Hairy day


Yesterday was such a nice day I spent the day with Gunner we actually brought our last living chicken to a friend of mine to add to her little group of hens.  It was kind of sad but good to have know she’s not so lonely safe in a new home.

Then Gunner and needed to go shopping for his girlfriend’s 16th birthday… we didn’t know what we were going to get but found a really cute dress at Hollister and got her some body spray  too!! We also went out to eat and I skipped my workout just so I could help him out with that…It was very worth it.

Today got up and gave my dog a haircut she needed it extremely badly and now she’s so much happier and cuter and looks about half the size she was before!!


right now I just finished up my workout I lifted back and I ran intervals on treadmill.

Bent over rows, KB lat rows, plate front raises, lateral raises, inverted pull ups with hip ups was about it.  I can tell my back is stronger from being able to workout at the GYM for my back– so nice!!

Tomorrow I am working at a golf tourney…should be fun. We are in charge of the long drive competition, hope it doesn’t rain!

Have a great NIGHT~ Michelle



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