Fired up for the week!

First off, let me start by saying I am FIRED up to have a killer workout and WORK week! Summer is winding down a bit and I’m ready to get to business!


This weekend I did well with my “no work weekend” mantra.  I really need my weekends to be work free!

Here’s my vlog from Saturday about that:



So..on Saturday i weed whipped for 2 hours in the HOT 95+ weather– in the process Travis shot 2 big snakes, killed a small one with the machete and I killed another with the week whip!



Then on Sunday this cute little moth was on the truck window. it’s purple and gold in honor of the MN VIKINGS!!



Work this week will be full of stuff promoting the ABS August contest and working with Travis on our Retail Pro Marketing business.


I’m also going to be share some of my HOT NEWS posts–


Here are 2 that are a must see!


what is it with internet haters?? I love this story and she deserves to be praised!!…ers-can-t-get-enough



This a fun post about BAD PARENTS!…;utm_campaign=buffer


Now, my POA for workout are as follows:

M: Legs and abs

T: lift back,sh, bi and run intervals on treadmill

W: lift chest/triceps and abs

Th: run and abs

F: legs


Let’s be so On FIRE that we BURN IT DOWN this week!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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