Oh my BACK!

Well, this week is my kid’s Spring break and my plan was to have a few “fun” outings with them, but NO, I hurt my back instead.

I’ve had a few times when I’d say my back has “gone out” in my life.  The first time was when my son Gunner was a baby and then over and over and over again for years.  Each time the pain level was variable.  About 4 of those times, insanely bad, where I couldn’t move fore several days.  Over the past 6 years, my back has been rather good. I rehabed from a major sciatic issue and was super anal and carfefult to keep my back heatlhy.  During that time I’d squat 2x’s a week along with doing all sorts of extra “Butt” work.  So this bad back injury, was the first I’ve really had to endure in a while.  It sucks!  Thankfully it is getting better!

Some of the workouts I created during that time include these 10 http://buffmother.com/articles/10-butt-workouts/

And The MY BOOTY challenge last May http://buffmother.com/mybooty/

Feel free to try them out, they are all FREE and on YouTUBE 🙂

I hurt it my lower back on Monday while warming up for leg day.  I was doing some ball transfers and thought I’d go ahead and put the ball all the way over my head with my feet.  I did about 3 reps fine, then on the 4th PAIN!!! my back locked up and that was it! I spent the rest of Monday, All day Tuesday and most of Wednesday rather immobile.  I did get to the chiro yesterday at noon. Dr. Dillon Crawford of Natural State Chiropratic,  was perplexed and thinks most of the issue was systematic. My hip muscles are simply turning off leading to the injury.  I go back on Tuesday for him to do some supplement testing to see if I am taking something that is causing my system to be so mad!  I am moving a bit better today but still have most of my pain in my left hip.

In other news, school is going ok. I got a better grade on my second Genetics exam, so I am not as worried about that class. And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for a couple of my classes.  Just 50 days until graduation and most of my coursework will be done at least a week before that!! YAY!!

Gunner started a new job today at Ruth Chris’ in Rogers as a server assitant, he looked so handsome heading off to work in his dress clothes uniform.  I should have taken a picture, duh…I have been so bad at taking pictures these days.  Gotta make that a focus, my kids are growing up so fast!

The girls (Tia and Gracie) just got home from the track, post office, store and doing the Wal-Mart grocery pick up. It’s nice to have Gracie as a driver, to do my errands while I am injured…. however she doesn’t know where she is going at all!  I assured her if she gets lost she will not die!

I’ve been researching a few things today.  Wix websites, Buti Yoga, PT Distinction, Caste System, etc…

Fyi…One of my courses is a World Film Class, this is the discussion board post I put up about the movie “Water”

I liked so much about this movie. The beauty of it, the music, the characters, and the authenticity made it a high quality film. That said, I didn’t like the sad story.  I honestly never new about the bad treatment of widows in India.  Them being left to support themselves with no support was bad enough, but burdening them with the belief they were dirty, cursed and unholy because of their husbands death is inhumane. I did know that many Indian girls get married very young, but never thought it was that young!  A girl being a widow at the age of 8, how does that make sense on any level?  The love story between Kalyani and Narayan was the highlight of the film for me. It was a true story of love at first sight.  When she realized his father was one of her prositiution clients my heart broke for her.  She felt so ashamed and dirty that she drowned herself.  The film was just so sad!

Chuyia was such a sweet yet firery little lady.  I felt so bad about her fate to be left alone without her parents at the age of 8.  She was truly a fun addition to the ashram. The ladies seemed to fall in love with her instantly.  Despite their love for her, once Kalyani died, Chuyia was sent off to the wolves as a prostitute. The widows needed someone to take Kaylyani’s place as the “bread winner”.  Sadly, stories like this are all too true even today.  Sex for money is the life many women in tough situations face.  It’s a big cultural issue in India even now, especially for widows like those in Water. It’s also a problem so many other places. Sex slavery is a huge issue for our culture and hopefully more awareness from movies like Water will help us overcome the issue.