What’s Your Body Worth?

What’s Your Body Worth?

Have you ever considered the true value of having a great body? I’m talking about a body that is strong throughout…a body that performs when you need it to perform…a body that makes you smile when you see it in the mirror…a body that makes jaws drop… a body that looks the same or better than it did 20 years earlier. You can have that body!

How much is a great body really worth?- Let’s break it down!

  1. Your self esteem will skyrocket- Loving your reflection in the mirror is under rated. The feeling you get when you love the way you look in the mirror is more powerful than words can describe. It’s almost impossible to have low self esteem when you love the way you look.
    High self esteem= $1,000,000
  2. Self confidence is the product of high self esteem. When you have ultra high self confidence you will not be afraid to pursue your dreams.
    Unstoppable self confidence= $2,000,000
  3. Doors will open- when you’re in great physical shape, have high self esteem and tremendous self confidence, you will be given opportunities that other people just don’t receive.
    Doors that were previously slamming shut are now flying open=$1,000,000
  4. You will create a legacy of health and fitness in your family. Physical fitness is a learned behavior. Your actions, both positive and negative will be passed down from generation to generation. It’s never too late to change your legacy when it comes to health and fitness.
    Establishing a legacy of health and fitness; passing down high self esteem, self confidence and the tenacity to pursue dreams= $10,000,000 (at least)

Total Value $14,000,000+

Start by Believing you are worth it and commit to consistently invest about an hour a day towards your fitness and you can have a 14MILLION Dollar body!!!!