Dec 2016

Site is now upgraded….last day to join Secret Santa!

HI Ladies!!

Our hosting company just made a huge upgrade to our site. We’ll be adjusting things a bit over the next week, but overall the site should be more PHONE compatible and easier to use!! YAY!!

Also, I wanted to remind you that today is the Last day to join our Team BuffMother Secret Santa gift exchange!! This year we are exchanging Fitness Accessories like lifting gloves, water bottles, head bands, hats, visors, mittens, socks, sleeves, etc… ($25 value). If you’d like to participate email your full name, mailing address and phone number to  deadline for registration is today Dec 1! (women only- and participation means you buy and send a gift to a secret person)

Please let me know what you think of the upgraded site!!

been working on YouTube

Hey ladies…PLEASE, please, please if you have not subscribed to my YOU TUBE please do– we have been working super hard on it the past couple months and it’s my focus for 2016.

I got in another workout today– a run and some butt workouts, did a SUB and part of the HAM booty sandwich

Glad it’s Thursday, but even more glad it’s cycle day 3 today– feeling more like myself


Holiday fun!!

Christmas time for us is KICKED OFF by Gracie’s birthday fun… her origianal due date was actually Christmas day– she was induced early on Dec. 14th….this year she’ll be 14!! Her golden birthday!!

We kicked off her birthday week last night with a trip to the salon to get her brows waxed.  She’d never had that done before and neither have I.  Anyhow, it was a success!! She was very happy!!

I ended up taking the day off workouts yesterday, I was feeling very tired from my previous 2 workouts and had some tummy problems– so rest was best!!

Anyhow, I wasn’t off work…I worked on a really fun project that we’ll be rolling out in January! I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! YAY!!

Today’s goal is to do a back/sh/bi workout and some bike– then tomorrow I’ll hit chest/tri’s and do an interval run!

Have a great hump day!


Resolve for 2016

My resolve for 2016 is to blog at least 5 of 7 days per week.  I’ve gotten lax about blogging for several reasons.  NO MORE! It’s time to push into what I know works…

Blogging or Journaling works to help me in so many ways!

It helps clear mental confusion

It holds me accountable

It is a record showing reasons success or failure

It reduces my stress

It helps me be creative

It helps my communication effectiveness

It also helps our TEAM BUFFMOTHER community~ my mission to help others is multiplied many times over by simply blogging consistently.

I’ll also be vlogging a lot more too!!

Hope you join with me in your resolve to blog more~


Birthday complete

Gracie’s 14th birthday celebration is finally over and now I can get onto Christmas!!

been a little lax about workouts the past week…was feeling a little sick and sidetracked from the B-day and LIFE.

Getting geared up now to workout– I think I’ll hit the treddy and the weights a bit.  Afterwards I need to cut my son’s hair, fun times!

I’ll post more tomorrow!!

My house blew up!

Let me recap the past couple weeks…my house has basically blown up— Our upstairs toilet decided to leak into my bathroom– so I have a hole in my bathroom ceiling and our kid’s toilet is still in the process of being fixed.

Then, my washer decided to stop working…I hit the laundry mat last Friday to do 10 loads and have another 10 built up again already!

My garbage disposal also decided to stop working….

Then, my DD decided she wanted her room remodeled for her birthday- so she emptied the entire room into my living room/office area that was already stacked up with Christmas decorations and the new bed-frame for her room. SHEESH, my house mess is driving me crazy!  AND I have yet to get my Christmas tree in the house or do any decorating!  I’m kinda a GRINCH this year…

BUT I AM excited for 2016!!

The new year means new goals, new ventures, new thoughts and purpose.

The past 6 months has been tough on me, I’ve been kinda “lost” in what I want to do with my business and even in my life.  I truly have not enjoyed these first 6 months of being 40…BUT, I’m over it and plan to make 2016 great!

My plan for 2016 is to keep things simple…


  1. Blog almost daily (5 of 7 days),
  2. YouTube focus- Video often…1 produced weekly plus regular vlogs
  3. Do my “BuffMother Approved” business focus (I’ll talk more about this in another post)
  4.  Create new fun training programs and contests


  1. Daily Devotions and Prayer
  2. Focus on Kids goals
  3. Better Diet Focus
  4. and be my most Sexy Self– I do declare that 2016 is “Two thousand SEX-teen!” (I’ll talk more about this in another post)

Anyhow, It’s time for me to roll.  Got a leg workout hanging over my head (EDIT: Opted to rest today) plus all this mess in my house isn’t going to clean itself!

Have a great day!


No weight

I am trying something new…not exactly on purpose. My kids always want to come into my bathroom to weigh on my scale.  A couple weeks ago I got sick of it and told my daughter to just TAKE THE SCALE!  Anyhow, I had all intentions of getting it back down into my bathroom, but it’s now been 16 days that I’ve been without it and NOT WEIGHING myself!!!

It has to be my longest streak on not weighing since before I was a teen. I am one of those people who knows how much I weighed when I was 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, etc….

It’s been a good thing for me at this point because I’ve been really trying to focus on my health vs. my weight.  I’ve gained about 5 pounds of fluff in the past year and the daily reminder of weighing was FRUSTRATING ME!  The extra STRESS may just be raising my cortisol enough to keep me from losing?  Certainly, it’s worth a try to just stay off the scale for a month of my life.

I plan to re-start weighing myself on Jan 1 with a new fresh mindset about it.  My weight will not control me, I will control it!

Chistmas is almost here??

Holy cow, I am behind on this Christmas business, but Not gonna stress it! LOL! The weekend was good, I had a nice bike ride and back workout on Saturday. I just took my time and did some organizing of my workout room between sets. It was nice!

Then yesterday I just chilled out and watched football with DH…it was a good day off.  And the Vikings won!! BONUS!!

Today, I’ve got some work to get done, a nail appt., some shopping to do and plan to lift Chest/Triceps/ABS +interval run when I get home.

Time for a shower, see ya’s!!

Journal It! January!!

Hey ladies!! Hope you are ready for the HOLIDAY!! I am not, but that’s okay…took today off workouts to focus on cleaning and decorating.  I am SLOW going, ha!! Keep getting distracted by big messes and big projects.

I am now resolved that my washer is NOT REPAIRABLE.  I will have to buy one– Guess that’s my Christmas present, HA!!

ON to my title– the focus for January is “JOURNAL IT”.  I’ve been striving to blog more, but I noticed I have also not been journailing my workouts much. Nor have many of you…so the focus will be to JOURNAL IT!! take time to journal your workouts and diet, it truly helps you be successful!!

That’s all for now, gotta go shower before the DH gets home

Chillin’ this Crazy Holiday~

So, workouts have been steady yet mostly RUNS these past several days…which is fine, because I am on PAUSE until JAN 1, lol!
Guess what?? I broke down and weighed today– It had been a full month since I hit the scale.  I weighed in 3 pounds up, 141,  so not super happy with that, but also know that number will go down!!  My personal theme for 2016 is Two-Thousand-SEX-Teen!! Yep that’s right, SEX-teen!! It’s all about getting my SEXY back this year!!
I’ll be posting lots about that over the next few weeks and I’ll a TEAM BUFFMOTHER 70 days to SEXY contest starting toward the end of January!
Our house got struck by Lightning on Saturday, so add that to the already “broken” items…my January will be spent in FIX UP mode.  Thankfully the strike was not direct, the direct strike was to a HUGE oak tree that is now in 1million pieces around our yard.   We are all safe and ended up with little damage, just a bashed in garage and the upstairs heating/ac unit won’t work.  Not bad considering!!
Travis and I are going OUT on NYE!! Should be a fun time with good friends!  We are excited!!  Lot’s of DANCING will happen!!
Well, have a good last couple days of 2015!! I plan to FINISH IT STRONG!!
Love ya,
p.s. Our Focus for January is “JOURNAL IT”.
the Private Women’s Only site is the best place to JOURNAL!! It’s free check out!!
I’ve been striving to blog more, but I noticed I have also not been journaling my workouts much. Nor have many of you…so the focus will be to JOURNAL IT!! take time to journal your workouts and diet, it truly helps you be successful!!
If you are a “paper person” you can still join in by snapping a picture of your workout journal and posting it for your accountability.


the word Obsessed has been floating around the Rally Room a lot this week.  AND I have to admit, I have not been the most OBSESSED person when it comes to my diet, workouts and mindset over the past several years.  I’m more about MODERATION, LIFESTYLE and KEEPING FITNESS A PART OF MY LIFE vs. MAKING IT MY LIFE.

Well, that’s gonna change!

I’m gonna go all in! Bring on”FITNESS OBSESSED MICHELLE” for the next season of my life!  I’m telling you this as a warning, HA!!  When I unleash this my OBSESSIVE BEAST it’s crazy and competitive and compulsive and unrelenting!

I WILL BE TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH FITNESS/DIET/EXERCISE to become my most SEXY SELF!!  When it comes to my body, I will be….

    • absorbed
    • dominated
    • gripped
    • caught up
    • haunted
    • distracted
  • hung up
  • preoccupied
  • immersed
  • beset
  • in the grip
  • infatuated
  • fixated
  • having a one-track mind


  • detached
  • indifferent
  • aloof
  • unconcerned
  • disinterested
  • uncaring
  • apathetic
  • impassive

The last time I remember being totally obsessed was prior to a trip to VEGAS in 2010.  BEFORE that it was for a figure contest or a photo-shoot, but the BIGGEST time I was OBSESSED was for about 2 years….from the time I started training hard at the gym after my twins Oct 2003 thru Oct 2005.  I was an OBSESSED BEAST!

For now, Jan 1 until April 1 is my committed time frame to be totally OBSESSED!! We’ll see where that takes ME and YOU (yep, that’s right I plan to infect you!!) HA!!


Chest Triceps Abs and intervals done

Hey all, using the 6 weeks to sexy workout plan

today is cycle day 4, started buffing today– 141.4 was weight

Warm up– bike 8 mins

Aerosmith “DREAM ON”

45×10 warm up; 95x10x3sets

Knee ups- 15 reps x 2sets

Push ups
on floor x15, on handles x10, pigeon toe on handles x10

Hanging knee ups x10repsx 2sets

Incline flys

sit ups on ball 15 reps x 2sets

Tricep Extensions

Oblique twist x10 reps and lower ab leg lifts x10

Standing over head tri extension (couldn’t do kickbacks due to sore elbow and wrist)


Hip movements between sets–

ran intervals on treadmill

6.4 easy and 8.4 hard (3,5,7,9,11,13, 15= 7 hard mins)16:18 hit 2 mile mark, however didn’t have 2% incline on until 5 mins in. 2.4 mi total at 20min total

Good workout considering I was really weak, in a rush and took some thermo fuel on empty tummy, felt a bit sick from that



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