Look good for your spouse

Hey it’s Michelle and I’m here another marriage tip for you Look good for your spouse!

it’s very much a two-way street! Ladies and we want our men to look good right?  We need to take it upon ourselves to make an effort to look good.
A lot of times leading by example in this area is the best way to do it!


Try to wear makeup regularly and fix your hair.
Be sure to make an effort to wear nice clothes and hopefully
your husband will follow suit.
Please do this even when you
maybe not even going out ….
For instance, this is my example…. I am not going anywhere tonight. BUT, It’s a Friday night, you know we only have 52
Friday nights a year, so is a good time to take extra effort to look good!!
Put on some makeup, do up that hair a little extra nice…I curled mine today! Which is a pain, but my
husband knows that too!  He knows just looking at me, that I put in the effort to fix my hair the way he like it. He likes my hair curly.  So I’m
going to do it even though it is a pain!  It’s shows him I love him because I’m trying to look good
for him!
Ladies let’s an effort step it up a notch. Let’s try to look good for our husbands and MEN do the
same thing for your wives!!  Let’s get after it and make this world a more beautiful place
because if we all just tried a little harded more we can!  Wouldn’t it be nicer than going to
a Walmart  full of people their pajamas on?
anyway take care!



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