Legs finally…

I honestly don’t know what my deal is with the NEW YEAR…It takes me several days if not weeks after the 1st of the year […] Read More

HE created ME!

First off I wanted to share a word of wisdom for you….it will help you stop the insanity in your workouts/diet:  “MUSCLE BURNS FAT!!– do […] Read More

Make November Thank YOU month in your life!!

HEY THERE~~ I challenge YOU to make the most of the Thanksgiving season and make November “Thank You!!” Month~ Here’s some tips and ideas on […] Read More

Now is the time to learn!

In keeping with my “NOW is the TIME November” theme…I really, really believe NOW is the time for me to LEARN!  I am currently hungering to LEARN […] Read More


I’ve been thinking a lot of thoughts lately…do I sound like POOH bear? Anyhoo…Thoughts about my mission, my current existance, my goals, my frustrations, etc…  […] Read More

"Energize OTHERS October"- our Monthly theme!!

“Energize OTHERS October”- our Monthly theme!! You have been blessed with very unique talents, gifts, abilities, opportunities, ideas, thoughts, etc. These can all be described as […] Read More

GIVE and take

I’ve been thinking today a bit about GIVING…over the past several years I’ve really been blessed because of what I’ve GIVEN to God, to my […] Read More

Heavenly Thoughts

www.BuffMother.com I’ve been dreaming a bit about heaven today…I can’t wait to feel what heaven is like!!!  A book I recently read “When Heaven Invades […] Read More

June=GO TIME!!

www.BuffMother.com HELLO!! I am back, refreshed and recharged from vacation and I am so pumped up!! June= GO TIME!! June is such an amazing month…for […] Read More