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Calling all BuffMothers!!

Hi Dear BuffMothers!
I am gearing up for a HUGE fun Fall for all of us BuffMothers and I’m updating

So what I need is some BuffMother photos–I know there are many of you out there who have not submitted your beautiful pictures in your BuffMother! shirts –so please do! They will be placed in the BuffMother! Gallery .

If you would send your pics with your first name and state of residence to or

Thanks so much!
You ladies rock~
BuffMother! (Michelle Berger)

Week’s Wrap up

Gunner Berger’s Birthday this week!!! He is gonna be 7!!!

Well this week was a productive one all together…I got a lot done with the free time VBS gave me and I had some great boositng workouts with the help of my xyience supplements.

Here is the wrap up:
Mon-Back- 10 min of cardio+ 20 min intervals
Tue-Chest- 10 min cardio + 20 min running intervals 10×10 push ups
Wed-Legs- 10 min warm up cardio
Thurs-Back- 10 min cardio +10 min running intervals
Fri-Chest- cardio in between sets boxing drills- 43 push up max- 100 total
Saturday- Legs–HEAVY
Sunday- REST!!…I needed it BAD-

The plan for this week is to keep up with the push up challenge–
do a bit more running and start “buffing” while keeping up with my supplements…I am gonna see how that goes–taking creatine while buffing…it typically doesn’t work very well for me. but I will try it for a week for sure and see, I have a fun Ladies NIGHT on Tuesday at the gym and Gunner’s Birthday is on Wednesday!!

So it will be a really good week!

What’s on tap for you this week?

The push up tally is in!

Okay~ Despite terrible preworkout eating, not that I ate bad food, just not enough and no carbs!…I still made it to the gym I was desparate…the kids are tired from a full week of VBS–can you say crabby! And tonight Gunners little buddy who moved away is in town and spending the night- eek! so 5 kids to care for??? what was I thinking???

So I got to the gym warmed up…did some boxing footwork circles around the aeorobics room and then pumped out 43! push ups in a row. So that’s my starting max and that was the bulk of my chest workout. I couldn’t hardly bench 95# after that!

So here is the rest of what I did
more boxing circles- both directions 3 times in a rowx3sets
20 push ups

Bench 95x7x3
20 push ups
boxing footwork straight forward and backwards 2x’s each footx2sets
17 push ups
1 min jump rope
40 seconds jump rope

chest press machine

assisted 30#x10x3

more circles
some oblique work
some knee ups
goofed around kicking and kneeing imaginary friends in the mirror, etc…

Tricep extension machine

Then goofed around a bit more…then came home

now I gotta clean up–
Love ya,

Feelin’ strong!- Thursday’s workout :)

I had a great workout today…the supplements I have been taking are kicking in and the GREAT part is that I am not bloating!! I still weigh 127!! I figured I’d be well over 130 by now, but keeping my diet in check has kept me steady and steady is good :)….

Warm up on the elliptical 10 mins
my lifting mission was to do some different exercises than I’ve been doing lately and some of the machines I hadn’t tried yet…our gym owners own 3 gyms and recently moved some eqipment around between gyms so there are several “new” Hammer Strength brand machines

Lat pulls- traditional machine
v grip 130×8

t bar rows
45×15 really easy so I thought I’d go much heavier
80×0! I didn’t have enough leverage to do this i.e. my body weight is not high enough 🙂
So I went to doing
70×10–this was still to light, but all I could do on that particular machine

Hammer behind the neck pull down machine
very interesting machine
70 on each armx10x2 sets
75 on each armx6x2 sets

Hammer low row
this was awkward

30 pounds assistedx10 reps focused on biceps

Shoulder press

Hammer lateral raise machine
15 each sidex10x4

Military press- standing
behind head
45×8 immediatly
infront to chest

bicep curls barbell

Standind military

Barbell bicep curls
75×1 bad form- I attempted this to see??

Cable lateral raises
4 sets @10# alternating arms
2 sets @15# alternating arms

cable bicep curls

upright rows

posedown bicep curls

Ab wheel 2 sets
russian twists on ball

I had all intensions of running intervals for 20 min…but 10 min in I ran totally out of GAS! so I cut it short 🙂

Well I am off to conquor my arch enemy- the LAUNDRY!!
Have a super night,

“She’s got Legs!”

I love that song 🙂
Hope you all had a super day–mine was weird, but productive. OH and I got my new lap top this afternoon, right before we left for the gym so I haven’t had a chance to play with it much yet…I will tomorrow!!

I felt great warming up for my workout this late afternoon…I have been taking Xyience’s NOXCG3- prior to my workouts and I felt strong on the r-bike–lots of power in my legs today!

Here is my workout:
r-bike warm up
with 4 intervals during those 10 min
full Squats

Dead lifts
135×10 wide stance

Sissy squats

Leg press

Leg curls
100×5.5 lol!

Knee Extensions
lots of light reps alternating foot position

That was all–lots of rest between sets…Eats were good again today :)…will be even better tomorrow.

OH MY my chest is so sore from all the push ups yesterday!! YOWIE!!

Sleep tight,

Got it DONE!

So I got to workout with my DH tonight…he was late so I did my cardio/intervals first

10 min r-bike
10 min stairmill–intervals
10 min elliptical–intervals
then we lifted
Hammer Hi row
pull ups
cybex pull downs
shoulder press machine
front raises
knee ups
db bicep curl
hammer curl machine

That’s all…I kinda pooped out on my lifting at the end…that is why I ususally do my cardio post lifting–but the important thing is that I got it all done!

Sorry to be so short tonight, but I gotta get to bed–
sleep tight,

Heavy Legs!

Well I am ON fire to lift heavy!! it has been a few months–maybe like 6-7 since I have taken any creatine…so I am giving it a whirl for a week at least–I get HUGE really fast so I am only gonna take it until I reach 130…Starting point was 126 this am.
The products I am taking are xyience NOXCG3 and the xyience fat burner- xcellerate- along with my usual supps of fish oil, b-6, magnesium, calcium, multi and l-glutamine.

Here was today’s workout-
Warm up elliptical 8 min
Squat warm ups full- 45×10
sissys- 20
Squat parallel
185×3!!- have not even attempted this heavy since I was in College, felt great my legs are strong enough, just my back is the limiting factor

Free bar lunges


Knee extensions
130,150, 170, 170 all x10 various angles
Leg curls- hammies still sore from wed

Walking lunges

That’s it!
I have a busy day on task–one thing I MUST do is get my laundry put away- I actually had a nightmare about laundry last night…I dreampt that I had boxes and baskets full of it- all washed and folded, just waiting to be sorted and put away~ that is not far from reality, and is my constant nightmare!! I can’t wait until these kids are at least old enough to put away their own laundry–actually Gunner does!! so that helps a bit, now to get my 36 year old to put away his?? any ideas??

Have a good day!

Runnin’, Runnin’

Well I had an interesting day~
Went to workout with DH at 11am, it was great! WE are really learning to push it during our workouts together and we both really enjoy working out right now! So that was wonderful
Recumbant bike 18 min
Chest press warm up
Flat bench flys
25’s x10
Cable flys singles
Tricep push downs
80×10 x2 elbow flare and flex hard at then end

Then came home – ate, fed kids, showered, and went back to the gym…dropped of kids- went to the dermatologist- a new one–got some good advice, new prescriptions and then went back to the gym for cardio-

8 min Elliptical
24 min run- most of it was at 9mph–not really intervals…just a good steady state run
10 min recumbant bike- read proverbs 7 and some of 8- good stuff in that book 🙂

Then, home again- ate and now to shower
It doesn’t feel like FRiday, but man I love it!!
UFC is tomorrow night :)- oh goodie, goodie!!

Booty workout

Hi Gals!!
I just got home from my Leg workout 🙂

I am confused, is it really Wednesday? That is good and bad–I need some more time to get all my work done for the week, but GREAT because I am so pumped for the UFC fights on Saturday–
Who else is? Shauna, April, Jamie, Tracy??? It is gonna Rock- Tito and Arlofsky are gonna come away victorious!!

OKAY- In other news, I have been a cleaning lunatic today…Lots of laundry, lots of picking up, and lots more to do! Usually I tackle the kitchen first, well not today and now I am paying for it–:evil: what a mess! So as soon as I am done here I am off to do Kitchen duty and cook supper for me and my man- the kids are eating now 🙂

r-bike 15 min while reading my Message BIBLE-given to me by some lovely members of Team BuffMother!it was great~ the translation so much more fun to read…so I read song of songs…talk about steamy :evil:….if you ever need to get in the mood, read a couple chapters of that HOLY book, LOL…and then some proverbs. the 4th and 5th chapters–very wise stuff in there!

Sissy Squats/Romainians warm ups
Bench Knee ups
25 slow!

parallel: 135x8x2- I was dying here bad!

Dead lifts
135x10x2 narrow stance
125x10x2 wider stance

Sumo Squats

Seated calf raises

Leg press
290×10- horrible cramp in my foot…so I had to quit these

took a break here to recover from my cramp 🙁
Smith Lunges on a step

Knee Extensions

Roman chair knee ups
40 total

Leg curls
90×10,8, 6 – I could really feel all those dead lifts here

All in all this workout kinda stunk- I didn’t have enough fuel in my muscles to do as much as I wanted, but it is my last buffing workout for a while so that won’t happen for the next leg workout.

Enjoy your evening, I am off to clean

Happy 4th of July!! No EXCUSES!!

I have been promising you that I would have NO EXCUSES regarding my workouts this month- well, today I was tested:

The second I went outside to go for my run, it started raining–I almost didn’t go…but thought,” it’s warm, when I was a teen I used to run in the rain all the time, it won’t be so bad” …2 min in a downpour started…I had the opportunity to cut my run short, but I chose to follow the path I originally intended–I did my entire run with 8 intervals in the rain…When I was done- the rain stopped and the clouds parted–Thank GOD it rained, it would have been WAY to hot otherwise-God was true to me and taught me to be TRUE to myself- NO EXCUSES!!

I got home dried off, rode the r-bike for another 10 mins and thanked God for every one of the little miracles he performs in my life.

God Bless you this Wonderful day!!