I’ve been knee deep in “the STRUGGLE” the past week or so… Neck/shoulder issues are really keeping me from feeling my best physically and mentally I’ve also been in a STRUGGLE!


I really feel that as mother’s it’s a BIG STRUGGLE to keep up with everything and everyone’s demands. Being pulled in a million directions at once can leave us feeling like failures in life and in love.


I had a big talk with myself and my God this morning about it– here’s what I came up with


#1 Life priorities need to be stuck to no matter the consequences- God, My Husband, My Kids, Myself– then everything else including extended family and friends and work. God is first, then my HUSBAND– I have a problem being submissive times…I am a control freak, a fighter and a rebel by nature.  Letting others take care of me or be in charge is hard!  DH’s been great lately about wanting to lighten my “load”; He’ been teaching me to allow him to take responsibly for our life in certain areas of our life that STRESS ME OUT!


#2 Self imposed GUILT is a problem for me…I can’t possibly be everything to everyone at all times. I need to stay focused on the TRUTH that I will fail others at times in their eyes, but GOD is the one who knows my heart and I need to look to HIM as my compass. Every time I feel “guilt” I’ll ask HIM if it is TRUTH or a LIE!


I know I am not the only woman in the world who’s been in “the STRUGGLE”.  Please realize that it’s okay to STRUGGLE as long as you keep fighting… you will eventually win.  I expect to win!


My workout yesterday didn’t happen as I had hoped. I was just too beat from my weekend workouts, birthday stuff and my neck issues…

I did manage to post a vlog about my YouTube channel goals:


Alright, today the plan is to get at least some biking and stretching done. Hoping that my neck and mindset will be much better tomorrow,

Love ya ladies, thanks for letting me “share”


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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