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Legs, gotta love them!

I had an amazingly good leg workout early today (9am, hee,hee, I know
it is not that early but early for me)…I attribute it to the carbing
up I did last night and the fact I had a day off yesterday.

175 x5!
Seated Calf raises 70#
straight to failure
out to failure
in to failure
Leg Press
Dead lifts
Smith Squats
3 sets to failure of 50#
Smith Lunges
2 sets
I was dying at this point, major muscle fatigue
50 x10
70 x6
Leg extensions
165x 10
185 x10

I love the results!!!

Joyce Meyer

Over the past six years I have been a student of the great teachings of Joyce Meyer. She is so down to earth and real, I feel that God knew what he was doing when he placed her over the great ministry she has today.

I wanted to share some great promises from God that she prompted me to confess on a regular basis:

“I live the abundant life that Jesus died to give me…” John 10:10
” I am blessed to the point that my cup runs over…” Psalm 23:5
“I am the head and not the tail…” Deuteronomy 28:13

And my personal favorite-

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Philippians 4:13

Please visit her website for more great teachings

God Bless, Michelle

The contest is OFF!

I just wanted to let all of you know that the Ms. Bikini contest is off!!!
I have been presented with bigger and better opportunities.

I am so excited.
I am still training hard, maybe even harder!

Do you want to know what happened?
I signed with an awesome agent, Evan Morgenstein, last Friday!!!
I am very interested to see what the future holds for myself and BuffMother! God only knows… (God is so good, btw)

Just Believe!
Your friend,

I was Attacked!

EEEK! I was attacked and had to use my mace last evening on my run. I was attacked by a dog. Thank God it was just a dog and not a man. BUT-
Always remember saftey first when you are outside walking, biking, running, etc.
Always carry mace. It is light and easy to cary during your outdoor activity and could save your life!

Stay Safe,



A heavy, high volume “buffing”leg workout

My leg workout I did this evening:
Warmed up with 8 min on the r-bike with 4 1 min. intervals
Seated calf raises
Leg press
200×15 followed by calves to failure
380×10 followed by calves to failure
380×10 followed by calves to failure
Hack Squat
focus on butt
180×10 full 10 short for butt
Smith lunges
Dead lifts
one set of 10×115
low back tightened up, yikes!
Leg extensions
135×15 out/in
165×12 +5 in
185 x10 +5 in
185 x10 +5 in
Leg curls
90×8 + 60×6
Calf raises (standing)
260×20 (straight and in)
345 x 15 +8 out
Walking Lunges
2 sets w/ 30# DB’s of 15 per leg

This was a good workout, it took a total of 1hr15min! Even though I was sick last week I can really tell that I have gained strength during my “building phase”. Lifting without creatine is not as much fun, but my waist is already much smaller (the lifting belt is too big again).
I was very hungry all day. And I really didn’t eat much less than usual, it is my body knowing that I am trying to make it smaller! I think that after a few more days like today, I will get in a groove.
I will be sore tomorrow!
I will sleep good!

-Sweet dreams, Michelle

A Day OFF!

Well I had a day off of working out today. I am fine with it because I had 3 killer workouts in a row and since I am “building” a little extra rest will do me some good.

The plan now is to do the following for the rest of the week:

Thurs: Chest/Intervals

Friday: Heavy high volume legs

Saturday: lift shoulders/bi’s/back

Sunday: Sprints outside, in front of my house (my neighbors must think I am nuts!) followed by ABS

I also need to take some “building” pictures for you all so I will enlist the help of my hubby for that this weekend. Saturday should be a good day for that, by then I should be about as big as I plan to get! I am tipping the scales at 132 already. I am Up 6 pounds in 8 days. Mostly water, but still I can’t fit in my clothes, yuck!

Hope you all have a great night,

Keep up the passion, you all are the BEST!


A contest for you!

The “How Has BuffMother! Impacted Your Life” Contest

We want to hear how BuffMother! has impacted your life? It doesn’t matter if you just heard about BuffMother! yesterday. We want to hear your heart-felt stories about how BuffMother!, Team BuffMother! and our Yahoo! group have changed you. The winner of this contest will receive $100 cash and 2 BuffMother! shirts OR a FREE BuffMother! customized fitness program ($149 value) and 2 BuffMother! shirts. Thanks for entering and Good Luck!

Also, Please join us for our weekly BuffMother! Chats (for women only) at 8pm central on Wednesday nights by joining our Yahoo! group.

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TV Show!!!

What do you think is my favorite TV show?
I love the rage, determination and raw guts it takes for these young men to fight. They are risking thier health every time they step in the octagon. What better reason for them to be in the best physical condition they could possibly be? If I were a man…UFC could be something I’d do. But, since I am a woman, I have choose the next best thing to motivate me to be fit. Standing on stage in front of potentially thousands of people allowing them to critique my body in a tiny bikini! HOLY COW!! I’d better go do Legs!

Have a great workout, I know I will!