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Hello everyone!!!
All right I am now taking CREATINE and will add NO2 tomorrow also. I will make sure to post some pictures in about a week to show you how different I look all full of water!!
I am exhausted today!
I barely made it to do my workout this morning, I thought about having a day off, but figured I need to get one more lifting work out in while “buffing”.
So I started “building” the second it was over!!!
What “building” means to me-
It means lifting heavy!

  1. Low reps 6 or less
  2. Heavy weights -shooting to hit some PR’s for my current bodyweight
  3. Eating more- especially carbs and protein and total calories I will aim to add about 500-700 calories per day over this time frame
  4. Doing less intervals. The focus is lifting not intervals. I need to still do at least 2-3/week, but not the 4-6 like I had been doing during”buffing”
  5. Taking muscle building supplements like CREATINE and NO2

That is it in a nutshell-
So the plan is to “build” for the next 2 weeks. I am excited to eat more and lift some heavier weights at the gym, but I don’t like gaining weight and being bloated from Creatine- The pay off of a Buff body is 100% worth it!

So here is the stats for today:
Weight- 126
No breakfeast-
Workout at 10:30 am
Lat pulls
70×15 warm up
Pull ups
4 followed by 4-20# assistance
10 w/ 20# assistance
One arm bent over DB lat rows- I should have worn longer shorts for these…
High wide cable lat pullls one arm at a time
One set military press machine 90×12
Military w/ curl bar
45#’s behind head/front total of 12-16 reps
followed directly by curls x10 reps x3sets
Abs in there knee ups on bench 2 sets 20-25 reps
lateral raises on cable 20#x8 one set
db lateral raises 15#x10 followed by front raises 8 reps and upright rows 10 reps
My shoulders were shot! My chest workout yesterday is the cause of that

2 sets knee ups on roman chair 30reps, 25 reps

workout took 55min. total

Went home and took creatine 5g and ate a ton!

Build that body!!! Make it buff!-
God Bless, Michelle

Measurements for success!

Getting in shape takes patience, consistency and TIME!
If you feel like you aren’t getting there fast enough…
You have to find more measurements for your success:

  • Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?
  • Are you increasing your weights at the gym?
  • Are you getting in better shape?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Are you more mentally focused, less stressed?
  • Are you learning new things?
  • Are you sleeping better?
  • Are your hair, skin, joints, digestive system, etc…more healthy?
  • Are you being a good example to your kids, family and friends?
  • Are you inspiring others to make changes themselves?

There is so much more to all of this than your slow results.
You are doing GREAT!!!
Keep it up and BELIEVE!
p.s Here is my workout today 8-30-05

Bench press
95×12 wide
95×12 wide
112×8 normal
bench dips for triceps
Incline smith press
Tricep extensions
DB Incline Flys
Cable flys
Tricep push downs
20 min total on Elliptical
Alternated 1 min and 30 second intervals
rest periods of 1 to 1.5 min
This entire workout tool 1.25 hours
I failed to do any abs today:(… I will do them hard tomorrow!!!

Take care, Michelle


this is part of the “40 days to FIT Challenge!” ~ Day 3

Day #3-FIT tip-

Keep your gym bag, stocked and ready to go in your car at all times. Mine is packed with a set of shoes, socks, extra underwear, a sports bra, lifting glove, a couple magazines, a water bottle, gum, lip balm, gum, hair band and a visor…and don’t forget the MUSIC- I use a pink IPod shuffle.

Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…38 days left to get FIT!!!



Today’s workout- 8-29-05

Oh sweet, Monday!
Well my workout was split today. I ran intervals in the am outside and then lifted legs at 5:30 pm. This is the only way to do legs and intervals in one day…my general rule is no intervals on leg day.

So I ran for only a total of 17 min with 6- 1 min. intervals in there. I was dying…probably should have ate Before or eaten better yesterday 🙂

On to legs:
Warm up
then squats
Good mornings
Dead lifts
Smith lunges
Smith Butt squats
Walking lunges
3sets of 15/legx30#db’s
Standing calf raises (mixed stances)
210x 20

I felt really good on my workouts today…
Tomorrow the plan is to do Chest, Tri’s and intervals on the elliptical.
Starting on Thursday or Friday I plan to start a “building” phase and hope to see great strength and muscle gains, especially in my legs!!! Wohoooo! I am so excited to be free to eat more! Just a few more days.


11 week- Photo/measurement update…

Here are some photos taken on 8-27 to show my progress…and here are my caliper measurements taken 8-26-05:
tri 4mm
illiac 3mm
thigh 5mm

And other measurements:
Height 5-6.5
Weight 126
Bust 36.5
Waist 25
Hips 35
Chest under armpits above boobs 34
Around the outside of my shoulders 41″
Bicep 9.25 relaxed 10.5 flexed!!!
Calf forever 13″
Thigh 8″ above knee cap 19″
Thigh 11″ above knee cap 19.5″-good 🙂

These are looking good. The last 2#’s and water weight will cause my waist and hips to go down one more inch. Although my goal is to have my waist go down and my hips stay. I think that would help my proportions a bit. So we’ll see where I end up at the end of this last “buffing” week.

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!

I am so excited for the weekend. My sweet hubby and I have our 12th anniversary this Sunday. And WE actually get to go spend the night away from all the kiddies this Saturday night!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!
Please pray for our babysitter as our children are more than a handfull. A 6 year old boy and 3 girls ages 3,2 and 2!!! YIKES!! They will be fine

So I wanted to give you all a wrap up for the week on my workouts and where I am at this point:

SUN- 3 mile run outside, abs
MON- Lift Back, Shoulders, Bi’s 10min of intervals on bike
TUE- Lift Legs hard for 1.5 hours and then ran 20 min of intervals!!
WED-Lift Chest, Tri’s, 30 min of intervals on bike, elliptical and stairmaster
THURS-Lifted Shoulders, Back, Bi’s and ran intervals
FRI- the plan is to lift legs HARD!
SAT- Workout in the am w/ hubby- chest/ sprints outside

I am weighing in at 126 and I am 5-7 bodyfat around 10%

So for 11 weeks out I am doing good. But I definitely need to work on my posing and find a sportswear outfit. Oh and maybe I should make reservations

Have a great weekend!
I know I will…….

Today’s workout- 8-25-05

Hello! I had a great workout today (as almost every day:)) So I thought I’d share it with you. I am 11 weeks away from my contest and am “buffing” right now!

This workout is very intense!!! Do not try this yourself with out being in the proper shape. I have been working up to these weights, volume, speed and intensity level for the past 2 years. Two years ago I would have died if I were to try this exact workout.

Here is my workout from today…
Warm up on Recumbent bike for 5min
Focus is Shoulders then Bi’s then back:
Shoulder Press
120×8 I wanted to do only 6 reps on these last two sets, but I couldn’t up the weight, because the next weight was 135 and is TOO heavy!
Bicep Curls on Machine-
W Military- standing both arms at the same time
Hammer curls
Pike abs on bench 2 sets 15 and one set of 15-8side-8side
Cable Curls- both arms at the same time
90-70-50 x 6-6-6
Upright rows on cable machine using curl bar
Cable later raises
Cable rear delt raises
Bicep curls on cable machine flex pose
Lat pulls
wide grip
Close grip
Then my interval run on the tredmill:
Every run is at 2% incline unless noted otherwise
5min warm up 4-7.2 mph
min8-10 mph @3.5% incline
min9-recover-8mph Heart rate at 9:10 is already 180
min 10- 10mph
min 11- recover 8mph
min 12- 10 mph @ 3.5% incline
min 13 recover 8mph
min 14- 10 mph @ 3.5% incline
min 15-16 recover…I needed extra time to recover my hr was 190 after min 14 interval!!!
min 17- 10mph @3.5% incline
min 18-10 mph @2%
min 19-recover at 6mph
Had to be done…childcare was over!
This workout took a total of 1 hour and 20 min.

Have a Happy Day!

Input anyone??

Here are photos of me taken in July. I want your input…
For Ms. Bikini America (which may be the contest I am doing, not 100% sure yet??)

What if anything should I change?

I am 11 weeks out from a contest and plan to post some very current pictures here on Saturday.
Here are my stats in these pictures:
ht: 5-7

I am so pumped to have a specific focus again! It makes all the difference in the world for my intensity during my workouts. I love It!!!
GET BUFF and have a Happy Day,


Big news for me today! I have made the decision to enter a contest. What contest, I am not 100% sure. It all depends on finding someone to take care of the kids for possibly 5 days and about $2000 dollars. Contests are not cheap! I plan to log my training progress here with all sorts of revealing photos and insights into my life. So hold on for the ride. I am currently 11 weeks out. So plenty of time to mold my body into perfection

Are You Protein Deficient?

Hello! I am trying to get things back to normal this month…Summer is crazy and the last thing I want to do is be inside on the computer, but until I get my laptop that’s what I am doing.

I thought I would share my newest article with all of you:

Are you Protein Deficient?

What makes a person look old? Is it their wrinkles, gray hair or dentures?
Yes in part, but mainly it is their body, or specifically lack of a “body”. Lack of muscle is what makes someone look old! Are you fighting the battle with age and losing?

I know I was! After having 4 children in less than 4 years, I looked closer to 48 than 28. I was disgusted! So I joined the gym, worked out at least 5 days a week and followed a traditional diet. It took me about 4 months to realize that what I was doing was not creating the body I desired. It wasn’t until I doubled my protein intake that my body started looking younger and better. Up until then, I was Protein deficient!

Do you workout without getting results? You may be protein deficient also. I’ve noticed that 9 out of every10 of my clients were protein deficient when I originally assessed their diets. In my opinion protein deficiency is the #1 reason that people (especially women) fail to attain the body they desire. Protein is the building block of every cell in our bodies and without protein muscle simply disappears.
Other than age there are many other factors that can accelerate muscle loss:

  • Pregnancy
  • Sickness
  • Malnutrition
  • Inactivity
  • Dieting
  • Over training

The only proven and effective way to maintain/rebuild your muscle mass is to weight train and eat properly. Without both components, you will have limited success.

How Much Protein Should You EAT?
Eat your goal body weight in grams of protein daily. I want to weigh 125; therefore I want to eat 125g of protein per day. Each gram of protein has 4 calories, so I should have at least 600 calories per day from protein. Listen to this bonus: calories from protein require about 1 calorie per gram to digest, so you actually burn calories just by eating protein.

The Basics about Protein:

  • Protein has 4 calories per gram
  • Protein takes extra energy to digest, up to 1 calorie per gram.
  • Protein is essential for muscle maintenance and growth.
  • It can be converted to use for energy.
  • It takes up to 3 hours to digest.
  • The most popular proteins are animal, milk based and soy based.


Why Do I Use Protein Supplements?

TIME- It takes 25 minutes to make a chicken breast and less than 1 minute for a protein shake. Let’s face it, life is hectic and unfortunately most proteins are not readily consumable. They need to be cooked and don’t sound too appetizing at times. Also, the volume of protein needed is hard to fit into our busy lives. As a result, supplementation has become an essential way to help us meet our daily needs.

My recommendations for supplementation:
Use it as a supplementation, not a foundation
Generally consume no more than 1-2 servings a day of a protein supplement
Find a brand or flavor that you like, use it as part of a meal or a special treat
Consider consuming it with optimal timing: pre-workout and post-work

My Recommended Purchases:

Whey protein is one of the most pure ways to get great quality, easy to digest protein in your diet. It also tastes good and is very convenient:

And you may also enjoy getting some good protein supplements–  here’s my recommendation for you on that-

Optimum Nutrition (ON)- NATURAL  chocolate or vanilla are the flavors I’ve tried-

If you like pudding or a thicker consistency ON’s Natural Casein is another good option-

This is another good option to add to shakes or baked goods is the flavorless-

Another option:— they have good natural whey products in many flavors

**Important things to remember when consuming a higher protein diet:
~Protein requires a lot of water to digest, so drink extra water. Be especially aware of this during the hot summer months.
~Make sure to eat your veggies also. Too much protein without enough fiber/water is not good, so eat 2-3 large servings of veggies a day.

The Bottom Line:

It is impossible to build a great looking body without consuming adequate protein daily!