Diet Talk SSS Week 06

Happy week #6 of our Super STAR Success contest…this week we are going to talk more about DIET!

I know I rarely post what and when I eat…….mostly because I am not a traditional dieter, meal planning doesn’t work for me and neither does eating a set # of times each day. The way I approach it is this…I go through my day, eating when I am hungry. As I go along, I track my “portions” in my head or on the white board on my frig…most of the time aiming for around 5P-4C-3F-2+G-1T. When I eat it I FORCE myself to choose proteins and greens first. The only time I don’t is for my PRE workout meal…that’s when I choose a good complex carb- My favorite is Oatmeal.
Another KEY item about my eating is that I take into consideration my personal biorhythms…I am NOT a morning person! I don’t like eating in the morning at all, but I LOVE eating in the evening!! So instead of fighting my body I work with it. I don’t eat much early in the day and then I am able to eat more in the afternoon and evening.

Now since I am buffing these next 2 weeks…I get a bit stricter on myself. Mostly that means cutting out some CARBS and increasing my GREEN consumption. Also, I usually have to cut out a bit of FAT (I tend to overeat fat) and I like to limit my bread/grain intake and TOTALLY eliminate all Dairy (mostly I don’t have much, since I am lactose intolerant, but it tends to “sneak” into my diet sometimes)

Here are a few samples of how I eat during buffing:
7am- up drink water take supps: NO2, fish oil
8 am- coffee and atkins bar (PENUT BUTTER) PF
11 am- Veggies( asparagus stir fry) with tuna, spicy Sweet and sour sauce, a few cashews PGF
Vitamins post meal
1pm- NO2 supps
2- oatmeal C
3- workout
4:30 Boca Burger, Apple PC
6:30 Supper- Chicken tenderloins (big portion) with honey mustard sauce and Green Beans 2P C 2G
7-10 pm TEA (decaf herbal: sleepy time, tension tamer, chamomile, etc.)
Totals= 5P, 3C, 3F, 3G

7am- up supps
8 am- eggs (3 whole)PF
11 am- Brussell Sprouts- G
1pm- HUGE salad: Romain, Spinach, olives, carrot, nuts, egg, chicken, cucumbers, pickles, ranch dressing (1/2 serving, just enough to barley help flavor) 2G,P,1F,1/2C
3pm- Oatmeal C
4pm workout
5pm Burger (no bun), a tish of BBQ sauce, sweet potatoe 2P,1/2C,1C
7-10pm Beef Jerky, tea 1P

So that gives you a bit of an idea of how I am going to eat this week

I am off to get some WATER NOW!! Don’t forget to DRINK UP!!


p.s.Mini-Challenge- I LOVE IT, I plan to strut around in my bikini this week despite my pms bloat, hee, hee!!

FYI- eats for today- not the best choices
5P-eggs, protein powder, beef jerky
4C- bread, soy milk, Popsicles(2)
3F- olives, dressing, cashews
2C- cucumber, onions
1T- BUBBLE GUM, lol!!
(no workout)
Supps of interest 10g of fish oil and 10g of vitamin C- to help with back inflammation


HI~ this is just going to be a post that I’ll update throughout the day with my eats- for MY ACCOUNTABILITY

weight- 126
EATS 6/18
Coffee (2 cups) w/ a bit of milk and sugar
Boca burger- plain P
salmon salad w/cabbage PPGF
asparagus G
BIG! bannana – pre workout C
post workout – NO2 wait 30 mins to eat
steak and toffee (thanks to YOU ALL!! and April, lol) PCF
bud light bottle C
Taco Salad (romain, carrots, olives, ranch, taco sauce, taco meat, tish of cz)

I’d rate the day as a B+, the beer and the toffee were not exactly the greatest choices, lol! But I kept with in my alloted portions and my food timing was good!

total (buffing)
5P, 3C, 3F, 4G!!

Off to make some TeA! ~ Michelle



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