Muscle Burns Fat!

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Day 1 of my all days in august workout challenge. I tallied 45 min doing chest, abs and intervals ‪#‎sweatpink‬ ‪#‎buffmother‬ ‪#‎gymangel‬ ‪#‎buffisbeautiful‬‪#‎startnow‬ ‪#‎strongnotskinny‬ ‪#‎momwithmuscle‬ ‪#‎alldaysinaugust‬

It was good to be back, I felt weak but good!  I’m excited to see the progress I can make in August. My mindset is 100% about MUSCLE BURNS FAT! I’m striving to build muscle and build my fitness level this month.  Fueling my body with good foods like fruits, veggies and protein!!


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