Yoga journey

I am not a YOGA person, I have always enjoyed some of the moves, but often the pace of yoga and the religious mantras of the practice have turned me off.  After some soul searching yesterday, I realized that my workouts need to evolve a bit. I have different goals than I did 15 years ago and yet my workouts have stayed quite the same.  It’s time to shake them up.

Today I stared doing just that, I did 2 yoga workout with “Yoga with Adriene”

who I have been following online for at least 3 years, SHE ROCKS!!   She’s got a TRUE 30 day series I signed up for, and is constantly adding new content.

I did day 1 and day 2-  These 2 were very slow moving yet very easy.  I did them outside in the sun, it was Sunsational.