Stretching my POA and some features

Just thought I’d pop it to day HI!!!

Things are going good here– but I have to tell ya, not as much “vacation” going on as I wanted. I guess that’s why people go out of town to vacation!


Anyhow, got in a good workout yesterday. But am “stretching out” my POA– my body just doesn’t want to workout as hard as my brain thinks it should.

I got in my 2 ab workouts + some Chest lifting yesterday as planned, but skipped my intervals. I’m going to do them now…and move legs to tomorrow.


A new thing I’ll be doing as we head into the fall is featuring some articles and info contained within our VIP area of

Today’s features:

4 simple rules about effective workouts~




Time to go run, it should be awesome! The weather here today is insanely beuatiful, 75 and sunny!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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