28 days of Christmas: Day 17

XMAS Day 17~ today is an official DAY off~ so enjoy it!!  I am planning to get all sorts of stuff accomplished on my To Do list!! If you’ve missed any workouts, be sure  to do them TODAY!!

Also, on days you don’t workout your entire focus needs to be on DIET~

Here’s the diet I’m trying to follow for contest:

OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

By “5&5+” I am referring to serving guidelines- let’s put are focus on what TO Eat in a day vs. What NOT to eat:

5 proteins servings daily
5 Fruits and veggies

+Plus FAT = what ever FATS come with those proteins, fruits and veggies (meat fats, dressings, oils, butter, etc…)

Don’t go overboard with “extra fats” and be WISE about your food choices- but PLEASE enjoy your food and fats in moderation. They are good for you and needed for a healthy body! (FYI- this 5&5+ fits perfectly into my hormonal timing diet recommendations for buffing …more info on that is in my books) chef

Like I said- “FOCUS on what we CAN EAT vs. what we can’t- FOCUS on Solutions!!!”



Final week!!~ Shine in 49: Day 43

Good Morning– It’s the start of our Final Week for the Shine in 49 contest~ WOW!!!

Here’s a PDF download for you that lays out the final week in detail.


Let’s have a good one!!

My week will be filled with all sorts of “EXTRA” prep besides besides photoshoot prep- I’ve got vacation prep, vistor prep, birtday prep and even tax prep to get done.  Anyhow, my plan is to take each little project one at a time and have a very productive week!!

Let’s finish STRONG!! with a good diet and some amazing final week workouts~ we deserve to see some amazing final pictures and stats!!
SHINE BRIGHT my Friends!!


Running SCARED!

The Warrior Dash is less than 6 weeks away and I’m Running SCARED!! Scared of the race KILLING me!  Literally I am SCARED of failing, feeling horrible in the race and dying of physical exhaustion, lol!!

I’ve been striving to get in my runs lately and feel like I am improving on them each time.  At this point I’ve been consistently hitting it 3x’s a week.  Last night I ran 6 hills despite being so tempted to skip it all together…I am very happy that I did it, but my body is EXHAUSTED from them and the upper body lifting workout I did before it yesterday afternoon.

The weather has been so amazing since Saturday– it’s so energizing!! the kids have been out exploring on our land– playing in the creek a bunch– catching all sorts of tad poles, crawfish and butterflies.  Here’s TIA with a really beautiful butterfly on her arm– simply amazing!!!


Anyhow- today I am in Bentonville at our old house–working on a BIG “to do” list that needs to be done so we can get finished with this move/leasing process.  I certainly hope that by mid April we’ll have it DONE!!

Gotta go for now~ I’ll check back in with you tonight after my workout!  Legs are on tap– if you want some inspiration for a leg workout, check out this old blog post of mine–


Had a great conference call today about “ABS: 3 Focuses to Accelerate Resutls!!”  We talked about all sorts of important factors that go into making great abs, but we highlighted 3 Focuses that will impact and accelerate results:

  1. Momentum (daily work)
  2. Poise (posture, form)
  3. Digestion (strategies to eliminate bloat and enhance nutrient absorption)

Here is my quick presonal recap:
my personal goal to workout “Every day in May” is still perfect!!

Sun- hike 2hours

Monday- Chest, Tri, Abs and Intervals Ran hard outside intervals for 20

Tuesday- football practice,

Wednesday- Legs

Thursday- probably football again.  I am in a bit of a time crunch with work (yes, I do work, lol), so not sure if I can sacrifice the time to get there tonight or not.  If not I’ll do a short but sweet at home back, shoulder, bicep workout.

As I said, I am in a time crunch to get some important work done, so gotta GO!!


Back to Life~

Well…I feel as though today life is back to normal.  The past week was crazy with all sorts of new things, appt, visits, b-days, trips, etc. happening.  Now today is NORMAL! NORMAL is good cheerleaders

My foot/ankle is healing well but still rather swollen- I think that if I can get the swelling out of it I’ll be good to go! Any tips??

I know that alternating heating/icing, light movement and massage are is good therapies for swelling- but if anyone knows of some “secret” balm, soak or method- let me know  🙂

Last week was by far my worst week of the contest for workouts- I was dealing with too many abnormal scheduel disturbances to get to the gym like I wanted….I did get in 2 lifting workouts, 2 football practices, 1 run outside for the week, but that’s not nearly the pace I’ve been on, nor is it the goal.

This week I will get to the gym more- since I am not able to run or able to practice at football.  The plan is as follows:
T- chest/tris/ABS
W- Legs/Abs
Fri, Sat, Sun- REPEAT the same 3 days-

Today is my first official day of buffing- Cycle day 5- and GREENS are GOING DOWN into my BELLY~!!!  LOVE Them!!!

I’ll be back in a bit with my workout report,


Lots going on = Joy!

I love it when I have Lots going on, to me being BUSY= JOY!!!  I hate, hate, hate being bored- so since busy is the opposite of bored I love it!  From time to time I do need to “decompress” and do nothing and rest- that’s the way God made us, right? Busy, busy, busy for 6/7 th’s of my life is just about perfect! 

Today I’m in the ZONE~ finishing work now, before the LONG Holiday weekend! Tomorrow my weekend starts!! I’ll be playing tennis, golfing, lifting weights, sprinting, lighting fireworks, BBQ’ing, playing all sorts of games….all because I am FREE!!


How are you celebrating our FREEDOM??


“Come meet me Michelle Berger in Springfield, MO at the Akins 75th Anniversary Party… July 10th!! We’ll be giving out FREE Sublime Whey Icy-Cold smoothies, FREE ‘Team Sublime Shirts’ and Akins will have a Buy 1 Get 1 50% SALE on all NRG-X Labs items… check out the radio commercial nation-wi…de on 99.5 Hit-FM for more details; hope to see you there!!!”

Listen to the radio ad:

I also found some fun workotu clothes today on this site:

I’m off to work on some training stuff and then I have 3 back to back phone calls with some VERY important BuffMother’s!!

Have fun being BUSY this weekend~ may you find JOY in all you do!!


My Online Training Coming Soon!

Hey Ya’ll I am excited!!! I am getting all sorts of stuff accomplished on my website and soon I will once again have the time to take on personal training clients!!! My “sold out’ status has been up way too long!! I am very exctied about it…my goal is to start August 1st!
today is an officail DAY off~ so enjoy it!!
I had to “make up” a leg workout ….here’s how it went:
warm up 7mins on the Expresso*** r-bike at the gym;***Has anyone tried one of these before? they are an interactive/vidoe game like bike that you steer with handles and watch as you ride up and down hills on various courses against other riders. It’s really cool!
Leg press no weight…just for more warm up
single leg 6 reps x4 sets alteranting legs no rest between sets
walking lunges
30# bar on back x15
40# bar on back x15
leg extensions
90×10- quit these, the shin pad was messed up on the machine, OUCH!
leg curls- bent over singles
Sit ups between sets 30; 20
Smith lunges
hip adductioins
knee ups
3sets of 20
45×15…just 1 set, my back was being a bit weird. Better safe than sorry
Dead Lifts
45x5stiff legged+10conventional x 2sets
ran 6 mins slow…just for a little cool down

March 2008 Newsletter

~Team BuffMother! March Newsletter~

3 exciting announcements!!


#1- The “Buff Bikini Bod” contest~ Starts March 10th ANNOUNCING!!! the “Buff Bikini Bod!” Contest an Official Team BuffMother! Contest!!!

    We all know how motivating the spring can be for us to get in great bikini shape. It is always FUN to look and feel your best for the summer! All the events, pool parties, vacations and family gatherings are some much more fun when you have -a Buff Bikini Bod~!

10 WEEK- Buff Bikini Bod!(BBB) CONTEST Details: Starts March 10th, 2007 (weeks run MON- SUN);
10 weeks in duration;
Final day of contest Sunday May 25th!!! 

    I challenge you take the next 10 weeks and work your hardest so that you can really enjoy this upcoming BIKINI season. Over the next 10 weeks~ strive to do a “workout” at least every other day that would be at least 3-4 days a week and if you can CONSISTENTLY do that you will see results!!  Each and every one of you who submits a final entry will get a free BuffMother! shirt!!!  Visit our Rally Room~To SignUp for the “BBB” contest!!!

Love ya~
p.s. my new books After Baby ABS!  and Hormonal Timing will help you get that “Buff Bikini Bod!” 


BuffMother! Day kicks off BuffMother! MONTH


#2- March 1st will be our official Holiday!     March first is now our official Holiday~BuffMother Day! I chose this day as our Holiday for several reasons…

  • March 1st is the Anniversary Day for the Rally Room–WE opened up March 1, 2006!!!
  • March 1st is the official publication date for my book Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved!
  • March 1st is a GREAT day for Spring Resolutions, Do you feel the warm weather on it’s way? Short/Bikini season is coming and IT is TIME to get after your workouts so that you can enjoy the summer!!!!
  • AND….March 1st, didn’t seem to have any other holidays associated with it, lol!!

    OKAY…so you may be asking WHAT IS BUFFMOTHER DAY? Well it is a day that we will celebrate the essence of what we believe as members of BuffMother! WE as a TEAM believe in encouraging each other, setting a good example for our families and taking control of our body! WE are in control of our Body, Life and Legacy!!! Together, WE can make a positive impact on the world forever!!!!     BuffMother! day will also the kick off to BuffMother! Month~ this month we’ll dig into what BuffMother is all about!  March 10th we’ll kick off  an AWESOME contest The “BUFF Bikini Bod” contest in the Rally Room. I plan on doing MANY features to help you utilize the Hormonal Timing Lifestyle to help you reach your goals!! I will also be doing the contest myself~ I believe leading by example is the BEST way to teach others…so you’ll gain a ton of insight into how I personally Utilize Hormonal Timing to create and maintain my body. WE are going to cover all sorts of topics including many from my book. The contest will run 10 weeks and my book contains 10 Foundations…so I am sure we’ll cover a lot of the book during those 10 weeks!!! 

Cancer Charity EVENT!- ATTN: CHICAGO

#3-Rally Behind one of our members, Lori ~ Participate or Donate!!    One of our own Team BuffMother Members, Lori, was diagnosed with a second bout with cancer last October.  To show our support, Rally Behind and to HONOR our Lori through
our efforts.
One of our Team Leaders has created a TEAM for the Chicago Y-Me Race to Empower on Mother’s Day! Donate to or Join The CHICAGO BuffMother! Y-ME Walk team here


The Y-Me organization holds A MOTHER DAY WALK in 15 cities- If you would like to get involve on a local level, feel free! More info here. THANK YOU Team BuffMother! Members!! I am so happy you are a part of my LIFE…



June 1st- Legs w/DH!!

June is I Believe MONTH!!

Okay, I am on it!! I bought myself a nice new 5 subject notebook last night and feel super organized because of it. I’ve had several notebooks that I’ve filled over the past couple years with all sorts of GREAT ideas…many of which have become reality- like me becoming an National level figure competitor, becoming a highly sought after personal trainer (both in the gym and online), becoming a Reality, the RR being a super cool place, etc….
I guess my point in telling you this, is that you need to focus on what the solutions are to what you want. That’s what I do in my notebook…I write lists, make plans, dream, pray, etc…I essentially focus on the solutions that will make me successful in all areas of my life. Make it a habit to focus and give energy to the things you want in life!

I just got home from my workout~ I can tell I’ve been working out HARD!! the last few days…my body is a bit tired and sore, but I LOVE IT!! I KNOW it is changing into the body I want for my B-day!!

Legs w/DH
r-bike 5 min

romainian 135×10
conventional 135×10- been a while on these…I plan to keep them in my leg workouts over the next month and UPPP the weights

Leg extensions
110×10,130×10, 150×10

Walking lunges

Seated calves

Leg curls

Rotarty calf

and can you believe it NO ABS today(at least not directly Eye-wink ) – I am sore in my core!

Have a super BELIEF filled DAY!!


Belief quote for the day:
“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” -Anatole France


Big news for me today! I have made the decision to enter a contest. What contest, I am not 100% sure. It all depends on finding someone to take care of the kids for possibly 5 days and about $2000 dollars. Contests are not cheap! I plan to log my training progress here with all sorts of revealing photos and insights into my life. So hold on for the ride. I am currently 11 weeks out. So plenty of time to mold my body into perfection