Look good for your spouse

Hey it’s Michelle and I’m here another marriage tip for you Look good for your spouse! AND it’s very much a two-way street! Ladies and […] Read More

Where do you love to SHOP?

Today’s Question is about shopping~ Where do you love to SHOP? Me, I hate shopping, but when i do I typically hit Target, Dillard or […] Read More

Skin Deep!

FIRST OFF!! Happy Valentines!! One of the most influential books I read about 11 years ago was “Reduce Me to LOVE” by Joyce Meyer. The […] Read More

Favorite Skin Care?

What is your FAVORITE when it comes to  wrinkle cures, acne, moisture, routines, treatments? Roden and Fields…. Cetaphil and Renova Straight Vitamin E. I poke […] Read More

FAVORITE Eye make up?

What’s your FAVORITE Eye make up??… Mascara? Liners? colors? brands? looks? secrets Anisa Seibel Laura Mercier has great products! I use all of her products […] Read More

Howday!!! Final week prep videos!!! ~Shine in 49:Day 42

Hi, Howday, Hello!! Sorry I’ve been a bit bad about posting my blog   I’ve been a tish under the weather and totally distracted by “SUMMER”! […] Read More

Not just BUFF… Beautiful too!! ~Shine in 49: Day 38

I’ve got 15 days to go until my birthday~ whoohoo!!! Why is it that I get so fired up to be fit for my birthday […] Read More

14 days to go!! So little time!

Sexy Swimwear and Crochet Bikinis at ChynnaDolls.com Well the news is out “officially” by GASPARI and the my VIP  trip is now almost set.  I […] Read More

Another new bikini!! Target rocks!!

Another new bikini! and my bikini day #1~ It was the challenge for the week 6 in the SX70 contest, but I had a wacky […] Read More