Off to the races

Off to the races!

Hey ya ladies!! GUESS WHAT?? We have 168 ladies in the SSS contest with us!!

Many of you are participating both here and in our Facebook Private group! (if you would like to be added to the group, message me on facebook please)

THANKS FOR YOUR INVOLVEMENT!!  Darcie who is my super HELPER– made this really colorful Fun Printable for you…be sure to print it off to help you stay accountable during the 10 weeks~  SSS InfoGraphic Checklist
In conjunction with our contest we have 2 focuses this February– No Frump and FOODIE February. Details here~ Foodie and NO Frump February

Starting this month’s “no frump February” off strong!! wearing my new leather look pants , earrings and boots….do at least 1 thing daily to fight the frump this February! #nofrump #buffmother


My eats day 1 went well too…

up at 6am

apple cider vinegar and water
Detox tea
3 poached eggs
Kipper Snacks and carrot
~Planted trees for 1.5 hours~ got about 50 in the ground
Burger (small) and Cucumber
Chips- while running errands with son
Took starting stats, pics–ended up cramping like crazy! Drank salt water and took some Ionic Magnesium
~Workout- Lift upper and intervals
Steak more cucumbers, glass of wine 6oz
Spinach Salad with Pecans, Turkey, Red onion and Olive Garden Italian DressingMore tea

Overall, My eating was good– didn’t plan on the chips or wine, but I kept both to a small portion and really have no desire to keep up with that.  I am on my 2nd week of no coffee and no dairy.  I did have a slight cheat on the dairy with some cheese on Sunday, but honestly I’m not missing it much at all!! My tummy is so much happier without both!

Very happy with how my body is starting to feel stronger and leaner than last month for sure!!  Also my tummy is so much better!!….but I HATE the state of my legs right now. NEVER have I carried fat/water retention in my legs like this and NEVER have I had such bad cellulite. I really am worried something is amiss with my kidneys or thyroid…hoping to find out my test results from the Dr. today!

My workout was weird, as I mentioned in my food log, I was dealing with cramps and being HUNGRY, but I can’t run with food in my tummy so I powered through.

Circuit 1:
Push up on handles 12reps x3sets
Bicep curls 50#x12x3sets
Hyper-extensions 15 reps x2sets

Circuit 2:
Bench 95×10, 105×8, 105×8
Bicep Curl Machine 55×10, 65×10
Hip Ups and Knee ups- one set each

Run intervals- 8 mphx1min 3x’s, 8mph x 2 mins 3x’s 20mins on treddy total for 2.2 mi FELT the tree planting in my rt. hip and left knee~ I was EXHAUSTED!

Went to bed pretty early last night and am SORE from all I did yesterday– swinging a pick axe and planting 50 trees is not easy!

I’ll post my starting pics and stats in a different post….

Hope our DAY 2 is great too!!

Love ya,

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