Spring Break is over!!

I had a good week with the kids home on SPRING BREAK, but very glad they are back in school today!

It’s Week #9 in our SSS contest– 14 days left! Big changes can happen in 2 weeks, so let’s keep pushing hard!

Your challenge this week is simple…. Drink 1.5 gallons of water a each day
Typically my recommendation is to drink your GOAL body weight in ounces of water daily…

But this week let’s get more aggressive after our water intake. Let’s strive for 1.5 gallons = 192 oz or 5.7 liters or 24 cups of water.

Chug a lug!!!

Yesterday, I got in a good solid leg workout.

warm up- air squats, light dead lifts
Squat 45×10, 135×10, 155x10x2sets, 135×10
Dead lift 135x10x3sets
Leg Extensions 90×15, 115x12x3sets
leg curls- bowflex (it’s been awhile since i’ve done these, a pain to set it up)
Lunges- 30# on back
sidex10, stationaryx10, sidex10, stationaryx10
hip ups, knee ups, hip swivels between sets

Also in the middle of my workout I did my Bikini Birthday Countdown pic….a bunch of people thought I workout in my heels and bikini, LOL!!  NOPE I do not!

So on Saturday we had a chick hatch, 1 out of the 8 I incubated and the poor thing is so lonely!  CHIRPS so LOUD constantly when you are not holding it! We barley slept despite having every “white noise” on in the house.  Crazy little chick!  Gracie carried it around with her most of the day yesterday and Cuji seems to like it too– however, I do not trust her not to eat the little bird!

My POA for the week:

M- Lift Back/shoulders/Biceps and Intervals
T-  Intervals
W- Chest/Triceps and Intervals
Th-  Legs
F- Lift Back/shoulders/Biceps and Intervals
Sa/Sun- have one day off and do a run on the other day

By the way I am doing the 6 to sexy workout program and had a really good week #1 on it, I actually did an extra lifting day!! YAY!!  The only problem I am having is my left thumb joint by the pad/wrist…I’ve been battling with it a little over a month. Wondering if it’s some sort of arthritis because I can’t remember doing anything odd to it.  It’s really making me unable to hold the bar and weights for certain lifts- bench is especially hard on it. I’ve modified my upper body workouts the best I can, thankfully I can still do my leg workout and run just fine 🙂

Time to get up and GULP some water!!
See you later~




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