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FREE Personal Training!!

HI! I am launching a revolutionary fitness program and NEED 25 males, yes I said MALES, to participate in a 6 week FREE online personal training group.

The training will consist of …

  • DIET guidelines- meal plan ideas, supplement suggestions
  • Workout Regimen- weight training and interval based
  • Group Coaching calls- mental strategies, help and support
  • Video Coaching- detailed HOW TO info
  • Photo analysis- Before and After photo input
  • Hormonal Recommendations- Natural strategies; Are you in need of HRT?
  • Support via email and possibly text


The only investment required from you is your time, effort and the cost of a few “supplies”.  PLUS, You will need access to basic exercise equipment.

If  you are interested the first step is to fill out this very short screening application.

I will be screening applications in the  couple next week, so apply NOW!!

We hope to “Start” in November so we can be done in time for a BUFF Christmas!!


Michelle Berger

p.s. women you are free to apply as I MAY be adding a women’s group also 🙂

Gadgets? Workout time?

Favorites Month is a BIG HIT!! I am having a blast reading all the responses and feedback, thanks for your participation!!

Yesterday I asked,

What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???…. something you can’t workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?
Photo: What is your favorite fitness gadget/equipment???.... something you can't workout without! Mine is my iPod, what is yours?

Many of you had the same answers as me…Ipod Shuffle or another music player. Some other items were: Fitbit, calorie-tracking watch., Pandora, my dumbbells , GymBoss, New running shoes, interval app, Femme fitale pink and crystal gloves, miofit watch, Olympic bar, Water, HR monitor, Kleenexes, workout log, Nothing, all I need is my body!, sunglasses,, Chapstick, chewing gum


Today’s question is:

What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?
Photo: What is your FAVORITE time of day to workout?

My workout time is most often in the afternoon…lately that’s been around 3-4pm.  I sometimes wonder if all the years I spent in after-school sports practice is why that time of day is my FAVORITE time to workout??  Another reason I like to workout then is it’s a LULL of the day and a HUNGRY time of day– I could either spend those afternoon slump hours eating or napping or working out.  I choose the workout option!

I would optimally LOVE to be a morning workout person.  BUT, my body is DEAD in the early morning hours.  I have had times when I’ve consitently hit the gym right after getting the kids to school.  And also 10 am has been a great time for consistent workouts too…

When I’ve had a job, RIGHT AFTER work has been the best solution– If I had a “real job” now, in an optimal world with no sweat or red faces NOON workouts would be nice..

The main thing with workouts are getting them DONE in a consistent manner.  Time of day is not nearly as important as just doing them!  But let’s not forget the FUEL factor when it comes to workouts.  You want to be fuel but not FULL!

My workouts this week have been a little off…I have had an earache and it’s affecting my energy 🙁

Monday- I ran hills
Tuesday- I took off
Wednesday- I did a small chest workout and ran hills

Today I have legs on tap– I’ll do them at about 3pm today.

No matter what time you workout it works!! DO IT!

Love, Michelle

What do you think about BANDS??

What do you think about BANDS?? I am doing a GIVE AWAY~
Which includes BANDS 🙂

The “starter pack” includes my training geared towards women who are just beginners or for those who need an alternate option for at home or travel. It’s with resistance “bands”…
typically I am not a fan of band workouts, but once I made this program and shot the DVD’s my pinon changed.
I now have much more respect for “BAND” workouts!!

What do you think about BANDS??
Please enter and SHARE my give away too~

You ROCK!!

p.s. please notice the give away is thru the 17th and you can add to your chances to win by completing the items that say
☺ Do this again tomorrow for more entries! ☺

New product "Ugi"

My thoughts on this product at first glance are “what’s an ugly (ugi) name” and “UGH! not another ball~ for foofoo fitness moves!”  Seriously…don’t waste your money on this ball.  It’s just a gimmick that doesn’t produce any real results.

BuffMother’s review~

What It Is: A squishy medicine (weighted) ball touted as an all in 1 piece of fitness equipment

What You Might Not Know: The name is derived from the phrase “U got it” and said “you guy”…How in the heck is the general consumer supposed to get that??

Should You Buy It: No, not unless they drop the price by $169!  Instead, Go to Wal-Mart buy a blow up exercise ball for $10 and a set of 10# dumbbells for less than $20 toal…then save the extra $169 for a treadmill!

More info about this product and a nice proper review written by Amada Vogel is found  here~

Ugi: The Fitness Industry’s Newest Weighted Fitness Ball


Halfway Point!

HEY ladies~ it’s Week #6! and we are now at the “half way” point in the contest!! Can you believe it…it’s time to KICK IT IN!!! My plan is to take halfway stats and pictures on Wed and do some goal setting from there. I am so happy that I am healthy this week and am starting my buffing phase. The world is a BED OF ROSES for me right now!! I love it when hormones are being nice, lol! I had a good weekend of workouts~
Saturday I did a good BACK, Sh, Biceps workout and yesterday a long cardio day: 15 mins u-bike; 15mins run intervals outside; 15 mins more on the bike The bad thing though is I irritated my knee afterwards when I was stretching my quads…It was so bad I actually iced it…and it was really sore last night! It feels decent today, but I’m going to hold off on running again until Wednesday just to be safe. Here’s my POA:
ABS daily, bikini photos daily
T- back/sh/bi and intervals
W- chest/tris/run
F-back/sh/bi and run intervals
Let’s not forget to do our~~ WEEK #6 Mini-Challenge “try on your bikini DAILY”~ The reasoning behind this challenge is to get you looking at yourself and motivated to take action towards making your bikini look even better on you!! I know for me trying on bikinis can be fun or painful! Know that you can create a better body… taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!! BELIEVE you can wear your bikini with confidence and you will soon be strut your stuff on the beach !!!! Know that you can create a better body…taking action daily and doing the little things will add up!!! BELIEVE you can be confident in your bikini by next summer!!!! A fun option on this challenge is to take a daily picture of you in your bikini…I’ve done this before and it was very fun!

Get after it and be relentless, we are closing in on the finishing weeks of the SSS contest and I plan on kicking it in!!
p.s. have you “fallen off the wagon”? Do you wanna “START OVER”?? My SSS Video Coaching option allows me to give you tons of support (via video) and helps YOU to stay “focused”
for the entire 10 week period!! Please check it out~

2 month countdown: 4-14-07 Plus MOVIE reviews :)

Oh yeah!! I love the 14th of every month, most especially JUNE 14th~ cuz’ that’s my B-day!!

SO today is the start of MY 2 MONTH countdown to my B-day!! Time to get HOTTTT!! I have to admit, I’ve been a little less than stellar in my grooming as of late- I’ve taken off my nails (my natural ones have never grown), I’ve not gone to the hair salon since the end of FEB, I am the least TAN than I’ve been in ages (not all a bad thing), and I need to UPDATE my wardrobe for spring/summer BADLY!! TIME to get it together MICHELLE!! LOL! Instead my focus has been on other VERY important things, and trust me I do have a good excuse, just I miss that sexy feeling.

THUS, my goal is to be ready for another photo shoot right around my B-day…2 months away!

Todays workout~
30 push ups
Bowflex press 100x6x3
paired with tri kickbacks
Flat bench DB flys
30’sx10x3 (slow and super stretch)
Bench dips
overhead DB tri extensions
push ups 10

It was a VERY quick one- less than 20 mins!

Now for another movie…the Illusionist

MY recent reviews:
Last night little miss sunshine= C+
All the Kings Men= C-
The Good Shepard= D
Blood Diamond = C
Holiday = B-
Nacho Libre= B
School For Scoundrels=B

Some movies of the Past I’d give A’s to:
The River Runs through IT
Shawshank Redemption
Dumb and Dumber


9 days out!! and new Camo TANK

Well I had a good day of working out today! I didn’t go to the gym yesterday and it felt like I hadn’t been there in a week, so I was happy to be back!

Warm up elliptical 10 min
135×3+2 a bit of shoulder pain

Cable laying fly

Smith incline

Tricep extensions

Cable pull down 1 arm at a time

Free motion punch fly with rotation

Elliptical 20 min of intervals
machine crunches
knee ups 45
ab drills high knees 2 sets

The amazing thing is that my abs are killing me…do you know why?? the sprints I did yesterday. running your a$$ off makes your abs kill WHOOHOOO!!! I am so excited for next SATURDAY!!

Love ya,
P.S. Do you like the new BuffMother! camo tank??

I don’t have buttons yet for the shirts on my site…but you can purchase just use one of the other tank purchase buttons and send me a note saying you want a camo one The only size I have are larges- that is the size I wear in these, they run really small
here is the link to the store page– only $16.95 for now…the price will be 18.95 once I put it in my store

BuffMother Bracelets and a New Success Story!!

One of my GREAT Leaders of BuffMother, Mrs. Ali Swanson has a side business of making braceltes:

Ali and I have teamed up and are now offering BuffMother Bracelets for sale!! Ali, was so sweet to make and give me one for Christmas…she is so sweet!!
I wear it all the time. It reminds me of all of you and my commitment to be Buff, not only for my self, for my family and in order to inspire others Mothers take care of their health.
I love my BuffMother! Bracelet!! Take a look:

And in other news….Jenn is now a featured Success Story on Please read her inpiring fitness journey

Have a super weekend!!
Get Buff,

BuffMother! Diet Basics

BuffMother! Diet Basics:

I have tried and failed on the following diets: low fat/high carb, Atkins, Zone, Body For Life, the apple diet, the cabbage soup diet, slim fast, the diabetic diet, and the food pyramid. The results and side effects of each were just not worth the pain. But, the diet I have successfully followed over the last 2 years is flexible, satisfying and very effective. I believe I have found the diet keys to being buff 365 days a year! It is the BuffMother Diet.

Main key points: Protein, Water and Planning

The focus of my diet is simple. Eat enough protein and drink enough water and you will be successful. Oh yeah one last component- planning. I am talking about hunger planning. Don’t eat if you don’t have true hunger pains. The #1 problem with obesity today is that people are eating for every reason, except that they are truly hungry.

Protein, Water and Hunger Planning. It is that simple!

How much Protein?

Eat your goal bodyweight in grams of protein daily. I want to weight 125; therefore I want to eat 125g of protein a day. Each gram of protein has 4 calories, so I should have at least 600 calories a day from protein. And remember that calories from protein require about 1 calorie per gram to digest, so think more like 3 calories per gram of protein!

Ways to succeed in eating your protein:

  1. Always have it handy and quick to eat: boiled eggs, cooked chicken breast, canned chicken, tuna and salmon, beef jerky, deli meat, etc.
  2. When planning your meal think protein first, next green veggies and lastly carbs.
  3. Find a good protein supplement and use it. My staples are a good vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavored protein. I usually mix it in just water and a couple scoops at a time (40g). It is a quick easy way to keep my protein intake on track.

How much Water?

As much water as you can possibly drink: the more, the better. You will feel better and lose your fat faster if you have a lot of water. Your body is almost all water. The more muscle you have and the more protein you eat, the more water your body needs. In order to flush all the toxins out of your cells there must be a lot of water available. If you need an amount I would say 1 to 2 gallons a day.

Ways to succeed in drinking your water:

  1. Keep water bottles in you car
  2. Keep water on your desk, by your refrigerator, and by your sink
  3. Drink it don’t sip it. Aim for 10 big gulps every time you drink.
  4. If you get up in the middle of the night, slam a bunch of water.
  5. Drink it immediately in the morning
  6. Always drink water during your workouts

How much Hunger Planning?

I only want you to eat when you have true hunger pains. This means you need to tune into your body and let it tell you when it truly needs to eat. There is no magic time limit between meals, however the average is 3 hours. If you feel hunger pains, follow these three steps of hunger planning:

  1. Drink an 8 oz. glass of water.
  2. Wait 10 min. to see if those pains persist.
  3. If so, simply eat. If not, wait until the pains return and then eat.

This way you will learn to tune into your physical needs for food vs. the mental need.

What else do I eat????

A healthy diet is the goal. Don’t ever embark on a diet that you can’t see doing the rest of your life. My philosophy is to constantly strive for improvement in regards to the balance, nutrition and portion size of my diet.

About 30% Carbohydrate

That is between 3-4 servings of carbs a day. Plenty for your energy and nutritional needs. Have a carb at breakfast, pre workout and post workout and then one more throughout the day.

About 30% Fat

I know many of you think that you need to cut almost all the fat out of your diet to lose weight. I think that is a recipe for disaster! You need fat for satiety and sanity. If you have a meal with no fat, you will be hungry again within 2 hours. By adding more fat that same meal will keep you satisfied for 3-4 hours. A little fat goes a long way! At times, I eat cheese, salad dressings, olives, hamburgers, brats, real pepperoni, rib eye steaks, ribs, etc., and I am leaner now than I was when I ate a diet with 15% fat. You just have to be in control and not overdo the fat. Everything in Moderation!

Lots and Lots of Greens:

Green veggies or lower carb veggies have been a lifesaver for me. They are so low in calories that you can eat until you’re full! Not to mention how great these nutrient packed, earth grown treats make you feel. So eat your greens. At least 2 huge servings a day!

Additional Tips:

Water is considered any non-caffeinated, non-sugared drink.

To speed up weight loss, cut out all treats and omit a serving of carbs.

If you are really hungry, try adding more greens or protein to your diet.

Eating for the right purpose is just a part of my BuffMother! Nutritional plan. If you would like further assistance from me in regards to your diet you can purchase a online training program that includes a complete workout and diet plan.