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4 kids gone off to the first day of school, YAY!! It’s so quiet here and my brain is loving it!!

I have to admit, I love summer…but I love the school year also! Don’t get me wrong, My kids are great! They are all well behaved, self sufficient and low maintenance for the most part. They also help out doing chores daily and are really fun to hang out with. But, the mess of and chaos of having 4 teens around the house 24/7 is challenging! It’s also nice to feel that they are productive and on task like the school year forces them to be!

I am always in awe of homeschooling…there is no way I could do that!

I am fired up for the Diet bet contest, we’ve got close to 20 participants now and the group is fired up!! It’s going to be a great focus for myself too- I need to lose 4% of my body-weight– it’s 5.4 pounds that my skinny jeans will love being OFF my body, HA!! I also have a photo-shoot set at the end of that time…it’s going to be a fun motivator!

My POA for the week:

Mon: Back, Shoulders, Biceps and abs

Tue: Chest, triceps and abs + run intervals

Wed: Legs

REPEAT for Thurs, Fri, Sat

And Sunday off!

I am buffing, so I’ll add in some fasted 20 mins of biking about 4 days a week…not today though, I am so SORE!!

Time to go get it done!


P.S.Please, join in
….Men and Women are welcome!!
We start on Wednesday– it’s a really cool way to help you lose 4% of your body weight in just 4 weeks– The EXTRA focus will help you, Trust me…it works!! Message me if you have any questions about it. I’ll truly be helping each participate with valuable training advice. Join Now!! Plus we’ll be giving away tons of free Gym Angel supplements, it’s a win, win, win!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

One weird day

First off I want to give a big THANKS to everyone who posted such kind words in response to my facebook status update yesterday. I am truly blessed and thankful. Sometimes, I may LOVE others a bit too much and am shocked when they don’t love me back equally, HA!

But, that will not stop me from loving. Putting my heart out there, giving love freely, is what I am called to do and the alternative is not an option!! I love you!!

I am also so Thankful yesterday is OVER…it was ONE WEIRD DAY! Full of bad, good, bad, enjoyment and really bad stuff. PLUS, it turned out to be cycle day 1, go figure?

Today is a new day and I’m ready to take on whatever is in store for me!

No looking back only looking ahead…

One thing that I’ve really been slacking on are my diet choices. I have certain rules that I “KNOW” I should live by when it comes to healthy food selection that I have been breaking like crazy!! The rules I have for my diet are much to do with my body’s own sensitivities but also just common sense about healthy choices. I’ve been rebelling and it’s time to stop some of my bad habits NOW!

At the start of AUGUST I was determined to eliminate bread from my diet …I’ve been doing better but yesterday, I totally broke that rule! A double cheeseburger from McD’s and a Ruben at home last night– not good for my tummy! Bread seems to rip apart my digestive tract– I get bad issues from eating it, but yet I seem to tempt fate continually with it.

Another bad habit I’ve been getting into is allowing NITRATES into my diet– Just yesterday I had salami, beef jerky, deli meat and I’m sure that Mc D’s burger has all sorts of crap in it including Nitrates.

The 3rd thing rule I’ve been breaking is eating tons of dairy– especially cheese and butter. I am lactose sensitive and know diary causes tons of inflammation in my body. I must work to cut it down to a minimum.

So for the remainder of Aug my diet goals are simple:


NO Nitrates

NO Dairy except for half and half in my morning coffee

Simple Enough– just have to stick to it!!

I have other bad habits at the moment, but these 3 items are my focus for now. By September I’ll be brave enough to address some others

My POA for the day:

Do ABS– make up for yesterday and Do Today’s challenge

Do A run– outside

Get hair done! This is overdoo…

then, “Chill Out” with my family– eat some GOOD Food and make a solid to do list for tomorrow. I’ve got lots to catch up on!!

Thanks for listening, LOVE YOU!!

xoxoxo~ Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Muscle Burns Fat!

My motto for last week “Muscle Burns Fat!” really helped me get in my lifting workouts and helped my mindset as “Boosting” hormones rose making the scale my enemy– I feel like I am stronger and leaner just a week into our ABS AUGUST challenge.


Today’s workout is one of my favorites, the PEPSI!!


6pack of PEPSI: “Fab Abs” Day 8


Now onto business…Over the past few months we’ve been working on some new marketing. Please feel free to visit and share in on the promotion for the new sites.


  1. Do you want your “pre-baby” body back? I know how you feel, I was AT ROCK Bottom…but I got my body back– let me share my secrets with you!!
  2. Are you a HORMONAL MESS?? You need my amazing supplements that balance your hormones naturally~


we pushed out the start to our Dietbet until the 19th…please join!!


Are you wanting a personal trainer but the steep price is keeping you from taking the plunge? Is $25 in your budget? If so…join in on my 4 week coaching program I’m offering through We start next week!! Join now!


Okay…enough of the commercials.

Time for me to get moving for today! Chest, triceps, ABS and intervals are on tap! It’s going to be a great Muscle Building Session!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Lose it for Labor Day

I’m hosting a “Lose it for Labor Day” Dietbet online weight loss challenge that starts on Aug 19th . We’ll all bet on ourselves and support each other towards our goals. Winners split the pot plus I’m giving away $1500 in Gym Angel supplements, shirts and coaching for prizes. Lose weight, win money, have fun! Join at

**We changed start date to August 19th!!**

To win simply join the and invite your friends to join MVP’s are those who invite the most!


Please join us, it’ll be fun, help give you FOCUS and you’ll also have a chance to win great prizes!!

What do you have to Lose, but the weight?

Love ya,



For those of you who aren’t needing to lose weight, DietBet is coming out with a new MAINTAINER game format where you can bet on not gaining weight, lol!

They are testing it soon, I just signed up! You can sign up here:…uoEFYDd-Xgs/viewform


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Where’s my EASY button??

I’ve had an off week of blogging. I think I wore myself out from doing the daily vlogs for the first half of my 70days to sexy…I have just STOPPED completely this week, HA! For the fall I Plan to post a vlog once in a while, but strive to do 1 really good video weekly.  Our FAB ABS is coming up with perfect timing! I need to regain some mojo!  REMEMBER…Be sure to sign up, share this link and encourage your friends to join us in for our FREE ABS August challenge!
Despite my lack of blogging, I have been online…I’ve had a couple interesting conversations on my Facebook profile recently.
Please be sure to click “Follow” so you don’t miss out on the fun!!
Yesterday Lynn inspired me to post about kids’ sports being too serious and then today a body shaming article made me post about how sad I am about women bashing other women!  Both conversations were very interesting!
Do you agree or disagree?? Kid’s sports (under 12) are too competitive and specialized, way too young! I feel that parents are often to blame for it, they have no goals of their own, so they transfer to the kids!
Holy cow…this is infuriating. Why wouldn’t women want to see an inspirational mother?
I’ve also been pushing our NEW Gym Angel give away and have a “big one” in the works for mid Aug!! Keep your eyes peeled for it!!
Do you need some more protein powder?? or how about a GREAT multi vitamin…Enter this give away now!!

Since Friday, I’ve done just 1 real workout– a hills run on Tuesday.  I can’t go into details, but I will share that this summer has been very rough.  Since May, I’ve been trying hard and getting a little momentum here and there– but then losing it quickly. By saying “trying hard” I don’t mean in just my fitness and diet. I mean in LIFE. My business, my relationships, my faith, etc…everything has been HARD!  Push, push, push with NOTHING being easy or automatic. Where on earth did I put my EASY BUTTON!??


STRESS has been high in my soul, on my spirit and has made me wonder at times if I am on the verge of being depressed? I’ve been having neck pain, crazy fatigue and on Tuesday evening developed a UTI!   It’s amazing how much my mental stress impacts my physical health! 


Thank God, in the last 2 days, a few BIG prayers have been answered and the stress is so MUCH LOWER.  I feel I am on the upswing.  I am determined to push into the upcoming weeks with HOPE and Positivity. It’s time to leave this stress in the dust and have an AWESOME ABS AUGUST!

Thanks for all your love and support. Please invite everyone you know to join in on our ABS AUGUST, I know they’ll thank you!!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

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Muscle Burns Fat!

Join our Abs Aug challenge…


It’s a free 28 day ab challenge~ SIGN UP NOW
Day 1 of my all days in august workout challenge. I tallied 45 min doing chest, abs and intervals ‪#‎sweatpink‬ ‪#‎buffmother‬ ‪#‎gymangel‬ ‪#‎buffisbeautiful‬‪#‎startnow‬ ‪#‎strongnotskinny‬ ‪#‎momwithmuscle‬ ‪#‎alldaysinaugust‬

It was good to be back, I felt weak but good!  I’m excited to see the progress I can make in August. My mindset is 100% about MUSCLE BURNS FAT! I’m striving to build muscle and build my fitness level this month.  Fueling my body with good foods like fruits, veggies and protein!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Once in a blue moon

Have you heard about the Blue Moon that is happening tonight? It’s the first blue moon in 3 years.  Basically a blue moon is when there are 2 full moons in 1 month’s time…the actual blue part may or may not happen. It depends on if there is a certain element in the earth’s atmosphere tonight.


Anyhow, I’m excited for it! AND I’m excited for our ABS AUGUST!! We’ve had a ton of people sign up for it– don’t miss out!!  Here’s the link to join:


Now, on to my plan. Today will be another recovery day. I have already been more active than the past 3 days already.  Doing some cleaning, cooking and plan to help with some other outdoor chores.  I’m glad to be feeling more energy!


I think by tomorrow I’ll be up for a workout…my goal is to workout all days in August (11mins minimum daily).


Aug 1- Chest/Triceps + intervals

Aug 2- Legs

Aug 3- START ABS AUGUST!! 20mins bike in am + Fab ABS day 1; evening run

Aug 4- Back/Shoulders/Biceps + Fab ABS day 2

Aug 5- Chest/Triceps + Intervals + Fab ABS Day 3

Aug 6- Legs + Fab Abs day 4

Aug 7- Run + Fab Abs day 5


The plan is a bit aggressive, I’ll certainly get sore, but I know I can do it!!

Have a great BLUE MOON!





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fired up for the week!

First off, let me start by saying I am FIRED up to have a killer workout and WORK week! Summer is winding down a bit and I’m ready to get to business!


This weekend I did well with my “no work weekend” mantra.  I really need my weekends to be work free!

Here’s my vlog from Saturday about that:



So..on Saturday i weed whipped for 2 hours in the HOT 95+ weather– in the process Travis shot 2 big snakes, killed a small one with the machete and I killed another with the week whip!



Then on Sunday this cute little moth was on the truck window. it’s purple and gold in honor of the MN VIKINGS!!



Work this week will be full of stuff promoting the ABS August contest and working with Travis on our Retail Pro Marketing business.


I’m also going to be share some of my HOT NEWS posts–


Here are 2 that are a must see!


what is it with internet haters?? I love this story and she deserves to be praised!!…ers-can-t-get-enough



This a fun post about BAD PARENTS!…;utm_campaign=buffer


Now, my POA for workout are as follows:

M: Legs and abs

T: lift back,sh, bi and run intervals on treadmill

W: lift chest/triceps and abs

Th: run and abs

F: legs


Let’s be so On FIRE that we BURN IT DOWN this week!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Upward HO!

Hey Ya’ll!!

I am on a UPWARD swing for the remaining portion of this week!!

Working hard to get my workout MOJO rollin’ and to get some work items done. I’m SUPER EXCITED to have ABS AUGUST rollin’! As part of the focus, my new marketing site is finally working!! (I’ve been working on it since last OCTOBER!)


Anyhow, if you go there you can get a free printed copy of my ABS book for just the cost of shipping, PLUS, you get a free ebook download too!!

Check it out and please share with your friends!!

Here’s my Vlog from yesterday where I talk more about it and my issues with focus:



Sexy vlog about get your FREE printed abs book– just pay shipping USA only…
And I’ve got just 38 days left in my 70 days to sexy challenge…filmed this in the middle of my upper body workout. Yes, I have ADHD just slightly, lol!


My workouts so far this week:

Sun- Run outside, steady and Legs
Mon- off

Tues- bike

Wed- Upper body and run hills

Circuit #1- 3 sets of each

Push ups 20, 10 pigeon toe x2sets

Rows 95#

Dips-bench 20×3

knee ups- 2 sets 20reps


Circuit #2-

Shoulder press- DB standing 15’sx10, 20’sx10, 45barx10 front

Tricep Extensions- 15#db’s kickbacks x10x2 sets, 15#DB overhead standing extension

Lateral DB Shoulder raises (alternating)- 15#DB’sx10x3sets

Sit ups- 2 sets 40ish half hands on hammies


2 sets bicep curl

1 set 25# plate front raises


Run hills– 4 total, very hot and humid.


Today will be upper body again– more focus on chest, but a push pull again

here’s the plan: 3 sets of 10 with abs during rest between


Lat Rows- with kettlebell


Bicep curls

Incline flys

Hammer curls


My shoulder is acting up again today, but I’m gonna just keep working through it. Travis has been a gem and rubbed it out.


Hope you are getting some mojo!! And don’t forget to grab your free book on!





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

ABS August


I am so excited for the changes we’ve made to our TEAM site…Now that FREE members can participate more through the blogging area of the site, I truly believe we’ll help create more success stories!!


To kick off our “rebirth”….


It’s time for another Team BuffMother Challenge!! ABS AUGUST is coming soon!!

Our official start day will be Aug 3rd!


Please share and invite others to join in on the Challenge with us!

The Best PLACE to participate is in as a VIP member but FREE members will also find tons of great benefits within our private site.


  • Encouragement, Synergy and Support from TeamBuffMother members in the Challenge (FREE)
  • A place to privately blog and track your workout accountability during the contest (FREE)
  • Personal Training and Diet Support from your BuffMother, Michelle Berger (FREE)
  • All those who sign up on the official SIGN UP FORM (coming soon) will get a free PDF with the challenge details, plus daily reminder emails with their ab challenge for the 28 days! (FREE)
  • BONUS 6 week workout/diet program PDF for VIP (premium members)
  • Free bonus ebook version of “After Baby Abs” download for VIP (premium members)

Please join in on the fun, what do you have to lose besides inches off your tummy??
Let’s do this!! ABS AUGUST is gonna rock!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!