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Just RUN June!

Happy June 1st!!  I just love JUNE, it’s an amazing month and this month our Theme is JUST RUN June!  I’ll be posting fun information about running through my Instagram,  Facebook Page and on YouTube. Please join in on the fun. My personal challenge is to run every other day in June.  Every “odd” numbered day of the month will be a running day for me!  What is your running goal for this month?  Are you determined to go from a NON-RUNNER to a runner?  Are you training for a road race?  Are you trying to get faster?  Are you working on your ability to run hills?  Are you wanting to lean up your legs?  Are you looking to prevent injury? etc…What is your goal?

A few tips:

  • Don’t run every day- it’s hard on your body! Even running every 3rd day will provide results!
  • Start conservative run for 1 min, walk to recover and repeat for 10 mins total.
  • Wear good shoes; it’s vital to your feet, knees, hips and back health
  • Mix it up- do some intervals, some hills, some sprints, some long slow runs
  • Breath with your belly and thru your nose and mouth- get that OXYGEN!
  • Use good form and posture- no slouching and lift your legs up (no shuffling or wogging)

Let’s JUST RUN this JUNE!!

“Get Buff”- Day 5

“Get Buff”- Day 5



Day #5
Rest day

If you missed any of the workouts from days 1-4 today would be a perfect day make up that workout~!! If you ever miss a day of workouts- SHIFTING your workouts a day forward is better than SKIPPING them entirely.
30 days isn’t a long time, but BURN OUT can happen fast- It’s very key to PACE yourself and incorporate REST DAYS into your workout program for your physical and mental success!

Today’s Diet focus:

Try new food or recipe- Variety is key to diet success!

The Rally Room has a GREAT Recipe section– check out some of the great ones listed and PLEASE add yours!!!

AND….please comment with ideas of NEW foods, what you tried for your food, and with any other questions, tips, or thoughts!


28 Days of Christmas: Day 8

XMAS Day 8- LEGS again!!!  Build your FAT FURNACES!!!

See day 1 for workout details~

This morning I commented on a blog about slow weight loss and that inspired me to talk more about MUSCLE today:

here is my comment~

“Weight loss is always hard, but I do agree it’s harder with age.  Do you know why? HORMONES~ not just the estrogen and progesterone ones, but the ones that are typically thought of as MALE hormones: testosterone and growth hormone.  Those are stimulated to be released when you do certain types of exercise= Lifting heavy and intense anaerobic or lactic acid cardio…and also through diet, for example when you go from a fasting state (buffing) to a higher caloric intake (boosting).  I know that in my own fitness when I focus on stimulation my body’s “anabolic” hormones, I can get LEAN!!!

Keep working hard and remember to work WITH your hormones and you will see you body respond!


And here is an EXCERPT from one of my articles about building muscle that BURNS FAT:

How do I go about building muscle?
Muscle in women deteriorates at almost every stage of life. This is why we must weight train!!!!
Weight training rebuilds your lost muscle and therefore rebuilds your metabolism. BuffMother!’s weight training philosophy is based on:
  1. The Basic Big three
  2. Challenge
  3. Change
The Basic Big Three:
What do I mean by the big three? There are 3 larger main muscle groups of the body and my lifting program is centered around them. Metabolism will be affected most if these 3 muscle groups are emphasized since they comprise the majority of the muscle mass on our bodies. The basic big three are your legs, chest and back.
          1. Legs (and butt)
Leg muscles are the biggest strongest muscles of our body and in order to have a great metabolism you must not neglect lifting with these potential “fat furnaces”. The vast majority of women don’t realize how strong and powerful their legs can be without getting bulky. I understand that most women have a fear of lifting with their legs because they often carry a higher amount of fat in their legs and therefore fear adding bulk to their lower half through strength training. As women we don’t have the levels of testosterone necessary to build big bulky muscles! So don’t think that if you lift with your legs you will make them significantly bigger. Initially a small amount of muscle growth will occur and before you start loose your fat on top  and inside of this muscle, you may notice a slight size increase, but this is temporary. You will soon notice how your legs gain new shape, firmness and a leaner appearance. All of which is caused by these muscles becoming more active and therefore burning more fat!
Let’s talk about the area that all women are concerned about, your butt. It must be dealt with head on. Meaning you must make a huge concentrated effort to reshape the behind that inactivity and age has destroyed. Butts require squats and lunges!!! Lots of them and with weight. No amount of donkey kicks, step-ups, abduction or adduction exercises will do the significant work that must be done in order to reshape your butt. These exercises are great auxiliary ones and are helpful initially and in complementary sense to a leg weight training program, but on their own they will not do much. Legs and butts are strong muscles so in order to change their looks we have to challenge them. This requires using heavier weights and intense contractions.
Most modes of cardio or aerobic exercise utilize the legs. These exercises do great in toning the muscles of the legs that are used during these aerobic sessions. However, they don’t hit all the muscles of the legs and butt and for the most part they don’t build them. Instead they are what we call catabolic. This means they lead to the breakdown of these muscles. For instance look at a marathon runner. They look sickly. They are some of the most aerobically in shape people and they do a lot of working out with their legs, but there muscles are tiny and they have gross butts. So let’s take a lesson from this. Aerobic exercise is very important for health issues, for stress relief, for conditioning the muscles we have, but bad at building muscle! Strong, active leg and butt muscles burn fat!
2. The Chest
I don’t mean your mammary glands. I am talking about your pectorals. The muscles all women need to embrace. I’ve been there. Pregnancy and breast-feeding do nasty things to a woman’s breasts. The looks of a woman’s breast goes beyond the mammary tissue, it lies underneath in the pectoral muscles. Remember what I had said about pregnancy robbing our bodies of muscle. This means the muscle that once lifted our breast now is gone, and it too needs to be rebuilt. If you want to give yourself a natural breast lift, build up your chest! It will not only help those saggy boobs, but also Boost your metabolism! Strong ,active chest muscles burn fat!
3. The Back:
Oh, I forgot about you back there! Most women are absolutely unaware of the huge potential fat burning muscles they have on their back. Our backs are full of muscles. There are tons of them holding our spine, ribs and shoulders in place. These muscles are very important to our health. How often do we hear about back and neck pain? Unfortunately it is rampant. I truly believe that weak back muscles cause much of the pain. Lifting with your back requires proper form and extreme focus on the muscles you are working. Strong, active back muscles burn fat!
Challenging yourself:
Muscles are very smart. If challenged to the limits of their capabilities they realize that they need to rebuild themselves even stronger. Then when faced with that same challenge they will be able to perform at a higher capacity. This is the key to understanding your weight training program.
You must find a way to challenge your muscles. Lifting the same weight every time you perform an exercise will maintain what muscle you have, but not change them. I don’t know many people that like spending an hour in the gym to stay exactly the same. We all crave to improve ourselves. So we must challenge our muscles by lifting weights that are challenging. There is nothing complicated about it. Just make sure you find yourself slightly challenged by your lifting program. Challenge yourself.
Change it up:
Change is good. Your muscles get used to the same thing over and over again. They get bored just like you do. Boredom causes your muscle to not respond just as it causes you to not want to do your boring workout. Don’t be afraid to change:
  • Try some new exercises
  • Change the number of sets and reps of your exercises
  • Increase or decrease your rest time between sets and workouts
  • Change the order of your exercises
Just remember to keep the basic big three muscle groups as the foundation to your weight training program. Change will help you stay focused and your muscles will keep working hard to burn your fat!!!!
Here are some supplements that I have used in my quest to build fat burning muscles:
l-glutamine, l-lysine, l-tyrosine, creatine, NO2 (AKG) products, CLA, Gamma-O, DHEA, fish oil, St. John’s Wart, caffine, whey protein, casien protein, sugar free Red Bull, Lubriflex, Move Free, Gaba etc. Exactly what I take depends on how I feel, where I am at in my Hormonal Cycle and what I am trying to accomplish within my fitness goals. There is a lot of money wasted on sports supplements that are ineffective, so do your research before purchasing anything.

Value your Muscle!! ~Shine in 49: Day27

Value Yourself and Your Muscle

What does it all boil down to? Valuing our health vs. Neglecting it: As women we seem to often times be selfless, giving, giving, giving… often times forgetting that we need to take care of ourselves, so that we can continue to bless those we love.

I am a prime example of this as a mother neglecting myself was a BAD HABIT. My eating, my dietary needs and my workouts used to have to fit in as an extra around the rest of my life. Only when I changed the value I put on my heath did I realize my true potential in life.

A big part of the process to learn to value my health, was for me learning to value my muscle mass. For years I had taken my metabolism and figure for granted… that is until it was GONE!! I realized muscle, was the key to so many aspects of my well being. Without it I was fat, tired, weak, less attractive… but with it I am lean, energetic, strong, and confident!

Now I hold my muscle in high regard and feed it what it needs so it won’t wither away. A key supplement that I have fallen in love with is L-Glutamine. I use it after my workouts to supply my muscles with this very essential building block of my body.

I also recommend it to all of my clients and hear rave reviews about its positive effects.

Here are just some of them:

  • Decreased muscle soreness – actually in some cases eliminating soreness all together
  • Increased stamina, leading to more frequent and intense workouts
  • Increased strength gains – this is key for all of us trying to rebuild our metabolism
  • Phenomenal hair and nail growth- what a nice bonus!!

Key points to keep in mind about L-glutamine:

  1. L-glutamine is great at preventing muscle loss when we are in a fasted state- so the best times to take it are immediately after a workout, before bed and immediately upon waking in the morning— SAVE that muscle you’ve worked so hard to get.
  2. In order to see results 5g once a day is all that is essential…if for instance you are extra sore from an intense workout—go ahead and take more…up to 15g a day.
  3. Also know that l-glutamine is in most every protein source also, so taking a supplement is not 100% necessary, but if you are like me and not always perfect at my diet…you should consider taking it.
  4. Your body requires more water to process any extra amino acids in your body. L-glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid in your body and if you take extra you will need to drink more water. Also note that it may cause you to retain a little more water than usual (1-2 pounds). So be aware that if you feel bloated or puffy the l-glutamine could be causing slight water retention—the best way to prevent the bloat is to drink a ton of water (1-2 gallons daily

I’d love to chat with you more about how much I love L-glutamine!! You are more than welcome to join me in the Rally Room (the best women’s only support group on the web)—we talk frequently about supplements and offer tons of advice about utilizing them for optimal effects.

It works if you work it~
Michelle Berger

How To Help: Shine in 49~ Day #7


How to Bench Press by BuffMother
push up progression
Strecthing for bench press by BuffMother
Tricep kickbacks by BuffMother
Tricep push downs by BuffMother
Tricep bench dips by BuffMother
DB tricep extensions
Cable Flys
Bench Press

DB Lat Row
Cable Upright Rows by BuffMother
Seated Rows and Shoulder Press
Lateral Shoulder raise (cable) REAR VIEW
Lateral Shoulder raise (cable)
Cable Bicep Curls (posedown)
Lat Pulls

Bulgarian or Single leg squat -no weight demo
Leg Curl
Froggy Leg Curl
barbell db dead lifts
ball leg curls
Standard DB dead lifts
Starter style Walking lunges no weight
Walking lunges no weight
wide stance db dead lifts
BuffMother leg workout instruction (1 of 3)
BuffMother leg workout instruction (2of 3)
BuffMother leg workout instruction (3 of 3)
BuffMother! Butt Squats on Smith
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (butt emphasis)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (basic)
BuffMother Squats
Leg stretches

knee ups on ottaman
decline sit ups
in gym core work.wmv
Ab Crunch- Isolation
Dancing- ab twist

High Knee progression plus butt kicks Running Drill
Paw the Ground Running Drill
Running High Knees Running Drill
Skip High Knee Paw ground RunDrill
Skipping High Knees Running Drill
Walking calves RunDrill
Walking High Knees Running Drill
Walking Shin RunDrill
BuffMother! Hip Flexor drill

Buffing workout buffing video re-done 11-21.wmv
boosting 8-08.wmv
workout demo
Beginner Upper body Buffing DB circuit
Lower body DB workout at home- circuit style
Home upper body workout circuit

Coaching and Promo
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It’s Friday!! end of contest week 1 – how working out keeps diet on track
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40 days Congrats
“Hormonal Timing” look inside
BuffMother’s webcam recorded Video – September 03, 2009,
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Back figure posing


Hair Day before and after 9 17 09
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Goofing around
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BuffMother! birthday shoot
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Michelle Berger in yellow bikini BuffMother!
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New outfit

17 days to go…

17 days to go…
It’s amazing how almost everyone in our 21 day contest is focused improving on their diet!!
I love the determination and desire shown by you to eat better~ Congrats!! You are being a
great leader for your family!!

Today’s post is filled with tons of DIET info~

Be sure to ask questions…Team BuffMother is here to help!!

You can accelerate your results dramatically with just a few simple adjustments to your diet~
LET’s attack our diets these last 17 days of the contest!!

You can kick your habit!
Your friend,



17 days to Go…Diet info!

BuffMother's picture

Wed, 2012/02/08 – 6:03pm — BuffMother

17 days left…that’s slightly over 2 weeks left…TIME is ticking away!! Keep your focus~ you can kick the habit!!  Due to the fact so many of our bad habits are diet realted I’d thought I’d  share MY…


“21 Days: Kick the HABIT” CONTEST Diet :

A lot of results can happen in just 21 days of working out but if you really want to get results you need to FOCUS on your diet also.  For this contest I  have a “Daily Diet Focus” and OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal~ feel free to join me!!

Here’s the details:

OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

By “5&5+” I am referring to serving guidelines- let’s put are focus on what TO Eat in a day vs. What NOT to eat:

5 proteins servings daily
5 Fruits and veggies

+Plus FAT = what ever FATS come with those proteins, fruits and veggies (meat fats, dressings, oils, butter, etc…)

Don’t go overboard with “extra fats” and be WISE about your food choices- but PLEASE enjoy your food and fats in moderation. They are good for you and needed for a healthy body! (FYI- this 5&5+ fits perfectly into my hormonal timing diet recommendations for buffing …more info on that is in my books) chef

Like I said- “FOCUS on what we CAN EAT vs. what we can’t- FOCUS on Solutions!!!”


5 fruits/Veggies is the goal- CARBS are in many fruits and many veggies

it’s up to you on how few carbs you get in by the selections you make-

In an optimal weight loss “buffing” style diet (the 5-3-3-3)- you’d want about 3 of the choices to be CARB based (like fruit or complex carb veggies like sweet potatoes, etc..) and the other 2 from greens

BUT PLEASE let’s keep this simple! If you focus on 5 Proteins &5 fruit/veggies + the accompanying Fats you will lose weight!


Your “TASK” for today is to make a solid HEALHTY Protein, FRUIT and VEGGIE filled shopping list~ Make it your goal to hit the store just once this upcoming week– You’ll save tons of time, energy and life will honestly be less stressful for your entire family!

Today’s workout options- one for Beginner level and one for Experience are as follows:


Lift Upper Body and a 5 min walk


Wall Push ups- 3 sets of 15 reps (take 1 minute between each set)
Bent over DB Rows- for your back
3sets of 10 reps (3×10) with 1 min rest between sets
Chair dips- for your triceps/upper arm
Shoulder press- for your shoulders
Bicep curls- for your arms
MORE Wall push ups- for your chest
3x 10
lateral shoulder raises
3x 10

Finish with a 5 minute walk outside or on the treadmill 🙂



Lift Chest followed by a 11 interval workout


Bench Press
4×10, 8, 6, 10 take 2 minutes between heavier sets–challenge yourself!
Incline Chest Press
4×10, 8, 6, 10
 Incline Flys
Assisted Dips- or unassisted if you can!
Barbell Tricep Extensions (skull crushers)
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Cable Tricep pulldown

Intervals (any mode- meaning, you can run, do elliptical, bike, jumprope, dance, etc…): warm up 3 mins; increase intensity/speed  on odd mins 4, 6, 8, 10 and recover on even minutes 5.7.9… 11 minutes is done fast!!

Keep your focus on diet this weekend-Don’t backslike!!

You are KICKING your HABIT!!


MB Blog: 17 days to GO~ My Diet- day 5

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Fri, 2012/02/10 – 6:55pm — BuffMother

We have 17 days to go…diet info here:

Diet is a constant work in progress for me…It is an area where I am always learning, tweaking and striving to find balance.

The BEST results I’ve had with dieting come when I use “elimination rules”, for instance: no dairy, no gluten, no carbonation, etc…

I then follow up those rules with filling my mind with the foods I can eat vs. not eat.  Brainstorming for “allowed” foods, possible recipies and shopping lists helps me keep the focus on the positives of my diet vs. CRAVING those foods I’ve eliminated.

Here are some of the foods I’ve been eating a lot of recently:

Protiens: eggs, hamburger, roast, salmon, chicken, whey protein powder
Carbs: oranges, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, sauces- honey mustard, bbq, tomoto soup (tomotoes are greens unless processed like in soup )
Fats: almonds, olives, cooking oils, dressings for salad, butter, meat fats
Greens: lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, brocolli slaw, frozen stir-fry mixes, salsa, v8

I must admit, I had a couple slips on my road to breaking the “junk carb” habit at the birthday party for the twins on Thursday…but I’m back to fully engaged and comitted today!

I am comitted to fueling my body to be it’s BEST!

Happy Friday to you!!



EMAIL for day 5; 17 days to GO!!

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Sat, 2012/02/11 – 11:52am — BuffMother

It’s amazing how almost everyone in our 21 day contest is focused improving on their diet!!
I love the determination and desire shown by you to eat better~ Congrats!! You are being a
great leader for your family!!

Today’s post is filled with tons of DIET info~

Be sure to ask questions…Team BuffMother is here to help!!

You can accelerate your results dramatically with just a few simple adjustments to your diet~
LET’s attack our diets these last 17 days of the contest!!

You can kick your habit!
Your friend,

"Thin in 30" CONTEST Diet

“Thin in 30” CONTEST Diet :

A lot of results can happen in just 30 days of working out but if you really want to get results you need to FOCUS on your diet also.  For this contest we will have a “Daily Diet Focus” and OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

OVERALL “5&5+” Diet goal:

By “5&5+” I am referring to serving guidelines- let’s put are focus on what TO Eat in a day vs. What NOT to eat:

5 proteins servings daily
5 Fruits and veggies

+Plus FAT = what ever FATS come with those proteins, fruits and veggies (meat fats, dressings, oils, butter, etc…)

Don’t go overboard with “extra fats” and be WISE about your food choices- but PLEASE enjoy your food and fats in moderation. They are good for you and needed for a healthy body! (FYI- this 5&5+ fits perfectly into my hormonal timing diet recommendations for buffing …more info on that is in my books) chef

Like I said- “FOCUS on what we CAN EAT vs. what we can’t- FOCUS on Solutions!!!”


5 fruits/Veggies is the goal- CARBS are in many fruits and many veggies

it’s up to you on how few carbs you get in by the selections you make-

In an optimal weight loss “buffing” style diet (the 5-3-3-3)- you’d want about 3 of the choices to be CARB based (like fruit or complex carb veggies like sweet potatoes, etc..) and the other 2 from greens

BUT PLEASE let’s keep this simple! If you focus on 5 Proteins &5 fruit/veggies + the accompanying Fats you will

Diet HARD!! "S6" ~Day 10

The plan is to DIET HARD!


HI Girls!!…well I made it through another boosting phase!!! Today was the last day~ WHEW!!! I am so excited to be buffing again!!!
The Plan is to DIET HARD!! I haven’t been this serious about cutting down/leaning up in a long time! I’ve been at a comfortable nice weight for the past year or two and haven’t had an BIG reason to diet. I actually wouldn’t “have to” right now…but I want to feel super confident and thin for my birthday!!

So here is my POA for this first week of buffing:
**DIET** Each day get in my protein and greens– LOWer carbs!! follow 5-3-3-3 portions and tons of water!**

W-football practice
Th-LEGS!! hard and abs too
F- Back, Sh, Bi, run
Sa-football game in Kansas City
Su-hike with the family

HERE’s a quick Q & A on DIET-

Question #1. How do you deal with cravings for junk foods, sweets and salty food? I can stay on a diet for maybe a few weeks but I eventually get really bad cravings and binge on snacks and fast foods.

Michelle’s Answer: My answer is to not be quite so strict.  I allow myself a daily treat to head off future binges.

Question #2. I’m trying to create a healthy shopping list to stick with. What are some of the main foods I should include to maintain a lean and muscular physique?

Michelle’s Answer: Protein and Greens: Eggs, chicken, turkey, hamburger, tuna, salmon, whey protein, beef jerky, romaine lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, asparagus, green beans

Question #3. I’m about 35 pounds over weight. I have never started an exercise program and really don’t know where to start. What tips can you give me to get started on the right track?

Michelle’s Answer: Just start out shooting to build the habit of activity and exercise.  Shoot for doing “something” 3 days a week.  Once you have that a solid habit, increase your frequency and intensity.  Always remember that Challenge=Change.

Question #4. I tend to eat out most of the time and really don’t know what healthy foods to order from the menu. What tips do you recommend for eating out at restaurants to make sure my diet will not suffer?

Michelle’s Answer: Choose meat first…stay away from tons of rice, pasta, sauces etc.  and always have a good green salad first…Also say no to BREAD.


Let’s plan on having a productive finish to the week~ I am totally going to be focused on my workouts and diet!! it will be FUN!!!

PMA all the way!!!

Hormones control everything!

I had just given birth to twins by C-section… My body was stretched out, fat, and disgusting! The following program is designed specifically for women who are fighting the hormone battle while trying to get fit! Take control now, right here!

By: BuffMother

Are Your HORMONES Keeping You FAT?

Over the past 5 years I’ve experimented with a training strategy designed for women only. My goal was to create the fastest possible method for women to achieve radical physical transformation. I believed the key was to capitalize on the positive effects of our hormonal fluctuations while also diminishing the negative effects.

I used myself as my first test patient. I had just given birth to twins by C-section which were my 3rd and 4th babies in less than 4 years. My body was stretched out, fat, depleted in every way and just plain disgusting.

At the time, I just wanted to see radical transformation in my body. I had no idea that I was on the verge of discovering something that would change the lives of thousands of women. To make a long story short, my body transformed radically by using what I now call Hormonal Timing .
+ Click To Enlarge.
Michelle Berger’s Transformation.


I began designing custom Hormonal Timing programs for women online. I charged $1200.00 for an 8 week program. It wasn’t long before I was sold out! I simply didn’t have time to take on any more clients. The results my clients were experiencing were amazing and I soon realized that I had to develop a way to share this amazing program with every woman in the world, so I wrote a book!

Here is an excerpt from “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” by BuffMother!

Hormonal Timing:
Female Fitness Evolved By BuffMother!
Author Michelle Berger


Foundation #1:
Realize That You Are in a Battle!


I’m sure you’ve felt it: that sudden lack of ambition that just seems to overcome you. You might say, “This time I’m going to stick to my plan!” And you do for a while, but then you suddenly realize that you’ve been slacking for the last 5 days! What happened? You then blame yourself thinking, “I don’t have any self-discipline, self-control, motivation, etc…” You feel guilty about your lack of willpower.

Maybe you feel like you’re close to reaching your goals but just can’t quite get there. You work so hard but when you look in the mirror you are always disappointed! You constantly ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong”? What am I missing?!?

The fact is the vast majority of us have a personal battle going on inside. It may be about your diet, exercise habits, smoking, drinking, scale/weight, dress size, etc.

Every woman’s battle is unique but while we fight against all these “visible enemies,” an invisible enemy comes along and defeats us. It’s our HORMONES! Our hormones are the invisible enemy, and it’s time that we learn how to fight back.

“Millions of women fail to reach their diet and fitness goals simply due to their hormones.” This affliction is called Hormone-Induced Failure (HIF) and it will sabotage your success unless you’re prepared. I believe that HIF is a huge problem in America!

arrow Are You A Victim Of HIF: Hormone-Induced Failure?

    • Are you a habitual yo-yo dieter?
    • Do you periodically suffer from uncontrollable cravings that sabotage your efforts to lose weight?
    • Do you start exercise programs and then quit for no apparent reason?
    • Do you ever suffer sudden weight gain that makes you want to quit trying?
    • Do you catch yourself saying things like, “I have no willpower” or “I’m just not motivated…”?

Answer these 4 questions to find out if you have Hormone-Induced Failure:

In my experience, most women answer yes to many of the above questions. Most women blame themselves but YOU must understand, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!

Hormone-Induced Failure (HIF) is to blame!!

Hormones Control Your Diet & Fitness Success!

FACT: Your appetite, cravings, motivation level, mood, energy level, water weight, belly bloat and metabolism are controlled by your hormones!

Hormones control:


  • Appetite/ junk food cravings
  • Motivation level/mood
  • Energy level
  • Water weight gain/belly bloat
  • Metabolism
  • ETC…



arrow Hormones Control Your Appetite (Junk Food Cravings):

Do you have those days when you just wanna eat? I mean really “pig out,” on things like doughnuts, cookies, chips, chocolate, etc? It is a sad-but-true fact that our hormones cause us to DESIRE these items.

Our Hormones Cause These Desires.


Specifically during the time of the month when your concentrations of hormones are at their highest, you will desire quick easy sources of carbohydrates (carbs), the easiest source being junk food. These carbs spike the secretion of serotonin, your “feel good” hormone so-too-often you find your cravings seem out of control.

What can you do to avoid this? Simply, having a plan to eat enough healthy carbs really helps keep your cravings under control, and supplementing your diet with the proper vitamins and nutrients can help your cravings diminish.

arrow Hormones Control Your Motivation Level & Mood (Mentality)!

The psychological affects of hormones are well documented. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many symptoms of hormone imbalances including anger, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, irritability, tension and more. An imbalance in hormone levels may cause you to feel sad, lonely, apathetic, self-critical, and unsure of yourself. Just a little bit of being “down” can wreak havoc on your diet and fitness efforts.

My motivation to accomplish anything, especially anything hard, often disappears during the second half of my cycle. When I hit day 22 of my cycle, my reason behind working out or dieting gets lost. I say to myself, “Why am I doing this? I don’t want to!” I also find myself taking less time out for my other needs.

Even simple things like doing my hair, nails, shaving, and putting on make up, become difficult and a pain. Personally, I was never a consistent exerciser until I was aware of my own hormonal lack of motivation, or HIF, and took action against it.

On the positive side of things, the instant your hormones drop, signaling your body to menstruate, your motivation will begin to rise again… and after a couple days you will feel powerful and ready to conquer mountains. This powerful feeling typically continues until a few days after ovulation and when you will feel the “lazy bug” hit again.

This is when you may fall off your fitness/diet program. Time and time again I have had clients, friends and family who literally “fall off the face of the earth” at this high hormone time of the month. This is classic Hormone Induced Failure (HIF).

arrow Hormones Control Your Energy Level & Sleep Patterns:

Do you have days where you are just dragging, limp and lifeless? Yet you can’t figure out why? Hormones control your energy levels. Based upon the balance of your hormones in your body your energy levels may be high or low.

Each month, energy levels rise and fall according to the balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in your system. If a you are unaware of this cycle when you hit a low energy phase you may think you are just being wimpy, not eating enough, getting sick, etc. BUT, if you know that your low energy is caused by your hormones you will be able to utilize my program to prevent these low-energy days, or at least get through them without beating yourself up about it and losing all momentum. You will be able to honestly tell yourself, I am tired just because of my hormones and tomorrow I will be fine.

As your hormone levels rise toward the end of each month, your sleep may be disturbed, causing energy during the day to be scarce. Often times simply allowing yourself more rest or a nap during this time of the month is all you need to be happier, healthier, and consistent in your fitness efforts.

Conversely, after your period is over and through the remainder of the first part of each monthly cycle, your energy levels are high, you sleep deep, and have energy to accomplish your objectives.

arrow Hormones Control Water Weight Gain And Belly Bloat:

Oh man! This can be bad!! As a woman, the scale is not your friend for several days of the month. No matter how perfect you may be in your diet and exercise, the scale has a mind of its own when hormones run high.

Your rising hormone levels will cause you to retain water toward the end of each monthly cycle. This is part of why you appear “soft” in comparison to a man. Your natural sex hormones help keep your skin full and plump, which is all fine and dandy, until it holds onto 3 pounds more than just the day earlier and fluffs you up so much that your pants don’t button!

Water retention doesn’t just happen in one localized part of your body – it affects your face, hands, feet, belly, butt, etc. Another nasty result of water retention is that our cellulite looks even more dramatic at this time of the month. I point out to my clients that I can actually “see” the hormones in them – it is visible as ripples due to hormone metabolites (toxins), especially in the hips, legs and abdomen.

As you become leaner, you will experience greater water weight fluctuations because muscle cells hold a lot more water than fat cells. Don’t lose heart when this happens!! It is actually a good sign that you are headed in the right direction with your body composition.

arrow Hormones Control Your Metabolism:

As you go through the month, your hormones effect your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories). Documented studies show you can actually burn up to an extra 500 calories per day during the week prior to your period. NO WONDER you feel like you want to eat everything in sight!

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Your body is telling you that you need the extra energy. Why then do you feel horribly guilty if you eat a bit more? Probably because you are already bloated and feel frustrated, so eating extra food seems like the worst thing to do.

Don’t let guilt turn your fitness quest upside down. Accept that fact that you may need a few more calories right now, plan for that, and enjoy your indulgence. This will enable you to end the cycle of guilty binges and emotional eating before they start. As a result you will build your fitness momentum instead of quitting due to Hormone Induced Failure!

arrow Hormones Control Many Other Aspects That Affect Your Body & Life:

The list of other ways hormones affect you is long but here are a few: digestive issues, allergies, etc. I’ve personally been concerned about these symptoms from time to time. However after, I connected these symptoms to my hormones, I was free from worry because I knew, “It’s just my hormones.”

Michelle BuffMother Berger
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Author, Michelle “BuffMother” Berger.

Every woman is a bit different in regards to her biggest hormonal struggle. But no matter what, there are effects from your hormones–good ones and bad ones–and they must be considered in your diet and fitness program.

The key point to know is that there are nutrients, mental strategies, and physical fitness/diet applications that will help prevent or minimize the bad effects and allow you to capitalize on the good effects.

As you apply the diet, exercise and supplementation principles of my program you will establish consistency which will lead to progressively gaining momentum month after month. This massive momentum will allow you to realize your full potential and live a fuller, less stressful life.

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Dr. Lisa Staudt’s Hormonal Timing Testimony

This woman knows how to hit it hard and be a success in whatever she does. From the moment I met Lisa through, I have been captivated by her determination to LIVE life to its fullest. She successfully juggled her career as a chiropractor, and job as a mother of 3 young children while training hard for her first figure contest last fall. She won that contest and is looking forward to more wins in 2008!
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Dr. Lisa Staudt.


I know Lisa will accomplish her goals because she stays positive and always gets it done! Lisa has an amazing view of how my program will change the world of women’s fitness:

“I think [this program] (HT) could be a major breakthrough for women’s fitness. I love it!! When I first read about it, I thought “this is so cool, it really makes sense.” As a chiropractor, I’ve taken seminars and studied a lot on the female hormones, cycles and nutrition.

I think the key point to this program is that your workouts change as you are going through hormonal fluctuations in your cycle. The second half of the month can be a time of stress, increased emotions, depressed feelings, bloating, pain, etc. So having a workout that is less intense and being able to eat more calories just makes sense! Personally [this program] has helped me establish consistency. The coolest part is that HT is a long term plan, something I will do for life!!”

How Does Hormonal Timing work?

    • This program will harness the power of your natural hormones to create dramatic changes in your body and your mind.


    • The program’s diet will show you what to eat and when to eat it. Success revolves around your monthly cycle: Timing is critical!


  • The program’s exercise philosophy will teach you when, how and why to exercise according to your cycle. Believe it or not, there are certain times during your cycle when the most effective thing to do is rest. This results in massive momentum which is the key to experiencing radical physical changes


  • The Hormonal Timing Pill uses next generation technology formulated for women only. This pill gives your body what it needs when it needs it according to your specific monthly cycle. Your body changes throughout the month and so should your supplementation! I experimented with different formulations for nearly 4 years until I was happy with the results! Your body will be supported every month as it becomes accustomed to this product.


  • It’s time to raise your expectations of what you think is possible! The past doesn’t matter. The above program will give you the power to create your best body ever, but it’s up to you to make it happen!

Are you ready to get started on your own path to success?

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