Stimulants and me = NO GO!

Alright, I am here to tell you about a key learning, I RE-LEARNED about myself last week.  Stimulants and me = NO GO!  My week […] Read More

Now is the time to learn!

In keeping with my “NOW is the TIME November” theme…I really, really believe NOW is the time for me to LEARN!  I am currently hungering to LEARN […] Read More

SSS Final Entry Form

SSS Final Entry Form- This is to be filled out and submitted to me via e-mail when you have completed your 10 weeks of the […] Read More

Have you branded yourself?

Today for our spring break family outing we are going to hit the trails. We just “found” a network of trails in our city last […] Read More

Crazy Day ~ Funny Night

leg workout~ warm up 6 mins on r-bike some knee extensions squats paired with bulgarians dead lifts paried with calf raises Smith squats paired with […] Read More