Back to it after 3 days!

So today I am finally back to working out I had 3 days off in a row…

Wednesday somehow I didn’t get it done I don’t know why exactly I just didn’t

Thursday it was my daughter’s birthday so I took her out shopping all day long and that was exhausting enough

Friday I meant to workout but I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted quite a bit after that I felt like I had had to work out already and then ended up with a flat tire. Actually, had a big chunk of tread was missing on my tire so I had to go to the tire shop after I was done training my clients.

BUT, today I went running outside in the 60 degree weather it was gorgeous!! I ran for about 19 minutes four laps around each way and then back up the hill. In total, I did 6 hard minutes total and then after that I did 100 walking lunges sets of 30, 40 and 30. I went in the house and did some abs and booty stuff including the SUB butt workout plus:

  • hyperextensions for abs and booty
  • stretching for my hip flexors
  • reverse hyperextensions froggy style reverse hyperextension on flat bench and then on the incline
  • Pump up abs
  • Laying quad, glute and hip flexor stretching

Other things on my “tada list”:

  • paperwork items
  • organizing my mail
  • organizing some Christmas stuff
  • checking on my school emails
  • laundry-Cuji you got sick last night
  • did some research on the occipital bone in your skull I had that adjusted yesterday my chiropractor said that my psoas muscles were turned off because of my occipital bone was out of place
  • Cooked a pot roast
  • Cleaned my bathtub, so i could shave

Excited for Vikings game tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, Michelle