28 days of Christmas: Day 17

XMAS Day 17~ today is an official DAY off~ so enjoy it!!  I am planning to get all sorts of stuff accomplished on my To Do […] Read More

Final week!!~ Shine in 49: Day 43

Good Morning– It’s the start of our Final Week for the Shine in 49 contest~ WOW!!! Here’s a PDF download for you that lays out […] Read More

Running SCARED!

The Warrior Dash is less than 6 weeks away and I’m Running SCARED!! Scared of the race KILLING me!  Literally I am SCARED of failing, […] Read More


Had a great conference call today about “ABS: 3 Focuses to Accelerate Resutls!!”  We talked about all sorts of important factors that go into making […] Read More

Back to Life~

Well…I feel as though today life is back to normal.  The past week was crazy with all sorts of new things, appt, visits, b-days, trips, […] Read More

Lots going on = Joy!

I love it when I have Lots going on, to me being BUSY= JOY!!!  I hate, hate, hate being bored- so since busy is the opposite […] Read More

My Online Training Coming Soon!

Hey Ya’ll I am excited!!! I am getting all sorts of stuff accomplished on my website and soon I will once again have the time […] Read More

March 2008 Newsletter

~Team BuffMother! March Newsletter~ 3 exciting announcements!!   #1- The “Buff Bikini Bod” contest~ Starts March 10th ANNOUNCING!!! the “Buff Bikini Bod!” Contest an Official Team […] Read More

June 1st- Legs w/DH!!

June is I Believe MONTH!! Okay, I am on it!! I bought myself a nice new 5 subject notebook last night and feel super organized […] Read More


Big news for me today! I have made the decision to enter a contest. What contest, I am not 100% sure. It all depends on […] Read More