One weird day

First off I want to give a big THANKS to everyone who posted such kind words in response to my facebook status update yesterday. I am truly blessed and thankful. Sometimes, I may LOVE others a bit too much and am shocked when they don’t love me back equally, HA!

But, that will not stop me from loving. Putting my heart out there, giving love freely, is what I am called to do and the alternative is not an option!! I love you!!

I am also so Thankful yesterday is OVER…it was ONE WEIRD DAY! Full of bad, good, bad, enjoyment and really bad stuff. PLUS, it turned out to be cycle day 1, go figure?

Today is a new day and I’m ready to take on whatever is in store for me!

No looking back only looking ahead…

One thing that I’ve really been slacking on are my diet choices. I have certain rules that I “KNOW” I should live by when it comes to healthy food selection that I have been breaking like crazy!! The rules I have for my diet are much to do with my body’s own sensitivities but also just common sense about healthy choices. I’ve been rebelling and it’s time to stop some of my bad habits NOW!

At the start of AUGUST I was determined to eliminate bread from my diet …I’ve been doing better but yesterday, I totally broke that rule! A double cheeseburger from McD’s and a Ruben at home last night– not good for my tummy! Bread seems to rip apart my digestive tract– I get bad issues from eating it, but yet I seem to tempt fate continually with it.

Another bad habit I’ve been getting into is allowing NITRATES into my diet– Just yesterday I had salami, beef jerky, deli meat and I’m sure that Mc D’s burger has all sorts of crap in it including Nitrates.

The 3rd thing rule I’ve been breaking is eating tons of dairy– especially cheese and butter. I am lactose sensitive and know diary causes tons of inflammation in my body. I must work to cut it down to a minimum.

So for the remainder of Aug my diet goals are simple:


NO Nitrates

NO Dairy except for half and half in my morning coffee

Simple Enough– just have to stick to it!!

I have other bad habits at the moment, but these 3 items are my focus for now. By September I’ll be brave enough to address some others

My POA for the day:

Do ABS– make up for yesterday and Do Today’s challenge

Do A run– outside

Get hair done! This is overdoo…

then, “Chill Out” with my family– eat some GOOD Food and make a solid to do list for tomorrow. I’ve got lots to catch up on!!

Thanks for listening, LOVE YOU!!

xoxoxo~ Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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