Diet Talk SSS Week 06

Happy week #6 of our Super STAR Success contest…this week we are going to talk more about DIET! I know I rarely post what and […] Read More

Check-in time and Week #4= NO DAIRY!!

SSS Week #4 Mini Challenge- NO Dairy BE SURE TO Check in with your SSS progress here with a comment on this blog!!How are you […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 12

“Get Buff”- Day 12 Workout:   DAY #12 “1 minute Intervals” 20 mins total: (7 hard mins ) 3 min. warm up 1 min. hard […] Read More

“Get Buff”- Day 11

“Get Buff”- Day 11 We made it through the first 10 days~ 1/3 of the contest~ and guess what??? NOW it’s time repeat the first […] Read More

30 day “Get Buff”- Day 1

30 day “Get Buff”- Day 1 First off THANKS so much for joining in on our contest!! more info is located about the contest in […] Read More

28 days of Christmas: Day 22

XMAS Day 22:  SMILE!! it’s almost time for your final photos!!Here’s the photo shoot prep that you can opt to do for the last 4 […] Read More

28 Days of Christmas: Day 7

Hello it’s XMAS Day #7 …I have Lot’s to do, lots to do!!  Good thing it’s our “off” day!!! It sure looks like many of you […] Read More

I Challenge YOU to Eat 3 greens daily!!

Week #8 Mini Challenge- Eat 3 servings of greens each day!! Eating GREENS takes effort and determination. The way I get 3 in a day […] Read More

Chef BuffMother! cooks some GREENS for you~(SSS week 06)

Chef BuffMother! talks about and cooks some GREENS for you~(SSS week 06) FROZEN GREENS~ keep them handy: Cooking frozen veggies: QUICK Asparagus Stir Fry: Cooking […] Read More