 1 cup of green veggies (asparagus, brocilli, pea pods or onions/peppers) with 2PCGF


FOR more info on diet check out this article I wrote: “EAT TO FUEL YOUR LIFE”-


The foods you choose eat can really accelerate your results– focus on proteins and greens!!
Work it this Wednesday!!

Love ya,


40 days to FIT!! Day 17~ wanna WAIST?

If you want a Waist, there is more than ABS to think about. I am naturally an “apple” body type…I hold any excess weight in my core…YUCK! Well after having 4 kids (including twins by c-section) I was very scared that I’d never have a waist again…BUT that FEAR and ANGER propelled me towards doing everything I could possibly think of to regain my WAIST. I wanted a WAIST!!!

DO you wanna waist?

having a waist means more than just working your core it means you need to build a symmetrical, HOUR GLASS figure.  Think of the way an hour glass looks~ wider on top, thin in the middle and wider on  the bottom, right?  Well in order for us ladies to have a waist we need to be sure that we address the “wider on top” portion of the equation.  That means doing upper body exercises for our chest and our backs and shoulders.

A great exercise for building up your back and shoulders is the DB LAT ROW…Here’s a demo~

My workout today was for my back and shoulders (with a bit of biceps thrown in):

Pull ups
10 (over hand), 8 underhand

wide cable lat pulls
60#’sx5 together and 5 on each armx3 sets

Lat pull machine

Seated rows- one arm at at time
70#x10x3 sets

shoulder press machine

Arnold’s- one arm at a time

each set above paired with
DB bicep curls and knee ups on bench

Bicep curl machine
50x10x3 (plus some short burn out ones)

Cable pose down bicep curls

Abs- roman chair, ab roller crunches and side crunches, leg raises

Elliptical 3 mins; bike 9 mins; pool time with kids.

Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…24 days (including today) left to get FIT!!!

Eat your Spinach!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger



Saturday (today)-

First off I want to thank my 3 beautiful little girls! They are the most precious little angels. Granted they may test my patience quite often, BUT they are still sweet little girls. God made each one so different and yet each so perfect. I am so thankful they are in my life!! Thank you Gracie for teaching me persistence with your determination to get what YOU want. Thank You Tia for teaching me sweetness with all your hugs and kisses. And thank you Layla for teaching me how ANYONE can be a FRIEND in 2 seconds flat with charming charisma! Thanks for being my daughters!! I love you!

Now, let me recap for you a bit of yesterday. It was a rough day for me. I was on EDGE all day…I spent hours cleaning and doing laundry and finally decided I MUST escape to the gym. Where I tanned and then watched the end of the AR vs. LSU game. It lasted 50 mins…all of which I spent on the R-bike. So, no lifting for me just 20 mins of intervals and then steady cardio during the 3 overtimes. AND THEY WON!!!
Bed came early for me last night and I woke up a much happier person smile

Now today, I’ve been a LAZY bum. Travis took Gunner hunting. They left here at 4:30am and they’ve still not returned (at 6:40pm)….I am hoping they got a deer, but who knows??? So, today has just been me an the girls…we watched Evan Almighty (not the best movie for 4 year old attention span) and then walked to get my van from the Automotive Garage (it is a half mile away)…

Then we were headed to the movies to see Enchanted…which was SOLD OUT for the 1:30 show, so I got tickets for the next showing at 3:50. So we waited at the mall…which is hard for 3 little girls to do. They are not in the “shopping” age yet and MOMMY is not a shopper. So it seemed like a LONG wait, but it was GOOD! I was out of the house with NO STRESS!!
AND THE movie was very good! We all loved it!

So now, I just ate again~ a burger (no bun) and stupid potato chips with dill pickle– I have a problem I am addicted to potato chips!
I seriously need to throw them away! I will do just that so that my “clean” eating week will start tomorrow!! I am on fire for it~ I need it BAD!

I am going to head out the my garage in a bit to do some lifting…I need to after my LAZY day.

Hope you had a restful day, Let’s Have a KILLER Final week of NOVEMBER and remember to keep up with your thank you’s!!



Thank today goes to my Dear SIL Auntie Heidi! She is actually the first person I “trained” after having my twins. Her and I would met 3 times a week in the morning to lift at the gym for about 5 months straight…that was fall of 2003. It was a good time in both of our lives. Thank You Heidi for being my training partner during that time…it was my escape and you made me realize I actually had 2 sisters. My sister by birth, Jeanette and my sister by marriage in YOU. I love you and I am very thankful to have such a wonderful Friend in you!
Thank YOU!!

Today, it is time to get back to work! I have a pile of Laundry to get folded and put away and I have business things that MUST be done. We will however take a shopping break this afternoon smile


Today is Thanksgiving and I am SO amazingly thankful this year…. so much of my thankfulness is because of YOU(TEAM BUFFMOTHER).
Thank YOU!!!! Each and every member of TEAM BuffMother! has mad a lasting positive imprint on my life and I am so Thankful for YOU! You touch my life daily with your willingness to give a hug, a cheer, an amen, a pep talk and a heartfelt loving word to others! I love you all so very much, THANK YOU for being YOU and letting me be a part of your life! Thank You for believing in yourself….thank you for understanding the power of encouraging others…thank you for sharing your journey with me. I love you all more than I can express. THANK YOU TEAM BuffMother! You have blessed me so much! I can’t wait to see where the future brings us together as a TEAM! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! I LOVE YOU !
Happy Thanksgiving Girls~
I am cooking a turkey now and will soon make the rest of the meal….rolls, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing (in the turkey), veggies, olives, corn….and then after we’ll make desserts and head to Travis’ sister’s house for dessert: hot apple cider, pumpkin pie, fluffy cream pie, sugar cookies (made by my kiddos), etc….. YUMMY!!!

I am sore today from my workout yesterday~ I did a good back, shoulder, bicep, abs workout with leg curls too and a tish of running at the end….it was good, I was strong!

Off to cook~ Have an amazingly wonderful day!!!

this is an excerpt from a newsletter I get that came this morning:

The secret to living is giving. When you give quick it is like giving twice. R. Browne says, “Whatever God does in your life is not so you can keep it to yourself. He wants you to give to others.” When you give only after being asked you have waited too long.

The Bible says in Acts, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (20:35). Giving is always the thermometer of our love. Getters don’t get happiness. Givers get it. When you live for another it’s the best way to live for yourself. John Wesley advised, “Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” That’s a good formula for a successful life.

The Swiss say, “A greedy person and a pauper are practically one in the same.” When it comes to giving, some people stop at nothing. Greed always diminishes what has been gained. Mike Murdock says, “Giving is proof that you have conquered greed.”

If you have, give. If you lack, give. G. D. Bordmen said, “The law of the harvest is to reap more than you sow.” The secret to living is giving.

-John Mason, from the book Conquering An Enemy Called Average

First off I want to thank my MIL, Gramma Mary. She is a wonderful lady who loves her family dearly and has a HUGE heart for others. She is a prayer warrior…and prays often for my BuffMother friends too! Mary thank you for all your prayers over the years, for your HELP, for your constant loving interest in our life and the life of your son. I love you, thanks so much for being YOU!

The past two nights I’ve work out in my home gym…


I am so sorry that I’ve been slackin’ on the Thank You’s the past few days…I have a new resolve to get it done this week!

I want to say a big thank you to one of my High School Track and Cross Country coaches, Coach Harrington. Thank you coach for always believing in me and being such a caring person. He always had his athlete’s best interest in mind and was willing to listen to our complaints, yet wouldn’t allow for excuses. He KNEW the importance of the MENTAL side of training…He knew we as athletes needed to believe in ourselves and feel that we were an important part of the team. He also always found ways to make keep our practices interesting and spiced with fun! This past week coach Harrington was honored for his contribution as a

Great Coach…you can read the newspaper clip here: Thank You Coach Harrington!


Measurments and BACK workout

Hi everyone, I forgot about posting my blog and workout yesterday…too busy reading all of yours

I had a very productive day…got a lot of progress made on my BIG PROJECT and need to make the same amount of headway today! I was in such a groove that I moved my workout from 2 to 4 yesterday and it worked out good, but then I had to fight traffic in the gym and on the way home. That’s why I LOVE going to the gym at either around 10 am or 2 pm…no one is there and the traffic is light

OH I also wanted to post my measurements from MONDAY…the start of my buffing: Today’s Date:_____4-23-07____
height:____5-6.5_________ weight:____128_______ age:____31___
Please list the following measurements:
Bust (around the biggest part, women only):37
Chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):37 flexed/posed;34relaxed
Waist (the smallest part):26.5
Hips (the largest part of your butt):35
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):42
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):9.75relaxed;11flexed
Thigh (8” above Knee cap):19.5
Thigh (12” above Knee cap):20.5
Calf (7” below knee joint): 13

Caliper measurements

Abdomen (I do this one for kicks, since I am an apple):8

All my measurements are fine and similar to what they’ve been in the past EXCEPT for my caliper ones…they are HIGHER than they’ve been in ages. I attribute this to my training for my race and my diet. During my recent training…I cut down on lifting from 5-6 days a week to around 3. And my diet went from about 30% carbs to 50%. For the past 3 weeks I have been getting back on track with lifting and eating to get BUFF. I can tell I’ve made progress already and hope to kick it into HIGH gear these 2 weeks of buffing!!!
If you’d like this document to track your measurements on you can get it here

Also my most recent pictures were taken about 5 weeks ago and are HERE

ON to my workout yesterday:
Back Bi Shoulders paired circuits
Started my day off with 10 min u-bike fasted
gym at 4 pm- 6 min warm up r-bike

Lat pull downs
paired with barbell bicep curls

Inverted pull ups
3 sets of 10
paired with
Standing BB military
45×10 wide
55×10 closerx2sets

T-bar rows
45×10 slow and squeeze
paired with hammer curls

Arnold press
25 one arm at a timex8-10×2
25’s togetherx8
paired with
BB front raises 20×10
knee ups

BB front raises
Bent over lateral raises

Assisted pull ups
0x5 +30×5
paired with
machine bicep curls

One arm DB Lat Row
paired with lower back extensions
20, 10 slow and focused…my lower back has been an “issue” these past couple weeks

then I went tanning for 14 mins and skipped my intervals as I was whipped from leg day on tues~BAD GIRL

So the plan for today is a GREAT Chest/Tri/Interval workout!!!
And I also have to go to wal-mart and do errands so that can be extra cardio

Count all activity and KEEP moving is my motto!!
Have a super THURSDAY~

good MORNING??

Goodmoring, it is 12:20 and I am still hammering away on this darn computer. I wish there was 40 hours in every day…then I could get something done, lol!

I did get a lot done~ just not as much as I wanted to…that is always the case with me, I am very over zealous. OH WELL

Now to get on with it…..

My POA for the week of 2-12-07:
M- lift legs
T- run steady state
W- lift upper body and do intervals
Th- off
Friday-run at the track
Saturday- lift in am w/DH

No measurements today as I can’t find my tape!!
Abdomen (I do this one for kicks, since I am an apple):5

Okay as you can see I am keeping lean and mean…so that is GOOD! That track workout yesterday didn’t get me too sore, mostly in my core and ribs from breathing so hard. Also my neck hurts today, I think I tensed up a bit and made my neck sore.

Now today I did legs, let’s see if I can remember how it went:
Warm up r-bike 10 min
45x10parallel then 10 full-warm up
95×10 +4 full


Leg press (not counting machine weight)

seated calves

Knee extensions
130×12 (6 straight, 6 toes out)
150×12 (6 st, 6 out)
130×12 toes out

Leg curls

then walking lunges
60 on backx15x2

I feel good, sore already 🙂

Off to bed,

back to normal

Well school started back up today, hooray!
So I had a rather normal Wednesday (my Mom’s day out)
Got some much needed work done and was able to have some peace Smiling

I headed to the gym at about 4:40 and did a quick leg workout
I was outta there by 5:30–so short and sweet!

Do you know what the best part about leg day is for me–NO CARDIO!!

here is what I did
5 min r bike

Rotary calf

Leg curls (kneeling one leg at a time)

Knee Extensions

Walking lunges

Seated Calves


That was it for eats today I have had a ton of tenderlion–like probably 10-12 oz, 4 eggs, a protien shake, tons of asparagus, salad greens, some cooked carrots, some olives, a couple slices of apple, some cashews and probably some other items I can’t think of now—but going strong on my determination to have protein and greens…still feeling good!!

Are you ready for THURSDAY!!! Let’s kick it again~ I have back and intervals tomorrow.

Night, night,

133#s up from 126#s in 11days!

Building results 9-10-05 Michelle @133#’s
8-27-05 measurements:
Tri: 4mm
Illiac: 3mm
Thigh: 5mm
Height 5-6.5
Weight 126
Bust 36.5
Waist 25
Hips 35
Chest under armpits above boobs 34
Around the outside of my shoulders 41″
Bicep 9.25 relaxed 10.5 flexed!!!
Calf forever 13″
Thigh 8″ above knee cap 19″
Thigh 11″ above knee cap 19.5″-good 🙂
9-11-05 measurements:
Tri: 4mm
Illiac: 6mm
Thigh: 6mm
Height 5-6.5
Weight 133
Bust 37
Waist 27.75
Hips 35.5
Chest under armpits above boobs 35
Around the outside of my shoulders 41″
Bicep 9..5 relaxed 11 flexed!!!
Calf forever 13″
Thigh 8″ above knee cap 19.5″
Thigh 11″ above knee cap 20″

As the pictures and measurements show, I gain a lot of weight and inches in my stomach! Yuck! I have lost my waist and abs. I am an APPLE bodytype.