Get MAX results with me!! 3 Month group Training

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3 Month Maximum Results Online Training 

Spring and Summer are just around the corner…are your ready? Well….if you are like me, you are probably not as confident as you’d like to be for shorts weather.

That’s why I want you to join me! Please join my all inclusive online training group. We are doing this as a SMALL ladies only group, I need about 10-15 committed ladies who want to work with me to become your best!  We will start Feb 20th.  Purchase ASAP spots will go fast!

(I need all interested to purchase prior to February 14th)

Members will get 3 months of in depth training that uses ALL of the resourced I have on hand: books, ebooks, success journals, workout calendars, customized diet recommendations, extensive training programs customized to each person, phone coaching, texting, email support, video coaching, group support, etc…  This program is worth at least $1000!!  But, the Cost is only $300 total. And I’ve even split up the payments to make it easier for you: $75 initially, $75 2 weeks later, then $75 a month later, then 1 final $75 payment a moth after that. I am pulling out all the stops to get you results!

If you have questions feel free to message me or email me at  I can also quick phone call with you to answer questions.

Thanks so much!!

-Michelle Berger

p.s. Simply hit REPLY to this email and say HI!! I’d love to hear from you even if you arn’t interested in this special 3 month training  🙂




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