“What I Eat Wednesday”~ Shine in 49: Day 10

Sorry I’m a bit late with today’s post– I’ve had an unusual day– 2 sick kiddos home from school with ear infections~ Ouch! “What I […] Read More

40 days to FIT!! Day 17~ wanna WAIST?

If you want a Waist, there is more than ABS to think about. I am naturally an “apple” body type…I hold any excess weight in […] Read More

Measurments and BACK workout

Hi everyone, I forgot about posting my blog and workout yesterday…too busy reading all of yours I had a very productive day…got a lot of […] Read More

good MORNING??

Goodmoring, it is 12:20 and I am still hammering away on this darn computer. I wish there was 40 hours in every day…then I could […] Read More

133#s up from 126#s in 11days!

Building results 9-10-05 Michelle @133#’s 8-27-05 measurements: Calipers: Tri: 4mm Illiac: 3mm Thigh: 5mm Height 5-6.5 Weight 126 Bust 36.5 Waist 25 Hips 35 Chest […] Read More