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Legs finally…

I honestly don’t know what my deal is with the NEW YEAR…It takes me several days if not weeks after the 1st of the year to get my booty going.  Today, I think I finally did literally and figuratively with a good booty workout!

Warm up bike,  and Jumpstart exercise for today of CHEST PRESS ON BALL 20’sx10x3sets
Conventional Dead lifts 95x10x2sets
Squats 45×10 warm up, 135x10x3
Romainian Dead lifts 135×2
Hip Thrusts BW 10 both-10 each, 135x10x3sets
Knee Extensions (knees been bothering me a bit again– gotta do these to keep it happy!) 115×15
Calf Raises BWx15x2
ABS Between sets hip twists, piked glute raise and a big set of 30 bicep curls x45#

I also did a fun little video about speaking positive– I need to practice this more myself!!

If you are like me an a bit slow on getting your resolutions started, realize it’s all about taking baby steps and it starts in your mind.  Speak that into your life and soon you’ll find that you are taking action!!

Get Buff!! ~Michelle

HE created ME!

First off I wanted to share a word of wisdom for you….it will help you stop the insanity in your workouts/diet:  “MUSCLE BURNS FAT!!– do everything in your power to build muscle and you will burn the fat off your body!!”


My plan for todays is  to run hills; back, shoulders, biceps + abs…that workout will be done AFTER I get home from my Date Day with with Gunner. He earned a “DATE” with me with STRAIGHT A’s!! So proud of how smart he is!!

Last night we attended his HIGHSCHOOL orientation/registration.  He’s going to be a 9th grader, OMGoodness!!


I got in a good workout day yesterday– 22 mins fasted on bike, then last night some legs/abs/booty work.  I had to slightly modify what I did due to the fact I my legs are SORE!!  But I did still do squats, dead lifts, the PBJ and some of the SUB, plus some other items.


I also took some time to journal my eats. It looks like I was at about 1900cals total yesterday.

Here’s the breakdown:

P:eggs, beef, chicken (2), jerky

C: carrots, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, grapes

F:salad dressing, cream, meat fat, cheese

G:radishes, mushrooms, onions

All but 400 calls came in after 5pm and I ate a total of 4 meals.


My weight is still at 130, but am expecting a drop tomorrow!


GOD Created ME!! He created me for purpose…it’s a very unique one and many don’t understand, but I live to glorify GOD in mind body and spirit!!


God Created you TOO!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Make November Thank YOU month in your life!!

I challenge YOU to make the most of the Thanksgiving season and make November “Thank You!!” Month~
Here’s some tips and ideas on how to do it:
1– take 10 minutes today and make a list of all the people in your life that you could say “thank you” to …aim for a list of 30- one for each day of November
2– take a couple minutes each day to say “Thank You” to that person at the beginning of your daily journal status or  blog  post
3– make sure to follow through by thanking them personally too!
Let’s have fun with it~~”
Thank YOU”!!!

Now here is my START to this Challenge:

NOV 1-Thank you my son, Gunner!
Thanks to Gunner, I am a Mommy!
Thanks to Gunner, I have a boy whom I can cheer on in Football and in all the BOY things of life!!
Thanks to Gunner, I realize how much of my own attributes were passed on!
Thanks to Gunner, I have yet another man who will love me and whom I will love forever!!!
Thank You Gunner for being the BEST son in the whole world!!!
I picked Gunner to thank today because he had his last 7th grade Football game tonight…It’s been a tough season for them. Lots of losses and getting used to their growing bodies, lol!
Thank you Gunner for being you~! I love you!

NOV 2- Thank you my Family!!
So for this second day of the month, I’d like to say “Thank YOU” to my Family…Meaning my extended family…My parents, siblings, the in laws, etc…I want to thank them for all the love and support they given me through the years. Family is important because at the end of the day, no one will ever care for you as much as your family.
I picked today to thank them because it is my youngest brothers birthday today, Matthew is  24 now married and on his honeymoon!!  Happy Birthday! I think God was preparing me a bit for motherhood by giving me a brother that was 14 years younger than me. I babysat him a ton the first 2 years of his life! And then I got a car, so I managed to do it less as I grew older, lol!
Thank YOU my family!! I love you!
I want to thank the Originals!!! The original founding leaders of TEAM BUFFMOTHER and our Private Women’s only area Did you know that at that we started way back when as a Yahoo! group??  I don’t believe yahoo groups even exist anymore, lol!!  We quickly out grew that format and as members wanted more security, leaders began to emerged there….The “originals”  were invited in in Jan of 2006 prior to us even opening the our membership area to the world on March 1, 2006. They tested it and were instrumental in welcoming all the newcomers when we did open up.
Since then they have all made an enormous impact on countless members of  TEAM BUFFMOTHER and the Rally Room, including ME!!
Thank YOU so much for your devotion, positive energy and leadership in making TEAM BUFFMOTHER and the Rally Room  the BEST support group for women in the WORLD!!!
I LOVE You!!

And TODAY!! November 5th– Thank you HUBBY!
Today, I want to thank my DH Travis! He is my best friend EVER and is the reason I am BuffMother!! Travis, I can’t begin to describe all the reasons why I love you so much and all the value you’ve added to my life, but I an so thankful to God that you are in my life!
Thank you for your encouragement!
Thank you for your sacrifices you make to care for me and our kids!
Thank you for your involvement in my life!
Thank you for your LOVE!
Thank you for your desire to be with me over anyone else in the world!
Thank you for desire to see me succeed! I love that you are my Lover and my Friend!!
Thank YOU!!

Who should you say THANK YOU to in your life?What’s stopping you~ take the challenge and shoot to say thank you to someone every day this month~ Make November Thank YOU month in your life!!

GET BUFF~ in mind, body and spirit!!

JOY is Prayer!

“Joy is prayer – Joy is strength- Joy is love – Joy is a net of love

by which you can catch souls.  She gives most who gives with Joy.”

Mother Teresa

Prayers of a BuffMother!

Please Lord God Almighty,

Let me have the strength to get all the kids buckled up and checked in to childcare today so that I can go kill myself doing my workout

Let all the kids be healthy enough to go to the gym

Let all the kids take their naps so that I can do my workout during naptime

Let all the kids take their naps so that we don’t have melt downs at the gym childcare

Let the kids poop b4 we go to the gym so that they don’t hate me for stinking the place up

Let the kids learn to love spinach, oatmeal and chicken so that I don’t have to make a separate meal for everyone

Help my husband have a huge desire to rub my stiff and tired body tonight

Help me fit into my jeans today, I did legs yesterday and they are so swollen I don’t think my sweats would even fit

Help me figure out a way to wash the dishes since my arms are too sore and tired to even lift them

Help me to be tough and not complain and be a great example to my children to brainwash them into believing working out is actually fun

Keep our family safe from the gym freak who I heard was a convicted rapist

I pray that no one will ask me for any advice today while I am in the middle of my set of walking lunges

Please Lord help me LOVE others, take the time to show love first and foremost to my kids and DH

I love you Lord!

AMEN~ your Daughter Michelle

Now is the time to learn!

In keeping with my “NOW is the TIME November” theme…I really, really believe NOW is the time for me to LEARN!  I am currently hungering to LEARN about 3 things:
1. MY Spirituality…My SAVIOR- Jesus Christ, The HOLY SPIRIT, and God my Father
2. TIME management
3. Fitness~ anything and everything about fitness! Some key interests: Hormones, MMA  fitness, Kids Fitness, and the Fitness Industry

The internet is A SUPER Cool tool for learning!!  Here are some of the FUN stuff I stumbled across this week in my quest to LEARN:



Our mini-challenge in the SuperSTAR Success contest is to eat 3 servings of greens daily. I stumbled across this most fitting verse today…

Proverbs 15:17
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.

VERSE of the DAY~ I like this because it gives you a verse, some thoughts, a prayer and a PICTURE!



Fitness Stuff:

Read a couple issues of Club Industry’s Fitness business pro magazine

Got this e-mail from and online fitness marketer:

Learn about the Vikings, the Gladiators, the Spartans and how
you can develop a physique for the ages. Includes a special bonus
review of The Warrior Diet! <– Grab Your Copy Now!



Other great finds: Dr. Pete Egoscue, Shape magaizing, Spark People and



My workouts and eats (except for a bit of Halloween Candy) have been ON! 3 greens for yesterday were Asparagus and Romain Lettuce.  And today so far I’ve gotten in 2 servings of Romain Lettuce.The past 2 days…I had to shift my workouts a forward due to Monday being a crazy work day.  So yesterday I did Legs/ABs- WITH NO PAIN  and today I did Upper body/ABs this morning and just now got done running intervals finished with 2 sprints, some drill and stretching.  I am doing the workouts from our FIRE CRACKIN’ HOT contest, they rock!!  I am very proud of myself for pushing through and making myself do them…I lost a bit of momentum last week from my back injury/UTI!!  BTW~ I am on cycle day 20 and I weighed in at 127.

I went for lunch with my SIL (Heidi) today…she seems to be doing quite well!  We talked forever and it was great to catch up~ We are planning to celebrate Gracie’s Birthday at their house and Christmas there too.  It should be a GREAT TIME!

I am off to clean up so that we can have a nice family BONFIRE tonight…I may need to run and get som HOT DOGS for the kids~ then later we’ll watch  TUF…this season has stunk thus far…Rampage has really been a disappointment!

Have a GREAT night and never stop learning!!!


I’ve been thinking a lot of thoughts lately…do I sound like POOH bear?

Anyhoo…Thoughts about my mission, my current existance, my goals, my frustrations, etc…  Overall this October has been filled with un-rest…stress…contemplation…and SICKNESSES!  ICKY!  I know the mental really affects my physical. I also know that the definition of INSANITY is to continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.  Thus…my blog about CHANGE on Tuesday.

I am sick of the unrest and sick of the lack of peace…So where do I start?  I KNOW where to start…with GOD!  He is the start of it all and my #1 priority, my first love.  I’ve been neglecting HIM for too long, taking HIM for granted and separated from HIM due to my own stupidity. 

The past 3 days I’ve been pouring into who I love the most~ God, Travis and my family and guess what…I feel better both emotionally and physically.  I’ve listened to several amazing messages from pastors I HIGHLY respect to fill my heart and mind with wonderful thoughts about my Jesus, my KING, my Father, my Love!  And that love has spilled over to my DH…I had a GREAT date with Travis yesterday~ The first in a long time!   Because God is LOVE, I need HIM and HIS love in order to have love to give to others.  He holds a stockpile of Love and gives it to us when we give HIM LOVE.  It’s so wonderful!!  God is GOOD!!

I plan to keep going after God; Keeping HIM my #1 priority in life above ALL else…and YES even above my husband and above my children.  HE has to be FIRST!  Becuase I know from horrible past experiences that when HE is not #1, everything else falls apart!!  I want HIS love so I can GIVE MORE LOVE and have more passion for the all those looking for true LOVE!  I want to really make an impact on this world and there is no way I can do that if I don’t have massive amounts of LOVE! 

Thanks for reading this!  I love that I have friends who love me~ I LOVE YOU too!!

God Bless us all!!


"Energize OTHERS October"- our Monthly theme!!

“Energize OTHERS October”- our Monthly theme!!

You have been blessed with very unique talents, gifts, abilities, opportunities, ideas, thoughts, etc. These can all be described as seeds of energy and nobody on earth, past, present, or future will have access to the same combination of these seeds as you!
Every one of these “energy seeds” can be planted and exponentially multiply exactly like the acorn example. However, you must learn to take the focus off of yourself and these seeds to energize others without expecting anything in return!
“You can have anything in the world you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar
Consider the energy contained in a single “energy seed”:
  • If you plant an energizing deed it can grow into exponential energy.
  • That energy can produce thousands of inspirational actions, kind deeds and good choices.
  • Those of positive actions can grow into hundreds of successful legacies.
  • Those success legacies will be converted into new generation of health.
  • That generation can be used to build an entire fit and healthy civilization!!!
  • I could go on and on but the fact is, there are no limits to what can be produced. from act to energizing another person, give it away! Plant your energy seeds!!
Another way to put it is to GIVE away what you have. Have you ever heard the expression, “It is more blessed to give than receive”? This verse comes from the book of Acts in the Bible. Virtually every religion and or philosophical viewpoint teaches about the importance of giving. Personally, I can’t say that I was inspired or enthused in any way when I first read about giving to others. I didn’t feel I had anything to give and what I did have I need for myself! You might feel the same way.   However, I now believe that nothing has more power to unleash incredible rewards into your life than the act of giving to benefit other people!
Identify your gifts/Passion/Talents
Now let’s take it one step further…..In order to give, you must know what you have to give. In the exact same way that everyone has needs, every person also has been blessed with certain gifts, talents and abilities.   These gifts are your “energy seeds”!!!
Write down every gift, talent, skill, ability, or thing you like doing or are good at.
For example:
  • I am a good at writing.
  • I have always been a great cheerleader.
  • I love organizing things.
  • I am generous.
  • I enjoy manual labor.
  • I have a lot of computer skills.
Can you imagine what will happen in your life if you decide to “plant” your gifts into the lives of others? In time you will experience what can only be described as a natural phenomenon. The energy from every seed you planted will multiply exponentially and flow back to you! It’s so simple, but you need to be willing to take the first step. Don’t sit around thinking, talking and worrying about the things you don’t have. Instead, use what you do have to help other people (plant your “energy seeds”) In time, you will always be rewarded exponentially!!

For the Month of OCTOBER I want you to energize others by planting (giving) energy.
You will experience 2 benefits

1. You will feel instant gratification when you sincerely help someone in need. Giving always feels far better than you originally predicted.
2. Sooner or later, a tidal wave of energy will flow into your life. Every need you have will miraculously be met. Don’t try to figure out how it works. Just go DO IT NOW and find out for yourself!!
**There is one little catch. You must give without expecting anything in return! If you only “give” to “get,” this law won’t have any power in your life and you will be completely wasting your time!
Now that you know what you have to give (your personal “energy seeds”)…WHO do you give them to? We all know that walking up to a stranger at the gym and giving a compliment is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes finding someone who openly wants and will willingly accept a genuine act of kindness is the hardest part of planting “energy seeds”. Well, I have the simplest solution; I’ve created the perfect place for you to plant your seeds, the Team BuffMother Rally Room!!
If you are a member of the Rally Room- plant your energy seeds by commenting on OTHER’s Blogs (shoot for 5 or mor a day)!
If you are not a member of the Rally Room~ consider joining NOW: or STRIVE to comment on other’s blogs, status updates, etc…

Let’s make October all about Energizing OTHERS!!!

GIVE and take

I’ve been thinking today a bit about GIVING…over the past several years I’ve really been blessed because of what I’ve GIVEN to God, to my friends, to my clients and to perfect strangers who’ve found me on the internet through a blog post, picture, etc …it is true that when you GIVE you do RECEIVE.

…Giving also can create vulnerability: Giving opens us up to be hurt, disappointed or feeling like we’ve been taken for granted. I’ve often felt hurt or disappointed and that my giving has been taken for granted many times — BUT!— the Blessings I’ve received from GIVING always outweigh the pain. Staying focused on the positives of giving always makes me want to give more and help more people and love more!! I don’t ever want to get jaded or fearful regarding how my GIVING will be received. Don’t EVER be Afraid to GIVE!! Your blessings will COME!!

I’ve had a couple GREAT days~ Tues night we had another family bonfire and then yesterday Travis “kidnapped” me for a date day~ we had a BLAST together just talking and loving each other! It was wonderful!!! We didn’t workout yesterday, but we did make it there today for a chest workout.
AND GUESS WHAT??!!! I hit an all time personal Best on bench a #155 one rep max!!

The rest of my day has been spent on website stuff and cleaning my house. I am also planning on going running after my salmon digests smile

keep on GIVING !!

Heavenly Thoughts

I’ve been dreaming a bit about heaven today…I can’t wait to feel what heaven is like!!!  A book I recently read “When Heaven Invades Earth” talks about how we should expect and go after the things of heaven here on earth.  For instance we should expect that we should be healthy as we will be in heaven.  In THE LORD’s prayer Jesus even said this “…Your will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN!”  Isn’t that cool!!!   Heaven on earth is possible!!  What an awesome dream to dream and to go for!!

My workouts the past 2 days have been great!!
I did a really good leg workout with more than 100 lunges in it yesterday followed by my RUN!!  I ran on the treddy rather hard for about 11 mins….
And when I got home my new running shoes showed up!!!  now I can really feel good about running every other day this month!!!

Today, I did a back, shoulder and bicep workout followed by 11 mins of intervals on the r-bike.  It was a BONUS workout for the week as I had planned to take today off!!  I am so happy that I got it done!

I ovulated last night and I feel so much better today …I think it was Carrie who asked about  how we feel on our ovulation, this month for me was extra bad for some reason (since I’ve had twins, I have months when I double ovulate and this makes things doubly icky hormone wise for me on those months) my symptoms were: nausea the night before, bloating, extreme fatigue, zits, horrible ovary pain and some breast tenderness.

Well I gotta go and get some things done while the kids are all occupied.
Have a HEAVENLY hump day!!

June=GO TIME!!

I am back, refreshed and recharged from vacation and I am so pumped up!!

June= GO TIME!!

June is such an amazing month…for me it signifies GO TIME!  It is time to get down to business in all the areas of my life that I value.  Have you ever really thought about your values?  What you value determines who you become in life.  I challenge you to this month to blog daily about one of your values or something you value…Personally I know I will grow closer to achieving  my dreams by reflecting upon my values.  Yesterday in church toward the end of the service my pastor touched on the value of being humble, which prompted me to start listing my values and some things that I value.  From this brainstorming list of values, I’ll have plenty of great ideas to blog about this month:
humble, grace, committed, play/fun, loyalty, servants, purity, giving, joy, gentleness, nature, peace, patience, kindness, manners, poise, self-control, posture, hard work, finisher, relentless!, affection, quality time, respect, charisma, relationship, excitement, encouragement, praise, obedience, patriotism, forgiveness, family, prayer, competition, challenge….

Today, I’d like to reflect on relationship.  We all were made for relationship. God made us so that he’d have  someone to interact with, share his thoughts, ideas, passions, etc with…WE only find true joy in life when we are in RELATIONSHIP with others.  Relationships take effort, the take time and at times can seem one sided or not worth the effort; but I know that the happiest times in my life have been when I’ve made that effort and worked hard to be a “relationship” promoter.   I need to remember that it is so worth it!   My goal this month is to really dive back into the building relationships within  the Rally Room and also take time each day to really bond with my kids and husband.

Last week on vacation I did decent on my eating and workouts…I ran hard 3 times and made it to the gym once.  I was very happy how well it went!!
BUT now I am on a countdown…my 33rd B-day is 13 days away and I wanna look and feel  my BEST! So here is the plan:
Get to the gym an lift 10 times before then and run 8 times…Let the count-down BEGIN~~ tomorrow!  I’ll have 12 days to get all that done!
GO, GO, GO!!!   It’s go time!!  Let’s GO!!