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My new beginning!

My new beginning!

I know God has big things in store for us every day and he wants our dreams to come true; the past is past – it must be forgiven and forgotten~ TODAY is where to begin and I plan to begin again.  I am declaring that “Today is my new Beginning”…

I know I am sounding kinda “philosophical” and vague, but believe it or not…I don’t share my entire life with the world via the web

Today I feel free to truly be excited for what is to come!
Today I feel the power and passion needed within my soul for what is to come!
Today I feel the Holy Spirit’s hand guiding me towards what is to come!
Today I feel loved and have love to give  towards what is to come!
Today I feel it is my NEW Beginning!

Thank You all for the constant appreciation, love, excitement, passion and love you give me!  I am truly and utterly blessed~ God IS a good Father!  He has given me so much~ He has given me you- my BuffMother Sisters!  And I am so thankful for YOU!!

I’ve spent the week drawing closer to God; I’ve been pouring into my spirit life and I’ve been rewarded with more clarity that I’ve had in a long time!  Pressing into our spirits is very worth the sacrifice much like pressing into our fitness goals. It’s so WORTH IT!  Sacrifice always brings reward! 

A couple weeks ago was telling my MIL how I truly believed that my “fitness life” was VERY MUCH Spiritual to me!  I feel connected to God through my fitness…my workouts are my “sanctuary” time.  My time to connect to my spirit.  Chaos engulfs almost the majority of my day but NOT my workout time.  That’s that time I can pour into not only my body, but into my spirit!  I’ve spent countless hours working out in my life and my workouts do affect my sprit life. And my MIND  also…We cannot separate part of ourselves from the other. We have a body, a spirit and a mind~ all 3 of which are affected by the other!  

For those of you who have my book you understand that I deeply believe and TEACH that we must consider EVERY Aspect of ourselves into our quest to attain a glorious body. It must be integrated into our LIFESTYLE and encompass our entire being!  Please don’t forget the BIG PICTURE!  The True WHY behind why you do what you do for your fitness and diet.  The TRUE meaning for me is to touch lives!  I sacrifice much so that I can stand up with confidence and REACH out to those who are looking for help and HOPE!  I want you to realize~ yes I may seem vain or a bit edgy to promote so many bikini photos but this is my calling from GOD!  I have a mission to help women and to be a light in the darkness.  I have peace about God’s mission for my life…I know God will say to me “Well done my good an Faithful servant” when I arrive in heaven :)

I have been called to be a LIGHT in the darkness and reach those who would not otherwise be interested~ I have a mission and I will complete that MISSION!

I pray that you too will complete your MISSION!



Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26



2 Responses to My new beginning!

  1. Karen

    Hi Michelle,
    I know this came in response to someone’s comment regarding how can you be a born again Christian whilst showing so many pictures of yourself in a bikini…..On another blog/page. This person’s comment made me so angry. So many people are so narrow minded. God made us in the image of himself, naked!! God loves all of us and is not concerned with what we wear or don’t wear. You have God in your heart, you don’t have to be clad in a neck to knee all in one jumpsuit. You are giving all of us who are touched by you via Buffmother the true you. Don’t change to be defined by someone elses opinions. Keep those inspiring shots of yourself coming. May God be the only one who judges all of us. Love to you and your family. Karen

    • HI Karen,
      Thanks for your thoughts, however in all honesty I didn’t write this as a response at all. I wrote it from my soul about where I am at in my life…
      God has been good to me and I know he wants the best for all HIS children.

      God bless,

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