Drivers licence #2

Hey just wanted to start blogging a little bit more I’m doing this talk to type so forgive me if it’s cruddy. I’d rather do […] Read More

Star Wars

Today I took a day off of training and went to Star Wars with my girls it was our second choice of movies we were […] Read More

Back to it after 3 days!

So today I am finally back to working out I had 3 days off in a row… Wednesday somehow I didn’t get it done I […] Read More

Shine in 49~ Day 4…Conference Call Recording

HI Everyone!! We just finished our first conference call for “Shine in 49”!! It was awesome hearing everyone’s voice and I love the participation.  If […] Read More

Thank You Dr. Earl

First off…let me thank my kind DR. , Dr. Earl…he is a good guy!  A couple months back he and I did a little tv […] Read More

Yippie Skippie!!!

YIPPIE, Skippie! I am in a HAPPY mood today…!! I am excited for so many reasons it is hard to count!!! – I am pumped […] Read More

I believe even thistles have beautiful flowers :)

I believe thistles have beautiful flowers 🙂  Isn’t that amazing…that a horrible icky weed like thistles can have VERY beautiful flowers?!  I was running outside […] Read More

Super day!! and booty workout

I had a Super day today!! I love that life was back to “normal” today and I was able to KNOCK out a bunch of […] Read More

April Is “Shower Encoragement Month”!!

Well Happy APRIL everyone~ Each month I like to pick a theme…for instance November was I am thankful Month, March was positive Mental attitude month […] Read More