Pickles & Peanut Butter!

Pickles and Peanut butter!! have been a consistent snack of mine these past few days…it’s so YUMMY!! You must try it!!
Anyhow…I am FREE!! My kids went to school Monday~ yay!! I just love the peace and quiet. I even took a nap – I came home from dropping the kids off, did a load of dishes, cooked myself 4 sunny side up eggs and some sausage, then SNUGGLED in for a 2+hour nap! It was the BEST way to start this week!!!
I’ve determined that my back/butt/sciatic issue may actually be a bulging disc issue…I didn’t think it was at first due to my butt muscles being so tight- BUT now that the injury is older and my symptoms fit, disc issues seem to make the most sense. I’ve been in a lot of pain for over 2 months now with this nerve issue and It’s affecting my entries life. With that realization and REGRET, I am going to be taking it REALLY EASY on my workouts for the next several weeks. I plan to take many days off entirely- I feel REST is the only way for me to heal
I hate to have to take time off not so much because I love to workout (I don’t actually like working out); I just HATE the thought of losing my current fitness level. I hate the “starting over” stage of working out. It makes me so sore and tired, etc… Avoiding that pain is huge reason why I consistently get my workouts DONE!
At least for the moment I have can celebrate the fact that I hit my end of Buffing Goal- I weighed 125 this morning!! It’s cycle day 17 and I’m going to start Boosting immediately (more in my diet and supplement routine- as I am NOT going to be working out much). I am going to take CREATINE again as it has really seemed to help my back in the past.
here are the list of nutrients I WILL take to help me heal also:
NOXS- AKG form of l-arganine
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C
Boosting Pill
Multi- Adult Chewable
Move-Free by Shiff (Joint Supplement)
Fish Oil (anti-inflammation)
Vitamin E
Sodium (sea salt)-3 1/8tsp daily with water to help hydration
Wow…that’s quite a list, but I am DETERMINED to get this back healthy and KEEP it healthy!
I’m going to miss finishing the “Just Do It” contest with you…but I expect we’ll repeat the contest in the future…maybe this summer- and I’ll be HEALTHY for it that time!
My DH is home (an is EXHUASTED) from his hunting trip to MN. He WALKED a ton on DEEP snow trying to kill some Coyotes and Fox. NO LUCK though- he thinks the snow was too deep…But he still had a blast. Today is his 40th Birthday~
We are going to HANG out all day. I plan to give him a lot of LOVE AND probably go bowling too…that should be fun!
I’ve already cooked him eggs for breakfast in bed…just waiting for him to wake up…And I’ve been baking chocolate cup cakes. I plan to make a “40” design with them
AND in other “Gifts” I’ve been painting while he’s gone. I painted our room a nice aqua blue and got some new curtains. It looks great! I’ll take some pictures for you soon.
But for now~ I am OUTTA HERE! Have a great day, see ya tomorrow!!

Wednesday Ramblings

We are home, I had a great workout.
Shoulders, Bi’s and Tri’s

The girls are eating their lunch. Corn Dogs and Hot dogs…I know BAD, but at least some protein Smiling
Also they will have some soybeans, they like those.

For me here is what I have put down the shoot so far today
1/2 one way bar on the way to the gym
Tons of water, yeah!!
1 grean drink, 2 cups of coffee
1 spike supplement

Post workout:
6g l-glutamine
and I am going to eat a boca burger and then a meal replacement shake
so about 3 p’s, 1 C

Later I will have some GREENs and I’ll be back to post my workout in a tish


I’m Back!!
As I mentioned earlier the only parts of my body that are not sore at the moment are my Shoulders, Bi’s and Tri’s

So that was today’s workout:

Warm up on the Elliptical
8 min while Chatting with my friend Shay…she is one of my clients, a beautiful positive lady.

Shoulder press: 75×15,105×10,120×10, 120×8
paired with
Bicep curl Machine: 50×25, 60×15, 70×10 short, 70×12

Curl bar curls (not sure of the wt of my curlbar?) I am assuming 15#’s
55×4,50×6 wide,50×8 wide,50×10 medium, 50x6close
paired with
Behind the head standing military
55×8, 50x8x3sets

Tricep Extension
paired with
Hammer DB curls (alternating arms)

Lateral Raises
paired with
Arnolds presses one arm at a time
25×5, 20×10, 25×4, 20×6

Rotator cuff
10×15, 8×15

Rear delt flys
10×20, 10×10, 8×15

Tricep kick backs

Tricep push downs (strait bar, bad cable machine)

Time was up…
weight today 124.5
surprised since I am very sore in my back and legs

All in all it was a good workout…I plan to do some intervals on my r-bike now while I watch Joyce meyer on my computer

I love hearing a good message Smiling