"All Star" Kathy K. of NE

Kathy of NE! I was introduced to BuffMother by my friend and fellow chiropractor, Lisa Staudt.  At that point in my fitness “career”, I had […] Read More

"All Star" Julie in CA

Julie in CA ••Julie’s STORY is just AWSOME~ the words she wrote about believing say it all!!  Julie and has become one of TEAM BuffMother’s […] Read More

"All Star" Liz of NJ

“All Star” Liz of NJ Have you ever been awe inspired by the site of very pregnant woman working out?  Well this story reflects just […] Read More

"All Star" Lisa of TN

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“All Star” Janienne K.

First place goes to…. Name: Janienne K Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0): 3 boys. Ages 13, 4 and 2 (2 by […] Read More

"All Star" Kermane of OH

Kermane is not only our All-Star of the day, but It’s her birthday Today!!!  Happy birthday Kermane!! Kermane has an amazing testimony; she is a […] Read More

"All Star" Leslie of TX

“All Star” Leslie of TX Leslie’s fitness goals and challenges are a bit different than many of myclients. She wanted to have more curves and […] Read More

“All Star” Brenda Herrod

Brenda is an “All Star” for sure!! and a BUNDLE of Energy!! Brenda is a mother of 2, a Nurse Practitioner and a DIE HARD […] Read More