FREE Personal Training!!

HI! I am launching a revolutionary fitness program and NEED 25 males, yes I said MALES, to participate in a 6 week FREE online personal […] Read More

Gadgets? Workout time?

Favorites Month is a BIG HIT!! I am having a blast reading all the responses and feedback, thanks for your participation!! Yesterday I asked, What […] Read More

What do you think about BANDS??

What do you think about BANDS?? I am doing a GIVE AWAY~ Which includes BANDS 🙂 The “starter pack” includes my training geared towards […] Read More

New product "Ugi"

My thoughts on this product at first glance are “what’s an ugly (ugi) name” and “UGH! not another ball~ for foofoo fitness moves!”  Seriously…don’t waste […] Read More

BuffMother Visors for sale!!!

Pink (as shown) or Black “BuffMother!” Visors for sale!!! Just 19.99+shipping BuffMother Visors for sale!!! Just 19.99+shipping Pink (as shown) or Black “BuffMother!” Visors for […] Read More

Halfway Point!

HEY ladies~ it’s Week #6! and we are now at the “half way” point in the contest!! Can you believe it…it’s time to KICK IT […] Read More

2 month countdown: 4-14-07 Plus MOVIE reviews :)

Oh yeah!! I love the 14th of every month, most especially JUNE 14th~ cuz’ that’s my B-day!! SO today is the start of MY 2 […] Read More

9 days out!! and new Camo TANK

Well I had a good day of working out today! I didn’t go to the gym yesterday and it felt like I hadn’t been there […] Read More

BuffMother Bracelets and a New Success Story!!

One of my GREAT Leaders of BuffMother, Mrs. Ali Swanson has a side business of making braceltes: Ali and I have teamed up and […] Read More

BuffMother! Diet Basics

BuffMother! Diet Basics: I have tried and failed on the following diets: low fat/high carb, Atkins, Zone, Body For Life, the apple diet, the cabbage […] Read More