PS PhosphatidylSerine supplement suggestion

This is one of my favorite supplements by far. If you are stressed, feeling anxiety or have issues with cortisol you need PS! My doctor recommended it to me about 7 years ago to take one at about 3pm and once again at 7pm to help with my afternoon stress. It helped me be a calm mom. My insomniac husband swears by it for a good night’s sleep, he takes 2 at bed each night and now sleeps better than he has in years.

About the product
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY BRAIN CELL ACTIVITY: Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a natural component of the brain and is integral to all brain cell activity.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Natural Factors uses Sharp-PS GREEN phosphatidylserine, which is derived from non-GMO sunflower lecithin and is 100% soy-free.
  • LOCAL, ORGANIC, AND NON-GMO: Because Natural Factors Farms are certified organic, we don’t pollute the earth with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We grow true species non-hybridized, non-GMO seeds, including many open-pollinated varieties. Growing locally also helps reduce the carbon emissions from overseas transportation, and keep jobs in the community.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: We believe we need to be big enough to do it right. We are one of the only nutritional companies to have our own organic farms, our own extraction, encapsulation, and production facilities, our own labs and research facilities. We are also one of the few branded manufacturers of nutraceuticals in North America to have our own softgel encapsulation facility.
  • WHERE GREAT HEALTH BEGINS: Today, Natural Factors is one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional products in North America. But our origins reach back to the 1950s, and right from day one, we’ve always been fully committed to making products right. We are not a public company with shareholders to impress. Instead, we care about impressing you.