November 2015

New Chapter November!!

HI  ya!! Well today is a new chapter in my life and business.  I am no longer a sponsored athlete for Gym Angel.  I loved working with them over the past year, today would have been my 1 year anniversary with them, but it was time to end it.

Instead I am now working with a BIGGER company King Fisher Media…they have some amazing supplements and specialize in HORMONE support supplements. So they are right up my alley! It should be fun and interesting to get to talk  more about my LOVE FOR HORMONES!!  They hired me on to work promoting mainly their new PRO Line to men!! FUN STUFF!!


So…I’m heading to Omaha tomorrow. Had to rent a car due to many circumstances– so that means an earlier morning tomorrow than I had planned.

Leaving here at 6:30 to get rental then hoping to leave home by 9 for the 6 hour drive to Suzi’s house!!


We have fun plans for Tues, Wed, and Thursday!! Can’t wait to see everyone!!


Today is all about getting ready, had hopes to do a leg workout, but running low on time– so I’ll hit the trail for a run and a tiny leg workout?? \

My workouts over the weekend were biking intervals on Sat and then RAKING for an hour yesterday. So nothing too intense


Also, I need to try to take my ending stats, but honestly I may just do it when I get home since I didn’t get my starting stats done right away– this weekend would make it 4 weeks.  YEP, that sounds like a good plan!


Okay, gotta go!! I’ll try to check in from Omaha some– and I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures!!

Catch up!

HI ya’ll!! just got off a conference call with an amazing new company/product!

Check this out…


So…to update, I was exhausted after the trip to see Suzi in Omaha last week.


Tues- got there and settled in visited and talked fitness, diet, exercise and families.  It was really fun to get to hang out with Suzi’s kids and hubby too. They are truly a solid loving family!


Wed- did a training session with Suzi and her sparkplug of a client Renae, she worked her tail off and I was impressed with her and with how Suzi interacted with her client.

Then after a little snack, Suzi and I had a chance to work out with Brenda at Better Bodies. We did upper body stuff, mostly Back, Shoulders and Biceps. It was a great time!


Then I had a conference call with my new gig as the Spokes Model and Fitness Expert for High T Pro Formula Five(KFM) To talk about how our new business relationship.


Ate an amazing steak dinner out with group…we had about 12 ladies all together, it was fun to reconnect with many ladies I’ve known for years and meet a couple new friends in person too!!


We were off to the races again first thing Thursday, with a leg workout at Gold’s gym. Then a yummy Mexican lunch with Sherry and Lisa before the Open house @ Lisa’s new Chiropractic office. She’s doing the most amazing business called NutriMost that’s helping so many people regain their health and lose massive amounts of weight.

Then, that night we headed out to our own “BuffMother” Event at a local elementary school promoting Suzi’s business…

We were beat when that was finished and had a good Dinner out afterwards.


Then Friday was all about getting home to drive away again to

my son’s last regular season football game which was a nail bitter, thankfully they won 34-30!!


When I woke up Saturday, I could hardly move!! Sore and exhausted…Travis and my DD Gracie went out hunting– her first deer hunt ever!! They came back with no dear, but she did get a squirrel.


Then Sunday it was all about errands, laundry, dishes, football, and hunting again…this time Gracie got a deer! YAY!! she was fired up!!


Now it’s back to reality time. I’m getting a lot done and going to hit the trail for a run now.  The girls have their first BB games at 3:30 today an hour away, so not sure I’ll get to see them??  Anyhow, busy, busy!!


I’ll post pictures later, but I did put several up in our Team BuffMother facebook group.


have a super monday!


p.s. I also plan to still finish my FCH entry pics tomorrow!!

30 days get Buff!

Hi Ladies!! I am starting the 30 days get buff program full body workout program for myself today.  If you want to join in, it’s in our FORUM.


I’ll also be featuring it soon on facebook.  First I want to get through it myself and do some video instruction for it along with some “printables”…I may also put it on my app


Lifting~ “Basics” DAY#1- full body
warm up- run outside 11 mins

40 walking lunges x2sets

40 walking high knees x 2sets


45×15 (warm up)
155x10x2 sets


45#x15 (warm up)
95#x 10

115#x8 x2sets
Pull ups 6+4 inverted, 4.5+ 6 inverted


Knee ups

Hip twists 3 sets

Ball sit ups 15 reps
2×15 (set 1 after set 1 of pull ups, set 2 affter pull ups)

Hanging hip ups 2 sets of 10 squeeze butt

Clean press practice 1 set of 10 w/bar

lateral and front raises with 10#plates x 10 each superset


Yesterday, I got in a solid interval run outside. 1 min on 1 min off for 20 with 4 min warm up and a 2 min cool down.  Then I did a couple sets of push ups, hip stretching and 1 set of bench.


I also started taking Restore yesterday…so far so good!!


have a great one!

Intervals done

Hey ladies…as I mentioned yesterday, I’m doing the 30 days GET BUFF program. It’s a full body program and I have full body soreness today from yesterday’s workout!! WOWIE!


This week I’ve had taking pics, measurements and stats on my to do list daily. Didn’t get them done today I will do them tomorrow!!


However, I did just finish my intervals!! YAY!!


Day #2 Workout:

DAY #2
“1 minute Intervals”
20 mins total: (7 hard mins )
3 min. warm up 6mph 2%incline
1 min. hard  8mph 2%incline
1 min. easy 6mph 2%incline
1 min. hard 8mph 2%incline
1 min. easy  6mph 2%incline
1 min. hard 8mph 2%incline
1 min. easy  6mph 2%incline
1 min. hard 8mph 2%incline
1 min. easy 6mph 3%incline
1 min. hard 8 mph 3%incline
1 min. easy  6mph 3%incline
1 min. hard 8 mph 3%incline
1 min. easy  6mph 3%incline
1 min. hard 8 mph 3%incline


4min. cool down  6mph 2%incline

day 3, stats pics ending for FCH

I finally got it done today…took my ending pics for the FCH, which will serve nicely as my starting 30 days to Buff pics too…
Today’s workout was a circuit style lifting workout.
For this specific workout we are focusing on “auxiliary” lifts- different exercises than we did on day 1 that will “hit” our muscles a little differently.  The moves are mostly for smaller muscle groups than BASIC moves, thus termed Auxillary.


Workout Day #3
“Auxiliary day”
CIRCUIT very little rest between sets= 15-30 seconds
Exercises: Upper:
1. Push ups
4×10 1 set pigeon toe
2. Tricep extensions
3×10 45# curl bar
3. Bicep curls
3×10 45#x1 set, 55#x 2 sets
4. Shoulder press
3×10 45#x1 set, 55#x 2 sets
5. Leg curls 50# bowflex
6. Leg extensions
3×10 115×1 set, 125x2set
7. Old school sit ups 20slow, 40 short, 20 hammie
8. Cats/dogs
plus hip ups


Today’s Date:__10-11-15  11-12-15_______ height:____5-6.5_________     weight:___136.6 end 136.2________ age:_40______
Today’s cycle day- 5  cday 10

Please list the following measurements-

Bust (around breasts the biggest part):37, 37
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides):34, 35
Chest- flexed back and chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):37, 37.5
Waist- relaxed (the smallest part):29,28
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part):27, 26.5
Hips (the largest part of your butt):37.5, 37
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):41, 42
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):10.25, 11
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm):11.5, 12
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap):20, 20.5
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap):22.5, 22
Calf (about 7” below knee joint):13.25, 13

Ill- 10, 10
Ab-20, 18
Th-10, 9
Tri-8, 7
2015-11-12 21.47.352015-11-12 21.49.372015-11-12 21.51.372015-11-12 21.54.40


i desire a lot of things in life…I desire to be happy, healthy, confident, secure, wealthy, Godly, inspirational, successful, beautiful, powerful, to be loved, etc…

most of us do have similar desires!


I also desire to live in the moment.  I feel like I’ve gotten better at this. For years I wished away my days looking to the future for hopes of fulfilled desires. It has taken a focused conscious effort to change that mindset.  I am all for having goals, but I am determined to have joy on the journey.


With that said I am setting some simple goals for myself over the next month:

1- follow my workout plan to a T (30 days get buff)

2- decrease my dairy and gluten intake

3- focus on one day at a time, finding joy in every situation and making it count


The FCH contest provided me some great results.  Even though I didn’t attain my goal weight, I attained so much!

At the start of the 4 weeks I was SICK! Seriously, having issues with my Kidneys and had been sick for about 2 months– 2 UTI’s and the FLU in between.

I implemented a few new supplements in October and they are really helping me!

Several of the items are B-vitamins, I also started using the High T pro line and I started taking a small dose of DHEA.  I’ve also been trying to use a protein shake again daily– putting spinach in it too for a serving of folate rich greens.

I feel like I have some energy again!! YAY!

I also rebuilt some of the strength and muscle that I had lost during my “sick” time and I am back to running more again.

I lost inches and gained others all in the right places.


If I can keep the momentum that I started in the FCH, I will see more of the belly fat I want gone, disappear

It’s a process and I am determined to stay healthy and happy during the journey!!

Quick Sprints

Hey Ya!!

Just wanted to update, I got in my day 4 workout of the 30 days to buff.  It was sprints. I’ve been sprinting about 1 time a week so I started with 5x100m after a 10 min warm up jog…then I finished with a 10 min bike cool down.


Crazy about the killings in Paris while my good friends are there on vacation right now! They are ok, but sure is scary!


Time for Friday night football!! Gunner is playing in playoffs in Little Rock– too far for us to drive, so we are STREAMING it! Wow, I love technology!!




Football days

I was so sore from my sprints on Friday that I was so thankful to find out it was a rest day!! I did my best to relax. We watched more football…By the way Gunner’s team lost, so he’s officially in the “off season”. NDSU Bison and ARKANSAS both won their games!! Also, I was very happy to hear Rhonda Rousey lost, she is such an unlikable person! Today got in my day 6 workout~

Day #6
“Others day”
Incline flys
4×10 30×10, 35x10x3sets
Dead lifts warmed up 2 sets leg curls 40#x10 bowflex
4×10 135x10x4sets
4×10  45barx10, 55#x10x2sets, skipped 4th set
KB row
4×10  40#KBx3setsx10 reps and 1 sets 55#barx15reps
Ball crunches w/10#plate
Ab wheel 1 set, hip twists, standing leg raises and hyperextendions


REST between sets= 2mins-feel free to stertch and do abs between sets!

Travis just left to hunt a bit, when he gets back we’ll watch the Vikinigs play the Raiders. Have a relaxing day! -Michelle

On it!

I’ve been on track for my workouts the entire last week…feels good!

Yesterday morning did my intervals on the bike– that was painful. I’d much rather do running intervals

I had 2 kids home sick yesterday, now just my son today…the flu’s been going around our house. Travis was hit hard with it last week! I’m thinking I am safe and immune because I had the flu in September (fingers crossed)


Today, it’s raining here like CRAZY! and I’m going to clean and get my workout done.  Plus, I really need to hit the store for some food…i’ll think about that once this rain slows down.


I’m really loving all the interaction on our Team Buffmother facebook group, be sure to invite or “add” your friends to the group. We need to grow



A Win!!

I just had a big win…almost skipped today’s workout but I didn’t. I just ran intervals~ YAY!!

P.S. It’s time for our Team BuffMother Secret Santa gift exchange!! This year we are exchanging Fitness Accessories like lifting gloves, water bottles, head bands, hats, visors, mittens, socks, sleeves, etc… ($25 value).

If you’d like to participate email your full name, mailing address and phone number to deadline for registration is Dec 1!

Day 9 is Day 8

Today was supposed to be day 9 of 30 days get buff, but I added an interval workout yesterday.  Got my lifting done today!! YAY!!


Day #8
“Heavy day”
Lat Pulls
lateral raises
High knees
Ab wheel

Here’s a pic of my weights-

p.s. today’s Know you better November question~
What hobbies do you have?
Please answer so we can KNOW you better…
my hobbies include farm/work, driving tractor, hunting, anything sporty, and I would also add photography, acting, modeling and dancing!

Oh fun, it’s sprint day– why did I make a program where you sprint the day after lifting insanely heavy weights? Seriously, It’s been many moons since I’ve squatted up to 175 and I feel it.  I’d better get the sprints done BEFORE I get more sore!


Been catching up on computer work today– fun times– not sure how I ended up with a job behind the computer?? I became a trainer so I wouldn’t have to be at a desk ever…now look at me, that’s where I am at least 5 hours a day! Well, that will change because I am going to delegate my behind the computer work soon!! I just have to make a bit more profit then I can hire at least 1 more helper


Can you believe it’s only 35 days until Christmas
Should we do a challenge to help us stay in shape until then??
Comment if interested!


My current give away– EVERYONE needs this product!

Now, I’m off to get my sprints done!!


n pause…

I’m on a Pause at day 10 of my 30days get buff.  It’s been GREAT for me to switch things up with the full body workout program~ loving it and my results. I’m only on Pause because I was not totally immune from the sickies that have been going around our house the past 2 weeks, I now have a tiny “COLD”…I could have worked out today, but have chosen to rest instead.


Yesterday I had a great workout. I did a treadmill run of intervals and about 4 sets of bicep curls.

Refueled with this yummy salad and later ROAST!!


Just got this cool sweater in the mail~ but look at how different it is vs. what the picture showed on the site>>> Silly huh?

The remainder of today is  is to watch football,  GO BISON and GO HOGS!! Then start up at day 11 again tomorrow before watching the VIKINGS beat the Packers!! GO VIKES!!

Your football obsessed friend,

1 step forward, 2 steps back….

I have to say, this past month has been a big win!! Whenever I’ve had an obstacle..when I’ve felt like I’ve taken a step back, I’ve been able to overcome it and move 2 steps forward in response.   BUT, NOT TODAY

Today is has been 2 steps backward!

I was hit with a cold Fri/Sat then felt much better yesterday, I even got in a great workout— but couldn’t sleep last night and now today I feel worse than I did Saturday, WHAHHHHAAAA!!!


At least I got in a good workout yesterday– SQUATS, Bench, Pull ups and some abs and booty work between.

We also watched Vikings– too bad they lost, DH gets grumpy about it.

And I watched part of Thelma and Louise– that movie is truly tragic.


Not sure what I’ll accomplish today– been sitting here hoping to feel better. I need to get moving and maybe find some energy.


Healed up, back to it!!


Well I am HEALED up from my chest cold, yay!! Thanks for your prayer and well wishes. I was able to go for a run of 19 mins steady then 6 hard 12 sec sprints yesterday and workout today– did 20 mins bike then later did 20 mins full body lifting workout (GET BUFF DAY 13).


We had a stellar Thanksgiving feast yesterday– tons of Turkey, somehow I got a 20 pounder! SHEESH that thing was huge!!

Anyhow, we also at all kinds of yummy, watch football and just relaxed!! It was great!!


Hope you had a wonderful day too!!


Finish 2015 STRONG

We’ll today I am making goals for myself– time to detox from the holiday fun and look ahead to DECEMBER 1st, tomorrow!!

So…my plan is to now switch to a 3 day lifting split.





Intervals/cardio on upper body days


Then back to NO/very LOW Carb diet.  Protein, Greens and FATS baby!!

I am ready for the change and will do my best to journal and be accountable here.





In case anyone missed it we are doing a FINISH STRONG challenge– simply post your workout proof pics daily.  You can join in either in or on our Facebook Group


OH please Don’t miss out on this give away!!!

…just a few hours left to enter $250 worth of amazing products!! Please enter


Also, here’s a fun radio interview I did a couple months back…f6d3ad4ad0a7b93da377



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