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12 weeks Online training program with Super STAR Success (SSS) Video

FYI- the Video coaching includes:

  • 12 week beginner and experienced level training program (workouts, logs and a meal plan)
  • The “Hormonal Timing” book (e-book version)
  • 12 weeks of video coaching sessions- workouts, tips, motivation, exclusive video content
  • Diet and Cooking Tips
  • Workouts with logs and calendar
  • Printable SuperSTAR Success Journal- so you can journal your personal progress
  • Step by Step instruction for the SSS Journal
  • 1 mini challenge weekly (10 weeks)
  • weekly e-mails to keep you FOCUSED
  • Chance to WIN Contest prizes given 3 times a year (Dec, April, July)


Training Video
Coaching By BuffMother!

Online Personal Training Video Coaching!! INCLUDES-
“HormonalTiming” ebook, Success journal, 10-12 week training programs
for 2
fitness levels (beginner and experienced) , diet info and meal plans
and a subscription for continual access content


ebook ht

ebook abs


*includes subscription for continued accesscontent ($59.95/3months)

In the SuperSTAR Success Video Coaching we will be focusing on the the
biggest stumbling block tp fitness success… lack of CONSISTENCY.

I challenge you to BE CONSISTENT over the next 10+ weeks!

This video coaching program is based upon my very Successful SuperSTAR
Success contest journal. A 10 week CONTEST style training journal that
will catapult you to a new level of CONSISTENCY!

A few more details:

  • You can win PRIZES~ Once you complete your 10 weeks of
    training please submit your
    Final ENTRY
    . Entries are gathered and prizes are given 3
    times a year!! SO BE SURE TO ENTER!!
  • 10 weeks duration- a perfect amount of time to get great
    results! The contest runs all year long…prizes are given 3 times a
  • a Free Shirt is given for anyone completing the program who
    sumits a final contest entry.
  • Additional Support will be provided by e-mail, through my
    personal blog and through our community site


MORE INFO- Online Training
Programs by BuffMother!

Thanks so much for your interest in my online training programs….I’d
be honored to help you attain your goals!!
**My recommended learning progression for the BEST results when
training with me are as follows: **

1- Start with my books
“Hormonal Timing” and “After Baby ABS” (you can get them on
…they give you a GREAT Base level of info about HOW I TRAIN and HOW I
TRAIN my clients….also you should strive get involved in the Rally
Room…that’s where I HANG-Out, give feedback to clients, answer
questions, etc… www.therallyroom.com2- Next do the 12 week online training video coaching program;

3- Then if you still want more personalization consider purchasing a
CUSTOMIZED training program- of which I am SOLD OUT until after the new
year. The first openings I have are for mid-January.

Here are some details on
the CUSTOMIZED training package:
  • $249* – “Customized Hormonal Timing™ Plan”- $249**if you
    have been a
    client of mine in the past you get a $50 discount~ the cost will be
    only $199 for RETURNING clients (that includes those who have
    previously purchase the video coaching program)
  • In this Customized Hormonal Timing™ Plan: We will
    start with an
    initial client fitness/diet questionnaire to assess you fitness and
    diet history
    • I will then do a complete analysis to assess your current status and
    focus on the specific actions you need to attain you most beautiful
    physique. This includes a detailed Diet, Exercise and PHOTO ANALYSIS.
  • I will provide you with a 6 week personalized workout plan
    to fit
    your hormones, current fitness level, specific needs (home or gym
    workouts) and goals.
    • I will also provide you with a customized 5-4-3-2-1 Diet™ and meal
    plan including supplement recommendations
  • I will be available to you via e-mail for initial
    program questions
    and will offer
    constant support throughout your program via the Rally Room.
  • Mental Strategies and tools will be incorporated
    to help you attain
    Belief, keep a positive mental attitude, live with a legacy perspective
    and keep positive momentum.

Please e-mail me if you have any further questions.

Thanks again!
Michelle Berger

SSS content


Super STAR Success Video Coaching Content


Category: SSS week 00

    • SSS WELCOME! HOW THIS “Video Coaching” WORKS~ Each week you will get access to more information, Just 1 week at a time 🙂 That way you can follow along with out…
      • How to download and use your diet and workout plans
      • Plus other info on Workout OPTIONS
    • Downloads~
      Now that I have your NDA form I’ve “graduated” your status to week 00 and here are your “Bonus” downloads: Hormonal Timing e-book: Hormonal Timing…

      • Hormonal Timing e-book
      • SuperSTAR Success (SSS) Journal
      • Diet Meal Plans
      • Training programs
      • Workout Plans~ BEGINNER & EXPERIENCED
    • Workouts-SSS week 00Workout Plans~ BEGINNER: Beginner Workouts EXPERIENCED: Experienced Workouts In this video I will go over how to download and use your diet…
    • SSS week 00 Coaching videos– GET READY!!!
      SSS get ready week 00- “the pre-launch!” In the SuperSTAR Success contest we will be focusing on the the biggest stumbling block to fitness success…

      • SSS contest overview
      • SSS journal HOW TO USE IT
      • What the judges are looking for
      • What is coming next week…
  • Category: SSS week 01




Exercise Demos:


Bench Press Demo

Bench Press- How To

Back Workout

Bent over Rows

Inverted Pull Ups

Seated Row

Assited Pull ups (with partner)

Bicep Curls- 3 DB variations

Bicep Curls- 3 variations using DB’s

21’s for shoulders

Pull ups Demo

Swing set- inverted pull ups

Negatives- Pull ups


Stationary Lunges

Forward Lunges

BB Foward Lunge (includes Russian variation)

Side Lunges (including Skater and Jumping Side)

Backward Lunges

Jumping Lunges

Walking Lunges

Box Lunge with Dumbells

Box Lunge (3 variations) body weight only

Squats with Barbell (using squat rack)

Step ups

Knee Extensions (home)

Bulgarians (with DB’s)

Bulgarians or Single Leg Squats (no weight)

Leg Curls with Ball

Complete workouts:


Beginner Buffing Upper body

Beginner Lower Body Buffing workout (Video) (Phase 1- Workout Demo)

Upper Body workout – beginner ph1


Experienced Buffing Chest/tricep/abs (Phase 1- Workout Demo)

Experienced Buffing Chest Workout


ABS routine- 7 for 7


Charting Hormones- how to

Beginner Boosting- weight pyramid explained

Intervals- buffing with 2 min recovery

Boosting Intervals


Lower Body Stretching Routine

Upper Body Stretching Routine

shoulder stretch- behind back clasp

Lat (back) stretch- sitting down

Chest Stretch

Neck Stretching

Arm across your upper body


Side Lat Stretch

Quad Stretch

Hollywood Stretch

Touch your Toes

Touch Toes sitting on floor

Touching Toes like dead-lift

Lunge Stretching Series

Hurdler Stretch

butterfly stretch for groin


Cooking frozen veggie tips

Frozen Veggies


Intertia and Move free Supplements


Links to OTHER Videos by BuffMother!

40 days to FIT!! Day 17~ wanna WAIST?

If you want a Waist, there is more than ABS to think about. I am naturally an “apple” body type…I hold any excess weight in my core…YUCK! Well after having 4 kids (including twins by c-section) I was very scared that I’d never have a waist again…BUT that FEAR and ANGER propelled me towards doing everything I could possibly think of to regain my WAIST. I wanted a WAIST!!!

DO you wanna waist?

having a waist means more than just working your core it means you need to build a symmetrical, HOUR GLASS figure.  Think of the way an hour glass looks~ wider on top, thin in the middle and wider on  the bottom, right?  Well in order for us ladies to have a waist we need to be sure that we address the “wider on top” portion of the equation.  That means doing upper body exercises for our chest and our backs and shoulders.

A great exercise for building up your back and shoulders is the DB LAT ROW…Here’s a demo~

My workout today was for my back and shoulders (with a bit of biceps thrown in):

Pull ups
10 (over hand), 8 underhand

wide cable lat pulls
60#’sx5 together and 5 on each armx3 sets

Lat pull machine

Seated rows- one arm at at time
70#x10x3 sets

shoulder press machine

Arnold’s- one arm at a time

each set above paired with
DB bicep curls and knee ups on bench

Bicep curl machine
50x10x3 (plus some short burn out ones)

Cable pose down bicep curls

Abs- roman chair, ab roller crunches and side crunches, leg raises

Elliptical 3 mins; bike 9 mins; pool time with kids.

Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…24 days (including today) left to get FIT!!!

Eat your Spinach!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger


A bit About BuffMother!

This is the Official Blog of BuffMother! A fitness revolution founded in January of 2005 by Michelle Berger.
You are here for a reason! My mission is to help you harness the power of your mind and body to reveal the beautiful woman God created you to be!

About Michelle:

Michelle Berger is the author of After Baby Abs and Hormonal Timing. She is the only woman to have 4 children in less than 4 years and then go on to win 5 NPC figure titles the following year. She credits Hormonal Timing for creating such a dramatic transformation so quickly.

Michelle Says:

Hear my Rally cry: “You can be BUFF after having children, I am living proof!”

Michelle is the proud mother of 4 young children which she had from 99-03′ and in 04′ she won 5 NPC Figure Titles.

I want to share my fitness success secrets with YOU!

Please Read Michelle’s Inspirational Story

“If I can do it, anyone can.”

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