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Mondaying for a Multipotentialite

I am going to try to get back into blogging, I had some website issues last month that prevented me from writing much.  I have been busy taking classes. This week, I have my first big project due for English and my first test in Genetics.  Plus, other homework in my other 3 classes….it’s my 5th week of classes and thankfully it’s going by fast!

This week I am determined to make myself get on the bike while doing basic reading and video watching for classes.  So….

Bike 25+ mins while watching videos for school.

Emilie Wapnick of

Ted Talk about Multipotentialites- which is me 100%

Daniel Pink Author of “Drive”

Lifted Chest, ABS,

115×5 captain chair knee ups 15, 10 straigt leg raises each side
125x5x2 ab wheel 15, wipers knees bent 15

Incline fly
35’sx8 hyperextensions for abs 15 full

Too hungry to lift anymore, so I went and ate 🙂

NDSU and weights

This week I have had success with starting back at school and also at getting in my weight workouts.

M-First day of Classes and Legs
T-Back, shoulders, butt and chiro appt
W- Bench (top set 135x8reps, recent PR!) and standing overhead press

Today- Some easy bike while reading, Squats and Biceps
Warm up light squats and good mornings
135x 10, 155×10,155×5, 175x5x2sets

Bicep curls- precher curl machine- had to shorten the ROM due to wrist pain
75×10+ 10 tiny

Bicep curls 55x10x3sets paired with reverse hypers, hip thrusts and hip ups

Booty was burning, plan for tomorrow is to get in some more upper body/booty work at the gym. Next week I need to add in running again 🙂

Star Wars

Today I took a day off of training and went to Star Wars with my girls it was our second choice of movies we were going to go to Jumanji but then that was sold out, BUT it worked out good! Unfortunately I had no clue what was going on with the series because I haven’t seen any of the newer movies I’ve only seen the old original Three but I was able to figure it out and it was a decent movie probably the best choice to watch at the theater We had a good time and I really appreciate my sweet and beautiful my daughters. I’m using talk to text for this post sulfur giving you the errors you’re so couple pictures from us today.

Christmas tree is finally decorated, NOW I can run!

Finally got the tree trimming finished (been working on that since Dec 1)…so I hit treadmill! Ran a 5k on treadmill of 2 min intervals 2x8mph, 2×8.2mph, 2×8.2mph then did the #5 day 2 #booty workout and stretching for my #yearendrearend  challenge!  SEE Below for VIDEO!

Yesterday I got in a good booty and back workout at the gym- plus some bonus work on it with clients– WORKING that booty hard this month and I can see changes in the mirror!  I’ll plan to take some Jan 1 pics and compare to my last set to see if there is enough change to notice it in pics.

Leg Press- 3 sets increased to 2 plates each side– lots of reps and calves too
Pull ups (assisted) 3×10 various hand positions #25

Lat Pulls- 3×10 reps @90
Leg Extensions- various foot positons, 10 reps +5 toes out mostly 4 sets of 110, 110, 130, 130

Rows 105×10, 120×10, 110×10
Adductions- 50x 60x 80# I do these pretty much to failure- sets of 20-30 reps

Leg Curls- 110×10, 2 sets, 130×4 reps+110×7
Leg Abductions- 60-80# I do these pretty much to failure- sets of 20-30 reps

In other news, I need to probably go shopping a bit more tomorrow.  AND tonight we have a big fun VIKINGS game going on!! Vikes vs. Green Bay if we win, we get home field advantage through the playoffs.

Gunner is at work until 6, Gracie ran today too, Tia built a baby snowman, Layla has been chilling as has Travis. I am off now to eat some of the pot roast I cooked earlier and hit the grocery store 🙂

Have a wonderful super amazing Christmas!

Love, Michelle


Vacation starts!!

Hey all!! Merry Christmas!

Today marked the beginning of Christmas vacation for my kids. No more school this year!! As for me, I still have some work to accomplish on Friday, but other than that I am all about THE FAMILY this week.  We plan to make some cut out cookies here soon and then tomorrow go shopping, out to eat and bowling!

My workout yesterday almost killed me!

Heavy squats, deads and some other leg stuff, I am sore. Today was a short upper body lift- some pull ups, push ups, rows, shoulder presses and a few abs, then a 1 mile run on the treadmill and STRETCHING session.


Back to it after 3 days!

So today I am finally back to working out I had 3 days off in a row…

Wednesday somehow I didn’t get it done I don’t know why exactly I just didn’t

Thursday it was my daughter’s birthday so I took her out shopping all day long and that was exhausting enough

Friday I meant to workout but I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted quite a bit after that I felt like I had had to work out already and then ended up with a flat tire. Actually, had a big chunk of tread was missing on my tire so I had to go to the tire shop after I was done training my clients.

BUT, today I went running outside in the 60 degree weather it was gorgeous!! I ran for about 19 minutes four laps around each way and then back up the hill. In total, I did 6 hard minutes total and then after that I did 100 walking lunges sets of 30, 40 and 30. I went in the house and did some abs and booty stuff including the SUB butt workout plus:

  • hyperextensions for abs and booty
  • stretching for my hip flexors
  • reverse hyperextensions froggy style reverse hyperextension on flat bench and then on the incline
  • Pump up abs
  • Laying quad, glute and hip flexor stretching

Other things on my “tada list”:

  • paperwork items
  • organizing my mail
  • organizing some Christmas stuff
  • checking on my school emails
  • laundry-Cuji you got sick last night
  • did some research on the occipital bone in your skull I had that adjusted yesterday my chiropractor said that my psoas muscles were turned off because of my occipital bone was out of place
  • Cooked a pot roast
  • Cleaned my bathtub, so i could shave

Excited for Vikings game tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, Michelle


Fitness Impacts EVERYTHING!

Taking care of your fitness will impact every aspect of your life!
I honestly am shocked so few people actually try to be fit!

Did you know?  Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day;2 only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.3

How can anyone have a good quality of life when they have no energy, no ability to do leisure activities, bad health, heart disease, low back pain, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, etc….??

  • Recent reports project that by 2030, half of all adults (115 million adults) in the United States will be obese.12

How can you feel confident to face life’s challenges or an emergency situation when you are totally physically incapable to do anything and are out of shape?

Optimal fitness and health is not just about the physical side of it ( fast you can run a mile), it also encompass your mental, social, emotional and spiritual fitness.

Fitness impacts ALL of your Quality of Life, Being Fit allows you to:

  1. work effectively
  2. enjoy leisure time
  3. be healthy
  4. resist hypokinetic diseases (heart disease, obesity, diabetes, low back pain, etc.)
  5. meet emergency situations

News Flash!! your Fitness is not only important to you!  It’s important to any business owner on the planet.  Your fitness affects a company’s ROI. ROI is “Rate of Investment”, the most important number in accounting for employers, they want their investment of employing you to pay off!  If you are not physically fit, it impacts more than just you! It impacts your ability to have a successful career, and earn income!  We can take that a step further and say that without fitness you cannot make your “mark on the world”.  Fitness tops the list of Billionaire Success Secrets for a reason, without it you just can’t perform well!

What to do? Where to start? Or should I be asking, HOW do you start?

You start in you brain! That’s right, a fitness lifestyle starts with your belief that you will be better if you invest time into your fitness.  If you don’t believe that, then you are a lost cause.  Exercise is not about burning a certain number of calories or losing weight, it is about changing every cell in your body in a positive way.  Just 30 mins of extra activity a day will change how every cell in your body works!  You may not notice any difference on the scale but you will notice more mental clarity, more physical ability, more emotional stability, more confidence, etc….Once you get that, you can attack bigger fitness goals like incorporating more of the 11 Components of Fitness into your life.  If you believe in fitness, feel free to START HERE for a comprehensive simple workout routine that you can do at home with just a set of Dumbbells, a ball and chair….   The biggest obstacle to being fit isn’t your body it is your mind! Believing in fitness will change your mind and allow you to change your body!

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, I am here to help!

Believe you can be BUFF,
Michelle “BuffMother” Berger


Some websites with more stats:

11 Components of Fitness

What does being fit mean to you? WHAT IS FITNESS?

How you define it will most likely be very different from what many other people think. Similar to politics and religion the question can lead to heated debates!

Scholars have whittle down the meaning of fitness to this summed up definition:  Fitness is the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. It is comprised of 11 components that contribute to one’s quality of life.

11 components are a lot! Seriously, no wonder fitness is so diverse and hard to define for the average Joe!  Basically, there are 5 components that are HEALTH related and 6 that are SKILL related.  As a trainer it’s my job to try to integrate all the Health related components into a client’s lifestyle while also teaching and integrating the more “athletic” or SKILL components into a client’s workout plan in order to create optimal fitness.  What are the components of Fitness? The first 5 are HEALTH and the last 6 are SKILL:

  1. Body Composition
  2. Cardiovascular Fitness
  3. Flexablility
  4. Muscular Endurance
  5. Strength
  6. Agility
  7. Balance
  8. Coordination
  9. Power
  10. Reaction Time
  11. Speed

Many popular fitness programs do not incorporate all 11 components. For example: yoga…is mainly about flexibility and balance, so can a yogi be truly fit by definition?  What about a marathon runner? They run an run and run some more so they are mainly working their Cardiovascular Fitness and Muscular Endurance.   Is a marathon runner fit?

I believe the answer is Yes! Yogis and Marathoners are fit. One does not need to be an expert at all 11 components in order to be fit.  But, I do believe, one needs to be conscious of all 11 and understand that in order to be your best, your fittest, you do need to incorporate all 11 components. You do not have to be an expert them but you do need to incorporate the concepts connected with them.

It is quite often that a new client comes to me with very little basic fitness knowledge, most of what they know about fitness has been gleaned from fitness product commercials and elementary school PE class.  Very few clients have ever been exposed to what i term Fitness 101 information.  I take it for granted because I grew up an 4+ sport athlete, loved PE, read fitness books and magazines in my free time and went on to study exercise science in college. I am a fitness nerd and forget that the average person has very limited TRUE knowledge about fitness.

My goal is to empower you to be your fittest! I want to empower you with the knowledge of Fitness 101 that will enable you to understand your body and become your BEST!  Watch for more posts and video content digging deeper into Fitness!  We’ll call it Fitness 101, just like in college 🙂



Just today a client of mine sent me a link to a Dr. Gundry video, I like him 🙂  He’s a highly experienced cardiac doctor who has turned to functional medicine.   He talks my talk: microbiome, gut bugs, dna, gentics, eating meat and greens, etc… One thing that he also talks a lot about is Lectins which he believes is the ROOT CAUSE of leaky gut and the horrible problems that is causes because of inflammation in the body.  Like heart disease, auto immune diseases and diabetes to name a few.  I’ve watched about 4 of his youtube videos today and am excited to see more and possibly read his new book “The Plant Paradox”.  Check him out

My booty is so sore today from my workout, sheesh. The workout certainly worked!  I did back, shoulders, biceps and abs today:

Shoulder press 40×10, 40×10 backwards, 60×10, 80×9
Rows 90×10, 105×10, 120×8, 110×10
Lat pulls 90×10, 105×10, 110×10
Leg Extensions- 110×10 + some toes in x2sets, 130×10 + 5 toes in
Wide cable lat pulls on knees 32.5each sidex10x3sets
paired with Posedown bicep curls 15×12, 20×8, 20×8, 15×10
Straight arm pull downs 40x10x2sets
Cable bicep curl 40x10x2sets
Upright row on cable 20×15
Adductions 60x10forward far+10 forward+10 sitting normal
Weighted ab machine 80×15, 90×10

I also trained a couple clients, so that’s always some extra activity 🙂

We finally got some of our Christmas decorations out yesterday, so I spent the afternoon clearing out the spot for our tree and organizing/cleaning up the mess it makes to decorate.  Hoping to get the tree up tomorrow.

My eating this week has been horrible! I start the day off good but then have not been prepared and end up eating pizza or a mcdouble– sheesh! I have good food in the fridge, I just need to EAT IT!.  Off to prep some food now 🙂

Have a great night!



Butt Circuit of Lunges, Hip Thrust, Bulgarians and Reverse Hyperextensions

I just did this workout now….If you have 20 mins this is a great BOOTY Workout. This video contains the full 2nd Day 1 workout of our MY BOOTY series (day 1 workouts in this series are the major muscle ones)

After a no weight warm up follow along for

3 rounds of the following butt Circuit

1- forward lunges 10 on each leg alternating
2- 10 hip thrusts
3- 10 Bulgarians
4- 10 reverse hypertension with bent knees on bench