Off to the races!

Hey ya ladies!! GUESS WHAT?? We have 168 ladies in the contest with us!!

Many of you are participating both here and in our Facebook Private group! (if you would like to be added to the group, message me on facebook please)

THANKS FOR YOUR INVOLVEMENT!!  Darcie who is my super HELPER– made this really colorful Fun Printable for you…be sure to print it off to help you stay accountable during the 10 weeks~  SSS InfoGraphic Checklist
In conjunction with our contest we have 2 focuses this February– No Frump and FOODIE February. Details here~ Foodie and NO Frump February20160201_130834

My day 1 went well…

up at 6am

apple cider vinegar and water
Detox tea
3 poached eggsIMG_20160201_074723
Kipper Snacks and carrot
~Planted trees for 1.5 hours~ got about 50 in the ground20160201_110046
Burger (small) and Cucumber
Chips- while running errands with son
Took starting stats, pics–ended up cramping like crazy! Drank salt water and took some Ionic Magnesium
~Workout- Lift upper and intervals
Steak more cucumbers, glass of wine 6oz
Spinach Salad with Pecans, Turkey, Red onion and Olive Garden Italian DressingMore tea

Overall, My eating was good– didn’t plan on the chips or wine, but I kept both to a small portion and really have no desire to keep up with that.  I am on my 2nd week of no coffee and no dairy.  I did have a slight cheat on the dairy with some cheese on Sunday, but honestly I’m not missing it much at all!! My tummy is so much happier without both!

Very happy with how my body is starting to feel stronger and leaner than last month for sure!!  Also my tummy is so much better!!….but I HATE the state of my legs right now. NEVER have I carried fat/water retention in my legs like this and NEVER have I had such bad cellulite. I really am worried something is amiss with my kidneys or thyroid…hoping to find out my test results from the Dr. today!

My workout was weird, as I mentioned in my food log, I was dealing with cramps and being HUNGRY, but I can’t run with food in my tummy so I powered through.

Circuit 1:
Push up on handles 12reps x3sets
Bicep curls 50#x12x3sets
Hyper-extensions 15 reps x2sets

Circuit 2:
Bench 95×10, 105×8, 105×8
Bicep Curl Machine 55×10, 65×10
Hip Ups and Knee ups- one set each

Run intervals- 8 mphx1min 3x’s, 8mph x 2 mins 3x’s 20mins on treddy total for 2.2 mi FELT the tree planting in my rt. hip and left knee~ I was EXHAUSTED!

Went to bed pretty early last night and am SORE from all I did yesterday– swinging a pick axe and planting 50 trees is not easy!

I’ll post my starting pics and stats in a different post….

Hope our DAY 2 is great too!!

Love ya,

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 measurements, stats, 
 pictures, journal and our starting thoughts, 
 and begin with the end (SUCCESS) in mind.
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MICHELLE’S SSS starting measurments and pics…..

Starting STATs for Michelle Berger

Today’s Date:_2/2  height: 5-6.5     weight:139.8

Today’s cycle day- cday 10

Please list the following measurements-

Bust (around breasts the biggest part):37
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides):35

Waist- relaxed (the smallest part): 28.5
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part): 27
Hips (the largest part of your butt): 37
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides): 42
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm): 10.5
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm):12
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap): 20
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap): 21
Calf (about 7” below knee joint): 13

Ill-  12
Ab- 16
Th- 10
Tri- 8

So…overall the numbers have gotten better in the past 3 weeks, I did measurements and pics on 1.11.01
Time to keep pushing forward- building muscle and striving to lose fat and toxins!!

Pics, I took more than this, but here are 3….

2016-02-02 08.36.452016-02-02 08.38.352016-02-02 08.40.21

Working the gams!

Yesterday I worked my GAMS! or to the lay person my Legs! It was a surprisingly good workout since I was DYING from all my activity on Monday.  Here’s a short video I did talking about our week 1 and the MINDSET you need to succeed in this 70 day contetst.

My workout~ 3pm
Warm up= air squats 30, jumping squats 2 sets of 10, light dead lifts 2sets of 95×10, stretching, front squats 45×15, bicep curls 45×15

Squats 95×10, 135×10, 155x10x3sets (first time since I was sick doing this many at 155!) some calves between sets- just body weight and hip twists 2 sets of 10

Dead Lifts 155×10 x3sets
hip ups 10 feet wide, 10 feet narrow x 2 sets

bicep curls 45×15
Forward Lunges 65x10x2sets
paired with good mornings 65x10x2sets
Ball full sit ups with 10# plate 20 reps

Knee Extensions 115×10, 140×10 x 2 sets
Hyperextensions 15 froggy, 15 for booty (bent knees explosion)

Most of my eats:

1/2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in water
2 cups detox tea
4 eggs with tomato, onion and ham
Smoothie: handful blueberries, black berries, spinach, 1Tbs sprouted ground flax seed, 1 tsp chi seeds, 1/4cup callogen protein powder, 4 oz cherry juice, water
Carrot with Thermofuel
1 cup bone broth (chicken)
Leaky gut L-glutamine supplement
Chicken (roasted dark meat) and half an avocado
2 glasses wine
Cucumber water– so yummy!

That’s the best I can remember….I may have had something else?? Can’t think of it now though. Wine by the way is NOT ON PLAN…My DH has a wine account and brings home free wine too often recently. I got sucked into having some with him, because when he got home I was in the tub taking an EPSOM salt bath for my “NO FRUMP” act of the day.  Wine offered to you by a handsome man, while in the tub, who can say no to that??


Something I started doing this morning is fasted am bike– I need to SWEAT in order to release some of these toxins in my body!  I’ve not been sweating enough! Got in 10 mins, my legs are DEAD from leg day!

Gotta go, my DD texted me that she’s sick, poor thing!



Oh my am I sore!

Missed blogging yesterday so to recap, I did a good shoulder and bicep plus abs lifting workout on Wed plus cardio– got in 10 mins of bike in am, then did a mish mosh of interval videos for another 15 mins, plus ran 10 mins after my lifting.  I finally wore my new purple shoes to run in…they felt good but a bit lose~ not sure I like how those FLYwire style ties.

I was sore Wed, but even more sore yesterday. So sore that it was taking my breath away.   NOT sure what’s up with that, but it stinks!

Due to my sore body, I took yesterday off of workouts.  I had a Dr. appt, then got my nails done, then hit Wal-mart for some produce and a few other things.  My twin’s bday is on Tues, so trying to get some shopping done for them!

When I got home I made this short video for you~ It’s about our NO FRUMP focus this month~

I did get some good news from my Dr. in that my A1C (down to 5.2),  liver and kidney function looked great!! YAY!! But, my T3 levels were low, which was no surprise to me.  I have been DRAGGING and gaining weight for no reason the past year. So I’m going to start on a very low dose of meds and see how it goes. That combined with my work with my food should help me feel like a new woman by April

speaking of dragging, I am going to attempt a nap now, I am dragging today!


Oh and for those of you who asked, here’s the HT CHART~…2015/02/HT-Chart.pdf

SSS Week #2 Mini Challenge- Eliminate Bread

SSS Week #2 Mini Challenge- Eliminate Bread

Eliminate BREAD from your diet this week…
notice anything?

Hope you are ready for a great week #2~ This week I have prizes for whoever post the most public #nobread photos, thoughts, extra info about reasons to cut bread out of your diet, etc…. To win simply #nobread and tag me in your posts @buffmother on IG and @Michelle Berger on Facebook to be sure I see it!

Winner gets a FREE bottle Seraglow and a tub of BCAA’s!!

Are you wondering what is considered bread??

Bread= any baked grain product made with yeast

Honestly I want you to choose your own definition but in general terms~

NO BREAD simply means what YOU feel NO BREAD means, lol!

I want each person to define it for themselves.



The goal of this MINI Challenge is about you learning that there are other “good” carbs out there besides bread. Realizing, that you will not DIE if you can’t eat bread, is a fun accomplishment!


There are MANY other great carb choices besides bread to choose from. Rice, beans, sweet potatoes, etc…


Take this challenge as a prompting to explore other alternatives to bread for your carbs.

I personally LOVE fruit of veggies for carbs. Also life without “bread” helps me to keep my gluten and yeast intake at a minimum~ which in turns helps eliminate that horrible belly bloat.


REMEMBER! Don’t get too technical…just KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)!!!

For those of you who want to take the challenge up a notch~

You can go one step further and eliminate all grains except for rice and oats from your diet. or even eliminate them also.


Personally, I don’t eat much bread hardly ever anymore. I have found other better sources for carbs than grains. My tummy is much happier when I limit the amount of gluten I eat. For this week I plan to eliminate all grains from my diet including rice.

Have fun with this challenge and embrace it as a human experiment!!



Section 2 Coaching- how to chart hormones

SSS week 02: Coaching

We had GREAT week ONE ladies!! fun to see many of your successful reports in the RR. I also love that we can take one week at a time….I plan on having another amazing week!!!


For this week’s coaching I’d like to dive into how to Chart your Hormones.

Here’s a link to the chart:…2015/02/HT-Chart.pdf



Also, If you are interested I did an entire MONTH of a vlog about charting my cycle days. Check it out on You Tube:…V1qDJBIwf28rS3LtI2Rc


Section 3- Example workout Plan Of Attack

SSS week 02- Michelle’s DETAILED workout POA

Phase 2Buffing Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 2 Lift Lower BodyABS Lift Back, Shoulders and Biceps Intervals IntervalsABS Lift Chest/Tri’s Intervals Lift Lower BodyABS Active rest- Walk? Off


Lower Body and ABS:

Dead Lifts- Romanian
Knee Extensions
3×10- quads
Leg Curls
3×10- hams
Walking Lunges
2×10-15 -butt. Focus on using front leg for movement
Calf Raises
Daily CORE- during rest between higher rep sets or post intervals
Knee Ups on bench or roman chair
3x15front/5side/5side ABS
Old School sit ups
3×25 ABS
Crunches on ball
3×15/5/5 ABS
Reverse crunches
3x5reps of 5 seconds ea tummy/back


Lift Back, Shoulders and Biceps Intervals:

One arm bent over DB lat rows
Lat Pulls
Military Press-shoulders
Lateral/ Front/ bent over Raises
21″s–3×7Shoulders (do as a circuit 7lat, 7front, 7bent over, rest)
Bicep dumbbell Curls
3×8-10 -biceps
Daily CORE- during rest between higher rep sets or post intervals- **SEE MONDAY**

Elliptical or STAR-MILL

“Buffing”Phase :
3 min. warm up
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
4min. cool down
This is 20 min total: 7 hard min. total


Intervals and ABS:
Run outside
*See Tues*


Chest/Tri workout and Intervals:

Bench Press OR Chest press
Push Ups
3×10-15 (not quite failure but hard)
Incline Flys
Tricep Extensions
Tricep kickbacks




ACTIVE REST…I’ll stay very busy this Saturday. I have a full day with a book signing and attending a competition.


Sunday- OFF

Rest and make POA for next week

Section 4- Lower body workout video instruction


SSS Week 02: Beginner Lower Body Buffing workout (Video)


LEGS– Beginner Buffing workout (from phase 1 log)
Barbell Squats
Step ups
Knee Extensions
Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
Calf Raises
Summary of Buffing Phase:

  • Do something Every OTHER day
  • 2 lifting workouts per week
  • Workout is a circuit: do exercises in order a total of 3 times
  • Very little rest between exercises
  • 2 interval sessions and 1 active rest day each week
  • Focus on dieting and losing weight
  • Simple 7 for 7 AB routine every time you workout



Your Homework for this week:

  1. Don’t EAT BREAD– post about things you are eating instead
  2. CHART your hormone symptoms regardless of if you have a cycle or not.  Take notes about your weight, bloat, mood, focus level, energy, pain, hunger, strength, sleep, libido and other items that may be hormone related.  Get to know yourself better!!

Cheers to Charting this Week #2~!!!

I’m alive!!

Happy SuperBowl day ladies!!

I am fired up to be feeling ALIVE again…had a bit of the body flu this week.  Made me TIRED and SORE ALL OVER on Thurs and Fri– started feeling better yesterday.  3 unplanned Days off, but today I’ll be back to it.  Got a Chest/Tri/Abs and Run on tap.

Last night, went out with my kids and MIL to dinner for an early B-day dinner for my twins. They will be 13 on Tues!! SO AMAZED they are that old!

After dinner all 4 of us Berger girls got our ears pierced with a second hole! OUCH and FUN at the same time!!

Hope you are ready for a great week #2~ The MiniChallenge is NO BREAD and this week I have prizes for whoever post the most #nobread photos, thoughts, info extra. To win simply #nobread and tag me in your posts @buffmother on IG and @Michelle Berger on Facebook to be sure I see it!

Winner gets a FREE bottle Seraglow and a tub of BCAA’s!!

Time to roll, this lady has to eat something for my pre-workout so I can be done in time to watch the SUPERBOWL!

Go Broncos!!

My week #1 started off great, but ended up with 4 rest days due to being ill. I “was” planning to workout yesterday, but still had some crazy body aches so opted for 1 more rest day. Already feeling better today!!  I’m excited to hit my workouts again and be better on my diet.
I am one of those people who can’t seem to eat right if I don’t workout.  My diet flies out the window when I’m not active enough.  I think I get bored and stressed when I don’t exercise- so I turn to eating instead, lol!

I tried to enjoy my days off workouts and off plan as much as possible   I had fun with my kids this weekend– we indulged in Subway, Johnny Corino’s and Crispy Creme plus some Super-bowl party fun!  I’m so happy Denver won the game. They were my “first” football team since I grew up in the Denver area! GO BRONCOS!

POA for week #2- finishing up BUFFING
M-Chest/Tri Intervals cday 16
Th- Back/Sh/Biceps intervals Start BOOSTING! I plan to lift heavy!!
F-Chest/Tri Intervals
Sa- Legs
Su- off/active rest
Plus, I have a bunch of trees to get planted!

This week will be very busy– Othro appt for Gunner today, Twin’s Bday on Tues, Wed I’m busy all day with Travis, Thursday we have our Truck getting worked on and then the weekend is V-day (plus- next week is Travis’ bday)!  February is always so busy!

Time to get my workout done!  Let’s have a great week #2!

P.S. For some odd reason my email system is not working properly and didn’t send out our contest email on Sunday. I sent it now and here’s a copy for you.

Our SSS Week #2 Mini Challenge is to Eliminate Bread

Eliminate BREAD from your diet this week…notice anything?

Hope you are ready for a great week #2!!
~ This week I have prizes for whoever post the most public #nobread photos, thoughts, extra info about reasons to cut bread out of your diet, etc….
To win simply #nobread and tag me in your posts @buffmother on IG and @Michelle Berger on Facebook to be sure I see it!

Winner gets a FREE bottle Seraglow~
AND a tub of BCAA’s

Here’s more info:…-challenge-no-bread/

Have fun with the CHALLENGE…a Challenge is supposed to be CHALLENGING!!
Love ya,

p.s. Please comment on my video or blog, every comment
helps us help more women
and keeps you accountable, thanks!!

HT pills subscription on paypal 34.90

HT pills subscription on paypal 34.90

Bday twins~

HI ya!!


Had lunch with my Birthday girl DD Tia and then after-school I need to pick my other  Birthday girl Layla up for a date to go to Subway.

In between, I took this short video for you with some tips and advice for our current challenge! REMEMBER~ This week I have prizes for whoever posts the most public #nobread photos, thoughts, extra info about reasons to cut bread out of your diet, etc…. To win simply #nobread and tag me in your posts @buffmother on IG and @Michelle Berger on Facebook to be sure I see it!

Winner gets a FREE bottle Seraglow and a tub of BCAA’s!!

Had an awesome workout yesterday!

Run 5 mins- 3min@6mph, 2 min@8mph
Chest superset #1~
Bowflex press/punch (could replace with cable machine) 10reps
Bowflex flys 10 reps
Bowflex overhead tri extensions 10reps
Bowflex ab crunch 15reps
on Bench Knee ups 20 reps

Repeat 3x’s

Run 5 mins- 1 min @6mph, 2 min@8mph, 1min@6mph, 1min@8mph

Chest superset #2~
Bench Press 10reps
Bench Tricep Dip 10reps
Ball Sit ups 20 reps

Repeat 4x’s

Run 5 mins- 1 min @6mph, 2 min@8mph, 1min@6mph, 1min@8mph
Chest superset #3~
Overhead Tricep Extensions 10reps
Close grip tricep press 10reps
Hip Ups (weighted) 15 reps
Pull overs 10reps

Repeat 3x’s

Run 6 mins- 1 min @6mph, 2 min@8mph, 1min@6mph, 2min@8mph


Had lunch with my DD Tia and then after-school I need to pick my other DD up for a date to go to Subway.

Gotta get my leg workout done now!

Have a great Tuesday!


Bad eats makes Me feel BAD!

Hey Ladies!

Had a scheduled day off workouts yesterday and guess what, I ate bad. I have got to overcome this issue.  My diet should be better, not worse on off days!
Bad eats makes Me feel BAD!

I was doing really good on my no dairy resolve the past couple weeks then yesterday fell off the wagon with an ice cream cone, a slice of pizza and some cheddar cheese.  In addition to that I ate whoppers, gummy worms, chips and other junk last night– sheesh! Can you say sugar and dairy overload??

I suffered this morning from it– my tummy was upset and my body and head hurt.  Won’t be doing that again in the near future!

I’ve had a better day of eats so far:

M1- eggs with mushrooms, olives, sun dried tomatoes, garlic cooked in coconut oil

M2- pumpkin soup (hamburger and mushrooms and coconut milk +pumpkin + seasonings in beef broth)

Got a chicken roasting in oven and plan to have a snack of a carrot and protein/smoothy after my workout

Now that it’s afternoon, I’m starting to feel some better– gonna hit the weights for my back/sh/biceps and the trail for a nice run outside.  It’s a bit warmer today about 45 degrees.

Entering my boosting phase today~ The plan is to lift heavier than I have in recent months!! I’m excited for it!

Keep up the great work!



Hey all!! Had a much better diet day yesterday and so far today–Makes my body and tummy so much happier!!

Just finished a heavier boosting Chest/Tri workout

Bench 45×20, 95×6, 115x6x3sets, 95×10

some bicep curls between sets

Incline flys 35#’sx6, 7, 6

Chest dips 6, 4

Bowflex flys 60x10x3sets

Tricep extensions 55x6x2sets

hip ups, sit ups, ball sit ups

Yesterday was an 18 min run outside and a short back/bi/shoulder workout, striving to do more pull ups!! The whole workout was miserable, but a win because I did it!!


Saturday thoughts on thyroid

It’s my DH’s bday on Tuesday (and DEBRA’s too!!)… the first text he sent me to day was, “when do I get to start celebrating my  birthday?”  So CUTE!!

I worked out the past 2 days–makes me feel good about pushing through!  I may take today off, or I may take tomorrow off– haven’t decided which one and I have not decided what workout to do either– a run or LEGS??   I’ll play it by ear depending on what else we end up doing today

Been watching VIKININGS season 1 on Amazon Prime~ I love that show!!

Eats today have been a bit weird: Cucumber and Salami, Eggs and Shrimp….plan to make some more quiona today and have chicken bone broth cooking and hamburger defrosting for burgers later.

I started taking my Thyroid meds on Wed. not feeling much change just yet, the dose is really small and have the go ahead from the Dr. to double it if I want to try that~ thinking about trying that this weekend. I’d love to have more energy– but I also don’t want any weird side effects– so keeping it at the lowest dose for a bit may be smart. I have noticed I seem to be more hungry– so that may mean my metabolism is kicking up a notch.  FYI…I went through all this thyroid business 2 years ago– trying 3 different type of meds then ended up quitting taking the meds all together because I felt so crappy (in my brain mostly– had body dis-morphia bad too– I thought I was fat– a total lie) and was losing muscle mass.  I felt better off them the first 6 months or so, but then I started feeling worse again.  My numbers now are lower than 3 years ago, so Dr. thinks I’m pretty much set to have to take meds for the duration.  I don’t like that idea at all  I have hope that through food choices and supplementation I can regain my good thyroid levels.

Anyhow, enough of that~ have a great Saturday!

Fired up for LUNGES week!!

OH yeah my booty is in for some fun this week!!  It’s going to be fun to feel my booty shape up from the challenge SSS week #3- Mini Challenge: 100 Lunges

As I mentioned in the email the one who posts the most about LUNGES will win a bottle of Growth 191– it’s an awesome workout support supplement!!

My kids are off school today for President’s day, so I’m taking Tia out on her “birthday date”… she wants to get a purity ring and some other items~ we’ll also go out to eat. Should be fun!

POA for the week:

*Daily 100 lunges!
M- Run intervals on Treadmill
T- Legs
W- Back/Sh/Biceps and intervals
Th- Chest
F- Intervals
Sa- Legs
Su- Intervals?? or OFF??

I also need to plant a bunch of trees- weather is supposed to be AwESOme!! IN the 70’s!!

Family fun!

HEY YA!! gotta be quick today– It’s DH’s Bday so lots to do to prepare for when he gets home.

Yesterday, finished out my twin’s bday with a date with Tia~ her present We had a good time! Bought her a purity ring, some new track shoes/clothes and at out at PFChangs– YUMMY!!

Last night when I got home, I hit the treadmill. Did intervals at 8mph, 3 for 2 mins and 3 for 1 min– made 2 mi in 16:30, total time 20 mins.

I also got in my 100 lunges!! I did 20 forward lunges 20 stationary lunges 20 rear lunges 40 side lunges plus I ran 20 mins of intervals ‪#‎challenge‬ ‪#‎lunges‬ ‪#‎buffmother‬Got in 25mins on the bike today and now I’m set to do legs~ including more lunges!!Have a great day!-Michelle

Oh boy, me booty is sore!

Hey ladies, sure hope your lunges week is treating you to some booty pain like me, lol!! Oh boy, me booty is sore!!  i just love a sore booty

FYI- “no frump” February is going nicely…several of my recent #nofrump actions include wearing my favorite purple lipstick, did a little braid in my hair for a fun new style, started using some Neurium new face and body contouring lotion (Thanks Jenni) , have shaved my legs, used some self tanner and have worn some cute outfits!

My leg workout from yesterday~
warm up- 3 sets step ups
Abductions with bands 2 sets both legs together in semi-squat, 2 sets 1 leg at a time

BW Bulgarians (split leg squats) 10ea leg (20)

Deads- stiff
conventional 95×10

2 sets hip twists between sets

BW Bulgarians (split leg squats) 10ea leg (20)

Deads- Romainian

paired with Knee Extensions

Lunges- forward bar on back
65×10 alternating (20)
65×10 one leg at a time (20)
laying side leg raises between sets 15 reps each leg x2sets
Stationary lunges
65×10  (20)

The birthday celebration for Travis went very well, He’s excited about the next year!  It’s kinda a cool birthday year for him…his 46th Bday was on 2-16 of the year 2016.  Must count as some sort of a GOLDEN YEAR or something!

Anyhow, Kids have been sickly a bit recently. Gunner came home with a fever yesterday and is home sick today.  Gracie is also not feeling well– she informed me she’s wearing SWEATS to school today because of it…silly teens!

My plan for today is to clean up my kitchen, do some paperwork, get my workout done (back/shoulders and biceps) to lift….then get outside a bit, got to plant some more trees!

I’ve been working on some “BuffMother Interviews”…FUN STUFF!! look for many more of them to be published on my site soon!! I have ones coming from Brenda, Darcie, Christine, Jenni, Suzi, Sherry, Pat and the First one went up today…KATHY’s!!…mother-an-interview/

If you would like to be INTERVIEWED, just let me know!

Love ya’s,


I’m back for Back day!

Yesterday was a non-planned day off of workouts. I took a nap instead. BUT, I’m Back for BACK DAY today!!
Before I recap my workout, let me say Congrats to our SuperStar Success winner for week 2 posting
#nobreadchallenge Debra Golding!!  …and thanks to our sponsor KFM Brands – High T Pro …be sure to keep posting using #lungefor this week’s prize a bottle of Growth 191, it’s a great help in recovery from workouts and helps to lower cortisol levels too!!

Back day went like this~

Pull ups 5 + 2 negatives, 3

Inverted pull ups plus hanging hip ups 10  of each x3 sets

Shoulder press

Bicep curls

lat rows with KB

Run intervals on treadmill 

I also did my lunges between sets– 20x2sets of spy lunges, 20x2sets Jumping lunges, 20 side (gliding) 

300 lunges left, uftda!

3 days left in our 100 lunges per day challenge~ remember to win our prize of GROWTH 191 from KFM Brands – High T Propost anything about lunging (a pic, a video, a comment on one of my lunge videos on youtube, etc…) with the hashtags #lunge#buffmotherand tag me if possible I am either Michelle Berger or BuffMother on all social media so I can be sure to see your posts Here’s the link to more info on this challenge~…hallenge-100-lunges/ 

Also, don’t forget to read Kathy’s interview, she talks a lot about how she overcame adrenal fatigue.…mother-an-interview/

I posted this short little bio on YouTube today~ Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Now, I’m getting set to go plant some trees, been meaning to make progress on them all week, but life seems to always get in the way, ha! I’ll do my lunges as I plant  Goal is to plant 100 trees!

We’ll see how I feel afterwards on if I have the energy for a chest workout or not.

TGIF, Michelle

I love cycle day 1 because I know it’s time for my body to release and release it needed this month– I was so bloated yesterday!  Started my period this morning and already feeling less bloated, just wish these cramps would go away!

Yesterday turned out to be a good day…Gunner had to go to the Dr., he’d been sick since Monday. He got a shot and some meds for a sinus and ear infection. Hopefully he’ll be a new man come Monday.  The girls all went to stay overnight with their Grandma, so it was a really quiet evening.

I managed to get in 20 mins on the bike in the morning and then planted about 45 trees plus did my lunges. I was BEAT!  But not too tired for a fire~

It was AWESOME! I love fires….we are going to burn some more today. But this time not in our firepit.  I’ll take more pics!

Today’s exercise will be prepping and building the fire~ PLUS, I’ll get in my lunges and probably plant a few more trees.

Have a great weekend,


p.s. Here’s some pics from yesterday

Hey SuperSTAR challengers~ week 4 checkin!

Hey SuperSTAR challengers~
Can you believe we are already done with 3 weeks
of the SuperSTAR Success Contest!?!
Let’s have a little interaction and conversation…..
and we’ll “talk”-
Answer the following questions:
How are you doing?
Are you staying on track?
Are you seeing results?
Have you participated in the Mini-Challenges?
Our Mini-Challenge for week #4 is NO DAIRY~
Dairy is any product made from COW’s milk.
Let’s shoot to eliminate it from our diets
this week and just see what happens~
Life without dairy is very doable and
actually not bad.
Be sure to share you thoughts and results
on this challenge.
AND let me know if you have any questions,

CONSISTENCY!! is the goal~

The ONLY way you are going to see results in your diet and fitness efforts is through CONSISTENCY!  One of the main reasons Hormonal Timing and TEAM BuffMother work is because they help you stay more CONSISTENT!  Try using this “Weekly Consistency Report”– it’s easy to copy+paste into your blog posts every weekend to help you stay consistent! Be Accountable to yourself!

You can get your’s here


Weekly Consistency Report

How many weight workouts did I complete last week: 3
How many intervals training sessions did I complete last week: 2 on treadmill
How many cardio sessions and/or EXTRA Activities did I do last week:
did extra biking sessions 3 days last week, plus planted trees for 2 hours on Friday and built a fire (raking and hauling wood) for 2 hours  and another hour cleaning my yard on Saturday. Did my 100 lunges every day except Saturday when I only got 80 done.
How many days of the week did I workout: 6…I am counting the tree planting day and the fire building day.

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? My hormones, felt blah and bloated
Who did I encourage this week?  My DH, it was his bday– he was a little sad about it… and My Son, he was sick several days last week.


MY POA (Plan Of Attack!!!!) for this week #____4- Date: 2-22-16_______

What is my main goal this week with my workouts? Lift everyday except Saturday– I start buffing on Wed! Add in sprints
What is my main goal this week in my diet? Stay true to my PLAN- no dairy, no bread, no coffee- lots of greens!

How do I see my workouts shaping up this week?

Monday: Chest/Triceps and run outside + 3 Sprints
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Back/Shoulders/Biceps and run intervals
Thursday:Chest/Triceps and intervals on bike
Friday: Legs
Saturday: run intervals (hopefully outside) +4 sprints
Sunday: Back/Shoulders/Biceps

I’m having babies

I’m having baby chickens!! I just got an incubator yesterday and will start the process once my hen decides to lay an egg, lol! The incubator holds 10 so her next 10 eggs are MINE, haha!!  Then in just 21 days I should start having baby chickens!

Other than that my pre-spring projects are to…

  • continue planting more trees– got about 25 more done yesterday.
  • get 5 pounds off my body in the next 3 weeks (have a little “trip” planned)
  • Clear out garage and get new door
  • do my taxes
  • paint Gracie’s room

Yesterday turned out good– I slept in a bit…then got outside to plan trees, ran sweats into town for Tia, lifted chest/triceps, ran outside hills (3) and sprints (4).
Then, cleaned house with the kids for a bit and relaxed with DH outside looking at the FULL MOON!

Eating was much better also~ got in a good variety of protein: Eggs, Chicken, Roast, Carbs: BBQ sauce, carrot Fats: Avacado, olive oil, meat fat, dressing, pecans Greens: Spinach, onion

I’ve felt on and off for a long time that Coconut Oil and I are NOT FRIENDS…thinking I an “sensitive” to it!  Going to try being off it again this week in conjunction with no dairy, no caffeine and no bread, lol!

I’m on cycle day 4 today, a typical TIRED day for me each month. I slept in again but have legs on tap here in a bit.  My scale finally went down under 140 again today~ I was 139.8.

I posted a good LEG workout here– gives me inspiration to do that same one today!!…oosting-leg-workout/

Have a great day!


p.s. this is the video I posted yesterday Bess referred to about PMS

Now that I look at my week, I did a decent job….but not nearly as many lifting workouts as I had hoped.  That needs to change this week

New interview up…Jenni Steuve!

Please read and enjoy this BuffMother Interview with Jenni Stueve she is a young spunky, positive, creative, motivated mother who will inspire you to be your best!

Last night I got in my Leg workout
Deads 105×10, 135x10x2sets sets
Step ups 2 sets of 10 with one leg at a time and opposite high knee
135×10, 155x10x2sets
Hip twists between sets

Knee extensions
Laying side leg lifts 2xa5 reps
Plus a few abs
Chose to do no lunges, lol!

“There is no finish line. It’s a continuous journey and I’m always looking to push my limits. ”

I see last weeks LUNGES!

It’s so fun that I see last weeks LUNGES on my booty!! It inspired me to add some lunges back into my workout today…

Chest/Tri/Abs and some bi’s + lunges and intervals
Warm up bike 5 mins
95×15 (forgot to add weight so I added reps)

Incline flys
30’sx10 easy

Bench tri dips 2 sets x10
Tricep extensions
55×6, 50×7

In between sets did 2 sets x20 reps knee ups on bench, hyper extensions 2 sets, side lungs 15 reps each leg, step lunges 15 reps each, jumping lunges x20 total, knee ups x15repsx2sets, Stationary lunges 15 reps each, Bicep curl machine 55x15x2sets, 65x10x2sets and stanging pose flexes 20repsx2sets

Intervals 20 mins 2.24mi total, easy mins at 6mph, hard at 8mph x 7 total felt pretty cruddy, took a 1 min stretch break after the first mile which helped

Yesterday I did Back/Shoulders and biceps…still at 5 pull ups only, hoping that by the end of the SSS I can pump out 10. I had intervals hanging over my head, but decided to push them to today.

I am 4 for 4 on lifting workouts and 2/3 on intervals so far

Scared I’m getting a cold, been having a runny nose, etc… all afternoon.  But, it may just be side effects from being out by the fire last night– that smoke can do that!  Can you see the bird in the flame from our fire last night?

Eats have been good the past couple days.  Doing eggs in the morning, salad for lunch and then a rather normal dinner– tonight was meat loaf. I really don’t have an appetite right now, it’s so nice!! Also eating an avocado and beets daily

This morning I weighed in at 138.8, down another pound!! YAY!…Gotta love cycle day 6~  so weight is back to where I was at the start of the contest, lol!  On the 11th/12th Travis and I have a little “get away” planned, so I am hoping to be 135 by then.  It’d be so nice to fit into my jeans!

Time to chill, have a good night!


p.s. congrats to Rhonda, she won our #lunges Challenge next week and gets a free choice of her free product from


Hi Ya!!

Thursday night I felt like I was getting sick, then Friday the symptoms got worse. I did still manage to have a good productive day and even got in a decent small leg workout. I did some lighter deads, squats and step ups followed up by some ball work. I’m planning to video a full body ball workout~ It’s a fun “alternative” type workout!

Thankfully yesterday i was feeling much, much better!! Had good energy again which we used to build a nice fire to finish off cleaning up our “Garden of Eden” area. It was a good restful day.

Today, has been a super lazy morning.  I’ve got a upper body lifting and run on tap a bit later…for now I’m just getting our SSS contest email sent and posted!

Hope you are having a restful weekend, so you are fired up for week#5!!

God Bless,

Belief week!! and Makin’ Changes MARCH!

Well, February just flew by!! It was a good month and I feel like so many of us got some great MOJO heading into March! Let’s amp up that mojo by building our belief even more this week.  Belief is the first step to change.  In order to believe something you have to literally POUND IT INTO YOUR BRAIN!  Great ways to build belief are to read inspirational stories (like these buffmother interviews), focus on the truths that you believe and to read motivational belief quotes or verses.  Just strive to BELIEVE and share with us!!

This March let’s focus on doing thing differently. Let’s MAKE CHANGES that impact our lives for the positive. Let’s do things that are hard, different and scary…I challenge you to MAKE CHANGES because making change will challenge you and challenge will change you!

Makin’ Changes MARCH!

Got my workout in earlier today, did a solid CHEST/Triceps workout at noon, and I also got in some sunshine while listening to a sermon and then later an audiobook! It’s fun to feel the power of the sun already!

Last week was so much better for workouts, I got in 5+ lifting workouts, 3 hard interval runs including sprints twice, I worked out 6 days total and had a very active rest day on Saturday.  Diet can always be better, but I am truly feeling leaner, a bit stronger, with more energy!

The week ahead looks like this:
T- legs, W- Run Back/Shoulders/Biceps/intervals, Th- Chest/Triceps, F- run intervals, Sat- Legs, Sun- run

Hope you are fired up for MARCH!!


More on belief~

This week’s coaching topic is about Belief!!

We all have things we believe deeply in. I challenge you to increase your BELIEF level this week!! You need to BELIEVE! In this video I assign a “homework” task for you…


Here’s the video:

Some GREAT Belief Quotes:

Mark 11:23,24 Jesus said ” I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this Mountain, ‘Go throw yourself into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”
“You’ve got to believe you’ve got it, before you get it”- Joyce Meyer

“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities.” -Voltaire

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”-Oprah

“God didn’t have time to make a nobody, only a somebody.I believe that each of us has God-given talents within us waiting to be brought to fruition.”~Mary Kay Ash

“Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe.”
-Norman Vincent Peale

“You can do it if you believe you can!”-Napoleon Hill

Keep on Believing Ladies~



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