Once in a blue moon

Have you heard about the Blue Moon that is happening tonight? It’s the first blue moon in 3 years.  Basically a blue moon is when there are 2 full moons in 1 month’s time…the actual blue part may or may not happen. It depends on if there is a certain element in the earth’s atmosphere tonight.


Anyhow, I’m excited for it! AND I’m excited for our ABS AUGUST!! We’ve had a ton of people sign up for it– don’t miss out!!  Here’s the link to join:




Now, on to my plan. Today will be another recovery day. I have already been more active than the past 3 days already.  Doing some cleaning, cooking and plan to help with some other outdoor chores.  I’m glad to be feeling more energy!


I think by tomorrow I’ll be up for a workout…my goal is to workout all days in August (11mins minimum daily).


Aug 1- Chest/Triceps + intervals

Aug 2- Legs

Aug 3- START ABS AUGUST!! 20mins bike in am + Fab ABS day 1; evening run

Aug 4- Back/Shoulders/Biceps + Fab ABS day 2

Aug 5- Chest/Triceps + Intervals + Fab ABS Day 3

Aug 6- Legs + Fab Abs day 4

Aug 7- Run + Fab Abs day 5


The plan is a bit aggressive, I’ll certainly get sore, but I know I can do it!!

Have a great BLUE MOON!





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