Thankful for a good week #1 and pumped for week #2-

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Sun, 2012/08/26 – 1:21pm — BuffMother

HI!! I am very pleased with how week #1 went…I didn’t exactly stick to my POA but it was a good start.  I got my starting stats and pictures done too, which showed me that I have made some very nice progress in the past 4 weeks.  I wasn’t “seeeing” the progress in my mirror, but the inches and pictures showed good progress.  It’s amazing how much more belief I have in my workouts after seeing those results– I’m so much more fired up now for the 10 week contest!!


Here is my week #1 in review-
Monday:Chest/Tris/Ran intervals outside
Tuesday:Leg workout
Wednesday:off- felt a bit icky from allergies– a headache
Thursday:Back/Sh/Biceps and intervals on tredmill- took starting stats and pics
Friday:chest/tris/abs– didn’t do intervals
Saturday: off but was very active- farm work 🙂
Sunday: cleaned garage- no workout
How many weight workouts did I complete:4
How many intervals training sessions did I complete:2
How many days of the week did I workout: 4

Who did I encourage this week? I encouraged a bunch of people online and also my DH, he’s going to have me be his trainer for a bit!I


MY POA for week #__2_________- date:____8-27-12_

Monday:Legs – BUTT!!
Tuesday:Back, sh, bi, run intervals
Wednesday:Chest, intervals
Th- Sat: REPEAT Mon- Wed
Sunday: OFF
What is my main goal this week with my workouts? to buff hard, sticking to POA!
What is my main goal this week in my diet? EAT fruits and veggies and my protein – NO BREAD!

Well, it’s actually been raining here today– but now it’s clearing off, so I’m off to go enjoy the cool beautiful day.

Have a great Sunday!!



P.S. don’t forget about OUR CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK~

SSS Week #2 Mini Challenge- Eliminate Bread

Are you wondering what is considered bread??
Honestly I want you to choose your own definition but in general terms~
NO BREAD simply means what YOU feel NO BREAD means, lol!

Here’s more info:

Have fun with the CHALLENGE…a Challenge is supposed to be CHALLENGING!!Am I really that OLD?

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Mon, 2012/08/27 – 12:29pm — BuffMother

Am I really old enough to be married for 19 years?  I guess so, lol!
Let me recount my anniversary’s by the years:
We got married August 28th, 1993…just 3 months after I graduated HS and turned 18– I was young, but Travis was wise to get me before I went off to the WORLD, lol!!

  1. 1994- I was just 19 and transfered to a different college after a successful freshman year of Track.  Travis was in College also– almost finished, but we were SO POOR!
  2. 1995- I  had spent the summer in a walking boot due to a stress fracture in my left tiba; around the time of our anniversary I won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Fargo, ND title and we won a trip to Hawaii in Nov
  3. 1996- It was my Senior year in college…I had been training hard all summer in prep for cross country, but then one day I coudn’t run without extreme knee pain– My track career was over
  4. 1997- I was done with college courses, but we still lived in Fargo, I worked at a gym and hooters– kinda in limbo– We visited UTAH and SNOWBIRD around our anniversary for Travis’ best friend’s wedding.  IT was a blast!
  5. 1998- We had moved to Dallas and I was working for a home builder selling homes and being the “activities director” there- Dallas was fun!!
  6. 1999- I had given birth to Gunner Berger and we were getting ready to move back to MN
  7. 2000- We lived in Fargo, ND again…I was SCARED at the prospect of having to deal with another winter in the NORTH
  8. 2001- We had moved to AR and I was pregnant with Gracie Berger
  9. 2002- We were almost ready to move into our “FIRST HOUSE” and I was pregnant with the TWINS!
  10. 2003- I had just got a van and a gym membership the month before.  I was looking into finding a SCARY GOAL.
  11. 2004- I had competed in and won several NPC contests that spring/summer– I was training clients at the gym and fired up about sharing my passion with others
  12. 2005- was well underway and I remember “business planning” at Outback on our anniversary
  13. 2006- We got to spend the night in a hotel, “kidless!” and I was prepping for my last NPC figure contest (Nationals in Sept)
  14. 2007- I was totally in love with MMA fighting and my poor DH was sick on our special day-
  15. 2008- Travis and I were hard at work on making our “BuffMother” infomercial a reality
  16. 2009- We went golfing for our Anniversary date-
  17. 2010- Travis had just started a new posisiton with Infusion Brands- and we celebrated our anniversary a bit late with a trip to VEGAS (I “trained with AVA”)
  18. 2011- WE celebrated with a trip to Cancun Mexico and we also celbrated the start of a new season in our life — owning a country home
  19. 2012- we are “HOME”…we love the peace of having that finally HOME feeling– Travis almost went to TAMPA this week but the Tropical Storm allowed him to stay home!!

Then, for our 20th  anniversary our plan is to take a trip to Germany!! We’ve been wanting to go there for years!!

It was fun to recount the years– they certainly do go by FAST!!  I am very thankful to have such a wonderful man to share each of my years with…God has blessed me for sure!!

In Love,


Good times!

Thu, 2012/08/30 – 9:20am — BuffMother

Hey everybody!! I’ve been having some really GOOD times this week~ Tuesday was our 19th anniversary, so we basically HUNG OUT as much as possible.  It was a fun time with my MAN!! We ate together, bought stuff together (one item was our “gift”- a mulcher), built a fire together (the burn ban just got lifted, yay!!) and hunted together + PLUS Other activities too!!

Then yesterday I had to get rollin’ early for my tennis lesson.  I’ve never had one before and had no idea what to expect.  The tennis pro is a son of a family friend– he was super nice, very informative, and easy to work with…. it was really good! I learned alot already and my body responded nicely to the activity. I was a little worried that my shoulder would get aggravated, but it’s hanging tough.  After the lesson I stopped by to see my nieces- they live right above the courts.  Tuesday was one of their birthdays and so I brought them a gift since I had “missed” the other one’s b-day early this year.  Anyhow- it was great to see them!

Then I ran  few more errands, got to have a quick lunch with DH and then on my way home I hit the gym for a “quickie” upper body lifting workout:

Seated rows
Lat Pulls
Tricep Push downs
Shoulder press
Straight arm press downs (with cable machine- hits the rear delts/lats a bit)

I didn’t have much time since I had to get home and prep to GO again- Gracie has guitar lessons on Wednesday nights and I also needed to get shopping done–

Needless to say, I’ve had very little computer time over the past 2 days.  It feel like I’ve been missing out on everyone’s progress during week #2 of our contest!  I expect you are KICKIN’ tail and getting your workouts and eats done.  Don’t foget that there are tons of resources in our Rally ROOM Super STAR Success book  AND  on my blog and YOU TUBE

My plan for today is to hit my weight room for a chest workout and get in some good “outside” time with a run before it RAINS tomorrow from the hurricane.  Travis and I also want to get some more fields planted before it rains– we’ve already planted 3 food plots for the deer– a couple more would be good to get done ASAP!

OKAY, I’m off to interact with you all!!



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