Just today a client of mine sent me a link to a Dr. Gundry video, I like him 🙂  He’s a highly experienced cardiac doctor who has turned to functional medicine.   He talks my talk: microbiome, gut bugs, dna, gentics, eating meat and greens, etc… One thing that he also talks a lot about is Lectins which he believes is the ROOT CAUSE of leaky gut and the horrible problems that is causes because of inflammation in the body.  Like heart disease, auto immune diseases and diabetes to name a few.  I’ve watched about 4 of his youtube videos today and am excited to see more and possibly read his new book “The Plant Paradox”.  Check him out


My booty is so sore today from my workout, sheesh. The workout certainly worked!  I did back, shoulders, biceps and abs today:

Shoulder press 40×10, 40×10 backwards, 60×10, 80×9
Rows 90×10, 105×10, 120×8, 110×10
Lat pulls 90×10, 105×10, 110×10
Leg Extensions- 110×10 + some toes in x2sets, 130×10 + 5 toes in
Wide cable lat pulls on knees 32.5each sidex10x3sets
paired with Posedown bicep curls 15×12, 20×8, 20×8, 15×10
Straight arm pull downs 40x10x2sets
Cable bicep curl 40x10x2sets
Upright row on cable 20×15
Adductions 60x10forward far+10 forward+10 sitting normal
Weighted ab machine 80×15, 90×10

I also trained a couple clients, so that’s always some extra activity 🙂

We finally got some of our Christmas decorations out yesterday, so I spent the afternoon clearing out the spot for our tree and organizing/cleaning up the mess it makes to decorate.  Hoping to get the tree up tomorrow.

My eating this week has been horrible! I start the day off good but then have not been prepared and end up eating pizza or a mcdouble– sheesh! I have good food in the fridge, I just need to EAT IT!.  Off to prep some food now 🙂

Have a great night!