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I’ve been a busy lady today- I’ve been promoting our Team BuffMother Event! I’m very excited to get to see so many of you there!! YIPPIE!! Please share the link about the event with your friends

Today was my notorious SUPER LAZY, TIRED, UNMOTIVATED cycle day 4… It’s so odd, I feel so good overall (unless flo is heavy) during cycle days 1, 2 and 3- then day 4 is always the same- I feel totally exhausted! Then cycle day 5 it’s like a flip gets switched and I am on top of the world!

Yesterday, I never reported my workout- it was a stellar one! I am so sore from it!


135×10 from floor each rep Conventional
135×20 stiff (10) + 10 semi conventional

Smith Lunges
70x10x4sets (switching angles and some on step)

Leg extensions
4 sets

Leg curls

Knee ups on roman chair- 2 sets

Then I ran outside 2 miles- i thought I was going to die!

last night was Gunner’s last game for the season with the Ravens- they lost in the semifinals of the playoffs. Gunner played GREAT!! and the good thing is He’s on the all star team so football is not totally over for him- He really loves it!

Okay, time to get the girls to bed! And me too on this final boosting night!! Time to start buffing tomorrow! YES!!

Sleep tight,


"All Star" Kathy K. of NE

Kathy of NE!

I was introduced to BuffMother by my friend and fellow chiropractor, Lisa Staudt.  At that point in my fitness “career”, I had been doing Jazzercise 5-6 days a week for 6 years.  I was frustrated due to the fact that I was working out hard, yet getting nowhere.  I felt like I was losing muscle and shape and gaining weight.  Talking with Lisa about BuffMother just made sense.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give up Jazzercise, but my true love had always been lifting weights.  I liked the idea of being able to do whatever exercise program you wanted.  I was also intrigued by the thought of my hormones directing how I worked out.  I think everything in our body is connected in some way, shape or form. I am thrilled with my weight loss, inches lost/gained, the way I look and how my clothes fit.  But I’m more excited to know that I am STRONG!  It has given me the confidence that I had lost over the years.  It’s very intimidating to step into a gym after 18+ years.  Having the knowledge and “plan” from “Hormonal Timing” helped me ease back in.

"All Star" Julie in CA

Julie in CA

Julie’s STORY is just AWSOME~ the words she wrote about believing say it all!!  Julie and has become one of TEAM BuffMother’s greatest leaders on and off of the internet..  Julie is constantly sharing her passion for fitness by working out with others and investing her time to help them.  Over the last year I have witnessed her receiving great rewards from the energy she’s given others.  I am so proud to have such a generous person in my life!

Julie Before Julie After

Here is what Julie wrote about her experience with her own belief:
My name is Julie and I’m a 47-year-young mother of 3 adult children.  I had my first child at the age of 20 and my other two by the age of 26.  I gave all I could to my children and their upbringing.  I believed that I needed to put them first and I always put myself and my husband second.  Then at the age of 39 something happened to me that changed the direction of my life as I knew it.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  My health became my number one goal.  It was a lonely life, though, as none of my friends had this priority and they just didn’t understand the new evolving me.
While surfing the web I found, and life changed for me. As I was reading Michelle’s introduction on “Believing” I realized that I was that mother that she was describing.  I believed that if I tried to give myself that extra time in the day for ME to reach my desires that I would have been selfish. I had the belief that as you got older that you were just destined to look a certain way and age.  This was a real light bulb moment.  I realized that I wasted a lot of time and there was no more time to waste.  I could achieve a new and improved me!
Since joining TEAM BuffMother, I finally got it. You can make changes and reach the goals that you set for yourself as long as you BELIEVE you can.  I not only feel like this with my body now, but also with life in general.  You can do anything you want and be anything you want. You just need to believe and you can achieve this and be a good mother, daughter, friend to others in the process. I now BELIEVE that I can do anything I set my mind to.  I’ve learned to set fitness goals. I’d never really done that before.  I’ve learned to set challenges for myself.  I’ve been working out for many years, but with no real goals and no real diet.  I now know how to fuel my workouts, how to CHALLENGE myself and receive the results that I’m looking for.  As BuffMother! always says….Challenge=Change…I really BELIEVE that!!

"All Star" Liz of NJ

“All Star” Liz of NJ

Have you ever been awe inspired by the site of very pregnant woman working out?  Well this story reflects just that!  Liz is a true success story in that she regained a great level of fitness during the third trimester of her pregnancy.  Here is Liz’s final summary for a contest we had in the Team BuffMother Rally Room starting May 2007~

at 29 weeks  At 39 weeks! NOW- 4 months later!

My Reflections on The 10-Week Quest for ConsistencyBy:  Liz of NJBuffMother! Since 2005

At the conclusion of this Quest for Consistency Challenge, I am about to deliver a baby any day now and I am in the best shape of my pregnancy! At the beginning of the QFCC I was at the beginning of my third trimester, not weight training or eating particularly well and had just returned to the Rally Room a couple of months earlier from a hiatus due to remodeling my home. Having been uprooted from my usual diligent routine of weight training 4-5 days a week, I had become complacent about exercise and lacked the necessary enthusiasm for this challenge. I had never participated in a challenge in the RR before and was not sure I was prepared at 7 months pregnant to do so, yet I attempted to “psyche myself up for it [QFCC].” Then fellow BuffMother!, Debra Golding, also pregnant and further along then I, posted that she was doing it and that I should too. I thought to myself, “Well if she’s doing it… how could I not?” She planted a seed and that was all it took. I decided to join in the QFCC and I am so glad I did because I accomplished more that I thought I would in 10 weeks!

My opening thoughts were (as per my blog):

Day 1: “…I’m scared. Consistency is not a strong point of mine: …any break down in my “scheduling” can frazzle or de-rail me.”

Day 2:  “I can do this!!! I feel GREAT! I wish I could bottle this [the excitement & energy]! Rather than worry too much about the outcome, I am just enjoying nourishing & energizing my body.”

What changed from one day to the next was that I walked into the gym with a plan and a mission. The QFCC was so well planned out with time frames, goals, mini-challenges and PMA (positive mental attitude) that it made it easy to “just do it!” I survived the first day back at the gym. My “test times” were not what they once were but I left the gym feeling GREAT!

And so as the QFCC progressed, I picked up steam. At first I was really tired and napped a lot! But as time went on I started feeling energized from my workouts. By week 4 I was hitting “pregnancy personal bests,” some of which exceeded numbers I hit BEFORE I was pregnant. Team BuffMother! encouraged me the entire way and by Week 8 I felt invincible even given “my biggest obstacle to overcome” over the 10 weeks: Almost constant lower back pain. Given this particular obstacle, the mini-challenge that I am most proud of, which I completed 100%, was the “100 lunges each day [for a] week.” I believe that was when I really picked up momentum.

Week 8 was a monumental one during the QFCC because at that point I was gaining in strength beyond what I thought was possible and realized my body’s capabilities were tremendous. I can only relate it to having attained a “runner’s high” because I was going into the gym and stacking on weights with such ease and determination that it was blowing my mind.  Then at the beginning of Week 9, I found the balance that ultimately I am always striving for in my life. I was determined to finish out the QFCC while enjoying the last few weeks before I gave birth.  I intuitively knew I had achieved a powerful lesson regarding my body, its capabilities and my attitude regarding CONSISTENCY: If I could be consistent, realizing that in doing so that my goals are attainable with such a natural flow that do it any other way was an injustice to myself, I could accomplish anything! And that my body is a powerful tool designed by nature to function optimally when nourished and strengthened properly and its driving force is determination and positive mental attitude!!!

Again, what changed my initial attitude regarding this challenge was a BuffMother!, who simply planted the seed of PMA that the QFCC could be done even in our third trimesters. If one simple statement could have such an impact on me that it changed the course of my pregnancy in such a POSITIVE direction, imagine the possibilities of encouraging other women. It is that simple! Michelle Berger has always said,  “The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage Others.” Well the dynamic of what occurred in the Rally Room to encourage me to follow through with this challenge clearly proved that point! I sincerely hope that my involvement in the Rally Room has had even a small positive impact on others compared to the tremendous positive impact the women of the RR have had on my life! Thank you for the 10 most energized & empowered weeks of my pregnancy!

Weekly Consistency Report Final Summary

How many weight/strength training workouts did I complete: average 4 per week

How many cardio/interval training sessions did I complete: average 2 per week

How many days of the week in total did I workout: average 4 per week

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? Lower back pain

Who did I encourage?  BuffMother friends

"All Star" Lisa of TN

Lisa of TN

How Team BuffMother has impacted Lisa’s life:

I spent most of my 20’s yo yo dieting, trying the latest fads and gimmicks. In December 2004, I realized how out of control my weight had gotten, weighing in at 204lbs. I didn’t want to be fat anymore. I was depressed, had no self esteem, self conscious and hated the way I looked. So I embarked on a journey to change my life. I needed something long lasting this time. I began researching fitness and nutrition. I started changing my eating habits and exercising. I did very little weight training however, until I found Michelle and the Buffmother girls! I had always thought weight training was for guys and I didn’t want to get bulky. It changed my life. My goals and focus shifted and I ventured into a new journey, to be a BuffMother! I wouldn’t have made it this far without the inspiration and direction from Michelle and the Buffmother team. I lost a total of 76lbs and went from a size 18/20 to a 4/6. I am stronger, more confident and healthier than I have ever been. I am still a work in progress, but look forward to what the future holds! Thank you Michelle!

“All Star” Janienne K.

First place goes to….

Name: Janienne K
Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0): 3 boys. Ages 13, 4 and 2 (2 by c-section.
Age: 33

Before       After

Age   33
Height       5’4″
Weight       134.6      121.6
Cycle Day    13             9
Bust           34.5          32.5
Chest relaxed  35.5      33.75
Chest back      35         33.5
Waist relaxed   29         26.5
waist sucked in  27.75    26
Hips             38.5         36.5
Left      21.75      20.5
Right    21.75      20.5
Left      13.75      13.25
Right    13.75      13.5
Shoulders           40     39.25
Biceps Relaxed
Left      10.25      10.25
Right    10          10
Biceps Flexed
Left      11.25      11.25
Right    11.25     11.25
354        338.5      15.5 Inches lost
Caliper Measurements
Tricep                14         10
Abdomen           25         14
Thigh                 30         20
Illiac                 20          10
Body Fat            25.82     17.5
Lean muscle mass 98.06  100.74
Lbs of body fat      34.14  20.6

Why did you enter the SSS contest by BuffMother?
I entered the SSS contest to attempt to get into the best shape of my life. I have done that and more as far as I am concerned. For years, I had sabotaged my body with anorexia and bulimia. I have been healthy for 7 years now. I always thought that I had messed up my metabolism for good because I could not see any difference in the saddlebags below my butt. Since I have joined the SSSS contest, I kept up with the weekly mini challenges and actually carried them all the way through until the end. I am now squatting and lunging with 50 lbs of free-weights and have seen a major difference in the saddlebags. I don’t think I ever stuck anything out until the end like I did with this contest. I loved every minute of it!

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?
I made sure I had all of my protein servings planned out each day and kept track of what I ate. I made sure I ate 5-6 times per day so I would not feel hungry. Any time I wanted to cheat I would think of how great I would feel and look at the end of this contest if I didn’t cheat. It was impossible not to cheat for the full 70 days. I do have to say, this contest kept me in check. In 70 days, I only missed 3 days of workouts and cheated a few of times. I have never done that before. I have amazed myself.

How do you feel about your success?
I feel great about the way I look now and I am going to keep striving to make more improvements. My goal is to be doing 200 lunges 4-5 times per week with 50 lbs of free weights within the next month.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?
Lack of sleep. I work nights and don’t get home until after 12:30 AM most nights and the kids are up by 6. I do have to say, fatigue was my biggest obstacle, but once I got my workout done, I felt great and felt like I accomplished something. Another obstacle was my two little guys always wanting to come and workout with me in the basement. It was tough at first, but I then decided to invite them to workout with me. They have fun doing it and it makes me laugh.
What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?
Like I have already told so many of my friends, just go to and check it out. You will be inspired by the stories and photos.

"All Star" Kermane of OH

Kermane is not only our All-Star of the day, but It’s her birthday Today!!!  Happy birthday Kermane!!

Kermane has an amazing testimony; she is a true NO EXCUSES kind of a gal!  You name the obstacle, she’s overcome it.  Now with the support of the Rally Room and with Hormonal Timing she has built herself the best body of her life.  She never ceases to amaze me with her progress and her determination to be a GREAT example for her son.  She is on fire to build a legacy of health for him and is currently attacking a new goal to run a 5k race in the near future!!!  Kermane just celebrated 6 years cancer free last Friday~ NOW !! that’s something to celebrate!! I am so, so happy for her and blessed that she’s have shared 5 of those past years with TEAM BUFFMOTHER !! ♥ I love you!

You can follow Kermane on her AWESOME blog: KERMANE THE FIGHTER

Kermane’s thoughts on Hormonal Timing– as a Mother and Cancer survivor:

This is a picture of me AFTER I came home from having my son.  I was sleep deprived, fat, depressed and miserable, plus I had a little one who was depending on me for everything and I could barely take care of myself at the time.  It was my worst picture, because during my last trimester I just ate whatever I wanted and didn’t work out at all.  After fighting breast cancer, chemo and reconstruction surgeries I was ready to take care of me again so I decided to go for my goal.

The Hormonal Timing System helped fill in the missing pieces when it came to diet and exercise for me.  For too long I was getting discouraged when I would fall off the wagon, not realizing my hormones had a lot to do with that.  From tracking my cycle with Hormonal Timing I realized I am full of energy the first two weeks of it and start to feel less energetic the closer my period comes.  I realized about two days before my period I was zonked and should not try to kill myself working out then.  It helped me gear my exercises towards my hormonal cycle in a positive way.  I think the key point of Hormonal timing is that we have to realize that our bodies are ruled by hormones, like it or not and that we should allow our bodies to follow our natural cycles and not try to push ourselves beyond that because that makes us more prone to failure.

Why Kermane LOVES the Rally Room!

I have always been interested in exercise.  As a child I had excess babyfat to go with my glasses and long hair resulting in some self esteem issues.  By the time I hit fifteen I was what you would call a cardio bunny.  Also I was skinny fat, I had no muscle tone but growing up in a household where my Mother was obsessed with cardio I didn’t realize at the time there was other types of exercise.  Cardio was great for sweating but I still wanted to eat like my friends and ended up battling bulimia for about three years in the closet.

About the time I married my husband I realized I should be lifting some weights and bought 6.6lb dumbbells thinking I was the bomb!  Ten years into my marriage I had dumbbells up to 10lbs and did all kinds of Jane Fonda type weight lifting.   My Mother passed from breast, liver, colon cancer 3 days prior to my son’s birth, depression hit hard but I lifted myself out of that for my son and husband.  When my son was about two years old I started the Atkins diet and lost some weight only to be diagnosed with breast cancer. I was depressed. I was 34 years old and afraid my 35th birthday would be my last.  I gained about 25lbs thru the long process of recovery and reconstruction.  After my main battle was over I realized I felt sluggish and I wanted to lose the weight I gained.

While reading a website I found an article by Michelle about why muscle burns fat. Something clicked in my head. I went to her Buffmother website and read all the articles, I joined her Michelle Berger group. I was embarrassed to post my workouts because my weights seemed small compared to everyone else’s.  Then Michelle started the Rally Room site for women only which I joined and my love of strength training began. I joined contests on the Rally Room site to motivate me and they did.

I’m addicted to it now, I like how everyone encourages everyone and if necessary tries to get someone to see it is necessary to eat, you got to feed those muscles.  I have made so many friends here. If you’d asked me a year ago if I would be friends with people living in Canada, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and Michigan I would’ve said you were crazy. But I have.  There are women on here that know more about me than my best friend, I am that close to them.  If they needed me I would fly there in a heartbeat to help the out with any struggles they might be suffering.

When I joined the Rally Room I was depressed and my body image was low, I struggled with self-doubt and had to fight the urges of bulimia.  Now I realize that though my body became sick it is a miraculous thing. It has recovered and rebounded.  I can bend in some amazing yoga poses that normal people probably could not do. It gave life to my son and he is a beautiful creature. My body is strong, stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. My Mother was not the most positive role model and delighted in bringing my self image down and I am proud to say if she was alive, no matter what she could not bring me down right now.

Since joining my hips went from about 43 inches down to 37inches, I have lost 3.5inches off my waist.  My strength has increased tenfold. I can leg press a 380 pound man if I wanted, and squat a 180lb person. My chest which was ravaged thru surgeries and reconstruction is becoming stronger everyday and it will be only a matter of time before I can bench press 100lbs.  My arms used to look like chicken wings, they now look like my arm idol Jennifer Aniston.

I realize that cardio is not the only type of exercise.  I strength train my body 4 to 5 times a week now and delight in my strength increasing. I realize its ok to have a day off from working out now, in fact it is good for your body. I love encouraging people to realize that no matter your age or current fitness level you can achieve your goals.  If people can look at me and be encouraged from my struggles in life then I am willing to tell my story to any woman who wants to listen.

I’ve discovered that my body needs extra supplements that I am low on them and when I take them my mood swings improve tenfold.  I’ve also discovered cardio doesn’t have to be hours but can be as little as 20 minutes if you do interval training.

The Rally Room has given me great support and all the wonderful ladies in in encourage me when I am depressed and lift my spirits to get back on the fitness wagon. More than anything it gives me the spirit to continue when the body is weak and I thank you for it Michelle!

"All Star" Leslie of TX

“All Star” Leslie of TX

Leslie’s fitness goals and challenges are a bit different than many of myclients. She wanted to have more curves and add some muscle to her “skinnyfat” body. Being a mother of 2 daughters, one of them being diabetic, Leslie knows the importance of being a good example to her kids. Leslie worked out for years without getting the results she desired but now on Hormonal Timing,Leslie is finally seeing the progress she craved. Utilizing the power of the Boosting phase has enabled her to finally regain her youthful shape. She is very excited to have her best body ever !

Leslie’s Testimony:

I have always known that I get PMS symptoms every month. Cramps, bloating, irritability,sleepiness, you name it…It was responsible for sabotaging my fitness efforts.Hormonal Timing, along with the supplements that Michelle recommends, have dramatically improved how I feel and how I perform. I think my “light bulb moment” was when I started counting my food portions. To my surprise, I was way low on portions and calories.I think the key point about Hormonal Timing is to get women to recognize the pattern of changes that our bodies go through during our cycles and to work with that pattern to maximize our results from our fitness routines/diet. It is so much easier to work/achieve our goals when we “give ourselves a break” when our bodies need it. We don’t need to deprive ourselves for the rest of our lives to look great! Hormonal Timing is something that is possible to do over a lifetime. I’ve broken plateau that’s been lingering too long!My results have been great!

“All Star” Brenda Herrod

Brenda is an “All Star” for sure!! and a BUNDLE


of Energy!! Brenda is a mother of 2, a Nurse Practitioner and a DIE HARD BuffMother!! She is stepping on stage again on the 28th of August at Bluff’s Classic in for the second year in a row!! WOW~ she’s been on quite the journey since joining our TEAM in May of 2008! From the moment Brenda joined I KNEW she was special and so Special in fact that she won our SuperStar Success Contest last year! The prize was to be a SUPER STAR in my hormonal timing infomercial so in Dec of 2008 she was flown to LA for the shoot!! It was a blast seeing her in her new SUPER STAR body! She’s keep strong and kept pushing hard and has inspired thousands of women in her journey. Brenda is a TRUE All Star! I am so proud of her!!

Please follow her jouney on her blog:

Here’s part of her SSS contest entry from last year:


“My weight problem was tied to my menstrual cycle – I mean, WOW, what an eye-opener!”

– Brenda Herrod: LOST 25 LBS!

***SUPER STAR SUCCESS CONTEST – Before and After Stats:***
Date: August 31, 2008
Height – 5’4″
Age- “39” and holding!!! 🙂
*Beginning weight – for Buffmother – 15 weeks ago – 141 lbs
*Beginning weight for SSS Contest – 10 weeks ago – 136 lbs
*Ending weight for SSS Contest – 118.5!!!!! (today 118!)

*Total loss = 23 lbs

*TOTAL inches lost = 36.25 inches!!!!!!! (gained ONE on calves)
*Body Fat % – 28.9% – 20% and NOW 16.3% at the END of SSS Contest!!!!!!!!

*Total Body Fat loss in 10 weeks = 12.6%

*Was wearing size 8-10 in clothing (pants, jeans…now can fit into size 4’s, 3’s and 2’s!!!!!) I love this change!!!!!

*Where are you in your journey?

I am very pleased with where I am at now. I want to MAINTAIN where I am at and continue to build muscle too. I plan to work on sculpting my abs, quads, glutes and hamstrings more now since I’ve lost the weight. I am just so happy to have lost so much body fat SO QUICKLY and become more lean. It is only 41 days until I turn 40 and I want to be in the best shape ever – fit and 40!!!

*Did you reach your goals and aspirations?

Yes I did! At first my goal was 125 pounds, and then 120 – which I reached in the last few days of the contest! It is very empowering to be in control and to know you reached your goals. Buffmother and hormonal timing has made such a difference in my life! I will continue to set new goals and always be focused! This will help me so much through my last year of graduate school.

*Where do you see this challenge brought you?

I had PERFECT timing for this challenge….I had just joined Buffmother five weeks before the contest started, so I had enough time to begin to understand the program and had lost five pounds before the contest began. It helped me learn how to have a clean diet and effective workouts. I kept my focus because I am motivated by turning 40 soon and the contest was big motivation too!

*Do you have any lingering concerns?

My main concerns right now are maintaining the level where I’m at, continuing to improve and staying healthy. I feel very fortunate not to have any ailments or body parts that cause pain or bother me! I know I’m in for a busy year with my final year of graduate school, teaching full-time and being a mom! But with the confidence I have gained with the Buffmother program, I know I can do it!

*Do you feel you made an impact on your legacy during this contest?

Definitely! I have showed my family, and especially my daughter – that you can do whatever you set your mind to and you CAN transform your body through making healthy food choices and working out. I’ve always tried to help my kids eat healthier and now since I am leading the example, it is working better. I’ve actually gotten more interested in cooking now too! I want to show them how great it feels to be fit and healthy for life!

*What is your REASON for doing this, your WHY?

I wanted to make the commitment to myself for better health and longevity. I am a happier and more complete person when I look better and feel better! I want to instill these values in my children and be an inspiration to my nursing students that I teach and patients that I care for. My parents both died from cancer and my brother had two types of cancer, so I hope that by choosing a healthy lifestyle I can decrease my chances and be around for my children a lot longer!!!! The 40th birthday coming up was HUGE motivation too!

*Did you feel the support group helped you stay on track?

YES! I loved our group, the Buff and the Beautiful! I am SO PROUD of how everyone did in this contest and really enjoyed getting to know them better! I was a co-leader with Dayle and tried to keep everyone motivated by checking their blogs and posting replies. We had a conference call that was good – even though we all were not able to get on! Dayle was awesome as a co-leader – I learned a ton from her experience in the Rally Room and she is SO motivating!

*What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?

I just jumped in and tried to get really involved in the Rally Room and looked at everyone’s before and after pics from previous contests, and learned as much as I could about HT, eating clean, and a variety of workouts. I loved reading everyone’s blogs and become super motivated by reading them. I felt like I had a whole team of awesome women behind me cheering me on – you know those BUFFMOTHERS!!! 🙂 Lisa was the best resource ever too! I read Michelle’s incredible HT Book and After Baby Abs, and RE-read them – they was like my “Bible” that I lived by this summer! I spent a ton of time reading magazines like Oxygen and M&F Hers as well as Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Book and the Butt Book. I loved those too! Reading about fitness and nutrition inspires me A LOT and keeps me very focused.

*Did you reward yourself when you hit certain goals along the way?

I did recently by buying myself some new, smaller clothes that actually fit better! My absolute favorites are my Lucky jeans and capris – size 4!!!!! (also splurged on some new PINK Asics running shoes since I’ve been running so much!)

*What other thoughts are in your head at the moment?

I just am SO thrilled with my results and couldn’t be happier right now!!! I haven’t been in this good of shape since I was maybe 20 – okay – that’s almost 20 years ago now! WOW – I’m going to be 40 in about 40 days and feel in the best shape I have been since I was a teen! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

*Did you GET to know your body? Did you learn about your good c-days, your bad c-days, your weight fluctuations, etc…

Oh yes and I loved figuring it out! It is truly amazing how HT works. It totally makes sense. I was surprised to see my cycles get so much shorter, menses last a shorter amount of time, and less cramping! Learned to not worry about the bloating weight gain, and know that if I want to take off a couple pounds, I can do it! I’m a nurse and studying to be a nurse practitioner in women’s health more specifically, so this really intrigued me and is something I hope to help patients with someday. SO many women come in and want to lose weight! It is a common problem I will likely be dealing with a lot.

*Did anything surprise you?

Yes – that I actually could do it! And love it! I did it the RIGHT way too! NO starving myself or just eating salads all the time. I ate a ton this summer – every 3 hours – just more nutrient dense and clean eating foods that my body needs. It was not really that hard to stay away from the bad foods because I had a goal and was feeling SO good! I quit drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and drink a ton of water now – which I love! I used to drink several pops a day and even first thing in the am! I am also surprised at how much I absolutely love the Rally Room and what a great support that has been. The friendships made there are just very special and we all have something in common – the quest for fitness and healthy living. It’s enriched my life a ton by knowing all these incredible women, their trials and tribulations!

*Did anyone else’s impact you along the way?

Michelle – aka Buffmother – Need I say more? She is ONE superstar and is always so upbeat and full of fire! She is so smart to have figured this HT all out too! 🙂

Lisa – She is amazing! I so respect her for all she has done transforming her body and competing in figure! She introduced me to this, afterall. And she is just the fun, awesome same Lisa that was in my wedding and my college buddy!

Annie – She joined shortly after me and we figured out things together. We texted each other and talked a lot too! I learned a lot about clean eating and changing my diet as well as getting a lot of motivation from my friend of 14 years! Love all the NEBRASKA TEAM BUFFMOTHER girls!!! Looking forward to meeting more of them soon!

Dayle – She was the best co-leader I could have EVER have had on the Buff and Beautiful team. She was so energetic and positive all the time even having such a devastating loss in her family. She just amazes me!

Kermane, Linda, Leslie – Always blogging everyday and so good about sharing great information as well as cute and motivating comments!

Carrie Peck, Trish & Julie in CA – AWESOME! These girls are the BOMB to me! SO fun and positive all the time. They are inspire me! I love reading the competition stuff too.

Deanna, both Kims, Monica, Colleen (fitnblond5), Jessie, Karen in NJ – and other members of the Buff and Beautiful team – we ROCKED!!!! SO MANY others that I hope to get to know better soon as we continue on our fitness journey!!!! GOOD JOB BUFFMOTHERS! WE ARE ALL SUPERSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HERE IS MY BEFORE – 136lbs…Many more pics in my gallery and I did a photoshoot in a studio and will get those pics hopefully soon!!!!

Brenda of NE – I am very pleased with where I am at now, but I continue to have goals. I want to maintain, continue to build muscle, and increase my level of fitness. I am sooo proud to be 40 and in the best shape of my life!!