Personal Training- in person

I love training ONE on ONE and “IN PERSON”!!!  I will meet you where you are at in your fitness level and I will equip you to succeed and transform.  Open to MEN and WOMEN. Email me if you are interested in learning more! or call/txt 479-531-4324 and don’t forget my online training options.

Personal Training


It’s easy, I’ll even Come to YOU~ I’ll come to you and train you in your home, office, private gym, etc… ( +travel fees may apply). Available in NW Arkansas areas. (Bentonville, Centerton, Rogers, Cave Springs, Siloam Springs, Springdale, Toni Town, Bella Vista, Pea Ridge, etc…)

All Packages include a full program design, laid out easy to follow strength training, cardio, diet, supplement and heart rate training. PLUS, Full online, phone and text support!

MOST POPULAR—  2 SESSIONS A WEEK at your location
  • 2 one hour in person sessions weekly in your private gym/home/office- I can even bring equipment to you
  • Fully customized Diet program that will support amazing results in your fitness efforts
  • Fully customized Workout Program so you know what to do even when I am not there
  • Fully accessible accountability with Michelle via phone/text, email, etc.
  • Fitness Assessment monthly- Fitness Assessments include body fat testing, stats, pictures, fitness level assessment, diet assessment and a short training session
  • Conditions: you are responsible for working out on your own the days we do not meet and no “make up” sessions missed due to you.
  • Discounts available for 6 months advance purchase
  • $600/month paid monthly

Please e-mail me if you have any further questions. or call/txt 479-531-4324

MORE Personal Training options:

  1. Come to ME~ You come train with me in my fully equipped STUDIO in Gravette, AR
  2. CUSTOM PROGRAMS~ You let me know what you want and I can do it!  Seminars, Groups, Corporate events, Bootcamps, Classes, etc…
  3. “COUPLES” training~ 2 clients same time and same place for the price of 1.5!  HUGE SAVINGS!!
  4. Single Sessions-  $85/hour stand alone training time (no online support or program design)
  5. Track/5k training– I am a certified Level 1 USA Track and Field coach. I have extensive experience with training for 400m-800m and up to 5K.
  6. Sports specific training– golf, tennis, boxing, mma, football, etc… I can help you perform better specific to your sport
  7. Physique Competition Training- available for figure and bikini prep and posing. Please consult for pricing. Anyone within 10 pound of goal weight and 4 months of a contest date is considered in this category, training/diet is more expensive/intense. (can be done online also)
  8. BIG DISCOUNTS, for those local to Gravette, AR. Cheaper rates for if you come to ME 🙂  

*Packages may require a Fitness Assessment fee for new clients- Fitness Assessments include body fat testing, starting stats, pictures, fitness level assessment, client interview, diet assessment and a short training session.


**If you aren’t ready for in person 1 one training try these options **

1.Start with reading my articles and my books “Hormonal Timing” After Baby ABS”…they give you a GREAT Base level of info about HOW I TRAIN MYSELF and HOW I TRAIN my clients.

2. Ladies please, Get involved in the Rally Room…that’s where I “HANG-OUT”, give feedback to clients, answer questions, promote contest, etc…

3.Next, Consider a CUSTOMIZED ONLINE training program I offer 3 Customized options: 6 week Custom Hormonal Timing Plan or the “Miracle 8″ online training/phone coaching program and SEASONAL GROUP online training (small groups of 10-15).

Please e-mail me if you have any further questions. or call/txt 479-531-4324

More about me~~

My name is Michelle Berger, my nickname is “BuffMother”…that’s because I had 4 kids in 4 years then went on to become “BUFF”…. It’s also because I founded in 2005. I train, coach, inspire, and empower men and women to become “BUFF!

I would love to be your personal trainer.

A good trainer meets their client where they are at in their journey and enables them to take their health and fitness to the next level.  I pride myself on being a VERY GOOD trainer! I have a 4-year college education in Exercise Science, Nutrition and Coaching. I’ve spent the last 20 years training clients and creating cutting edge solutions in the fitness industry. Simply put, I know what works! I also know that each person is unique and requires different modifications to exercise and diet protocols.

My mission is to share hope and spread belief that every person can attain their best body, life and legacy no matter what obstacle stands in their way.  If it’s motherhood, lack of time, old age, injury, disease, hormones, etc…there is still hope! No one is too far gone to CHANGE and reap the rewards a healthy diet and exercise routine provides.

I am currently looking for a handful of motivated clients in the NWA area.  I can come to your home or office or small private gym to train you.  Training packages start at 1 session per week, but my favorite and most popular is 2 sessions a week.  Of course, if you are super serious we train up to 5 days a week!!

Or call/txt 479-531-4324