Not working out makes me stiff…

Not working out makes me stiff…

My last real workout was on Friday, I had done legs. Then Saturday we did some burning, meaning I did some raking, cutting shrubs, throwing logs. But yesterday I literally did nothing. Layed in bed watching tv all day and SHESSH I am so stiff from that today!

Today is cycle day 3, but I opted to go ahead and start buffing with this workout:

warm up bike 5 mins
Bench Press
warm up set 45×20 reps
during rest- Knee ups on bench 15 front/5 rt. side/5 left side 3 sets

Push ups
10 reps x 3 sets on handles (did pigeon toe pikes between each)
during rest-Old School sit ups
25 reps x2sets

Incline Flys
30’sx 10x3sets
during rest-Ball Crunches
15 front/5 rt. side/5 left side 2 sets

Tricep Extensions
during rest-Reverse crunches

Kickbacks (tricep)
10’s x 10x 3sets
during rest-Cats/Dogs
5 reps each way x2sets

I really noticed that I have been taking extra time between sets, so I timed it today to be 1 min., need to keep doing that, especially during buffing!

Ran Intervals outside- warm up 4 mins, 1 min uphill, 1 min downhill x 6, cool down mins = 20 mins total

I weighed 140 this morning, but that’s a bit of bloat from the weekend. I’ve been consistently around 138, I expect to see that tomorrow morning.

Here’s my countdown pic for today….84 to go!

Now I need to eat some GREENS, haven’t gotten in any yet today…plan is for a big salad!! YUMMY!!

Have a great evening,




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