Buffing goals

Buffing is a 2 week period of the month from cycle day 5-19, it’s when your body “wants to” lean up in conjunction with proper exercise and diet. Yesterday was rest DAY! and today, I am on cycle day 7 and Ready to rock my Buffing, goal is to break the 130 mark. I was 132.8 yesterday. 129.9 here I come!!

In conjunction with losing a couple pounds I want to continue to give my booty extra attention. I’ve been calling it my “year end rear end” challenge. What are you doing to make your rear end better today?

Other items on my to do list: 
Financial aid for NDSU
Programs for Clients
Touch base with clients
Christmas cards
Christmas decorations
B-day shopping for GG (her 16th is on the 14th)

Today is the first MONDAY of the month, Gracie has guitar lessons and it’s been fun that she’ super excited about them again since she just restarted them last month.  Layla will start her piano lessons this week on Wednesday.  Tia gets to go to a Razorback Ladies BB game and Gunner gets to take the ACT for one last time.  Busy week for everyone, I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is coming.  Just 20 days left!