June is the BEST Month!

Hi! Happy June!! I believe June is the best month of the year! Workout today Squat 45×10- warm up plus hip rotations, hip pendulum, femur […] Read More


This week has not exactly gone to plan– the time prior to a trip never does, right? So yesterday I got my nails, hair and […] Read More

My kids are gone!

My kids are GONE!! My MIL drove them to MN yesterday…so it’s just Travis, I and Cuji (our puppy) here in Arkansas for the next […] Read More

Oh Happy Day!

OH Happy day!!  I slept good last night (thank you!!) and I so enjoyed my morning today~ It was the coolest thing to have all […] Read More

Is it ever Okay to have a pity party??

Is it ever okay to have a pity party?? “NO!” All it does is make things worse~ giving that kind of energy to the negative […] Read More

Golden Anniversary – 5 years!

It’s my 5 year anniversary today!!! www.BuffMother.com went online 5 years ago today!!! WOW!! And what a journey it’s been. I am back from “vacation” […] Read More

Finish STRONG!

www.buffmother.com My goal this week is to finish out this month STRONG!!  I expect that this week is going to show some fun results from […] Read More

14 years!!

Today is my 14 year anniversary!! AMAZING~ my poor DH is sick…he came home from work even. So…I have no clue if we will go […] Read More

Yippie Skippie!!!

YIPPIE, Skippie! I am in a HAPPY mood today…!! I am excited for so many reasons it is hard to count!!! – I am pumped […] Read More

A good workout today!

Hi Ya!! The goal for me this week is to hit my BUFFING hard and lose more bodyfat…I think if I can fininsh the week […] Read More