You are NOT a Superhero

Hey it’s Michelle and I have another fit marriage tip for you.  Today, my message is clear, you are not a superhero!!

You are not indestructible;  you are not a superhero!
Don’t ever think that just because you wear the badge of marriage that you are
not to be able to succumb to any temptations that would ruin your sacred vows.
My point is this, If you go through life thinking you’re indestructible when you aren’t
you’re going to find yourself in situations that may hurt you. Situtations
that may hurt your spouse and ones that may actually really, really damaging that
marriage of yours!  Please don’t the don’t believe you are exempt from temptation, don’t believe it for a second!  You’re not a
superhero,  you’re not indestructible!
Instead make sure that you’re wearing your protective gear. By that I mean constantly
being on the lookout. And constantly check yourself, ask yourself
…am i acting out in a bad way?
….am I am i doing something that I shouldn’t be doing?
….am I promoting this relationship with this person that maybe is a little sketchy?
or am i may be flirting too much with this certain person?
Just because you are wearing a wedding band do not think you’re indestructible,  everyone is is tempted from time to
time but if you think you’re indestructible you may just give into that temptation and sin.
No one goes into marriage thinking,  “oh I’m going to be an adulterer, for sure.
yeah,  that’s what I’m going to do it I’m just gonna go and cheat on my
spouse like crazy!”
No one thinks that right?? Yet it happens all the time!
My suggestion is to accept the fact you are human and  realize you do have the potential to cheat within you…but you won’t because you
will be on guard at all times for it’s potential. That way you are not blind-sighted by the situation.
I put my guard up all times, I stay strong and I recognize I am human however I will not fall, I will not sub-come to these stupid temptations.
I’m gonna be honest with myself,  so I’m going to stay above board!
If everI feel for a second that I’m tempted beyond what I can handle
I will run the other direction a million miles an hour!!
I know I am not indestructible, I am NOT a superhero.
Please make sure you stay real with yourself.  Be honest about what’s going on with your
relationships with other human beings that are not your spouse!  Stay clean,
keep those vows and have a great marriage!!
Your BuffMother, Michelle Berger



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