Rally Room RE-Launch!

Hi ya ladies,

Sorry, I’ve been a bit MIA the last several days… I’m way deep into BOOSTING and feeling a bit of the hormone effects


I’ve decided to have a fun RE-Launch of the Rally Room this late summer/fall.  Once August rolls around we’ll be doing an ABS AUGUST focus, like we did in February…then Staring in Mid September we’ll do a 70 days to SEXY 10 week contest, my goal is to get new members, and tons of activity here in the Rally Room!!


I’m going to do a few things to change the regarding what is free and what is pay. We’ll go back to making basic membership to the RR free except for the FORUM area. That area will be pay and will house training programs, videos, etc… It should help us get more members participating and also give us some SYNERGY!! I sure hope you all will help spread the news when it’s time.


In other news, I’ve been dealing with a pinched neck/upper back the past 2 days. It’s annoying but not horrible. It did keep me from doing much of a workout yesterday. I did get in 24 mins of biking and some stretching and abs.


Today, I rode bike for 10 mins so far. Plan to do an upper body workout and run after I get a few “work” items done.


I’ve got 2 photo-shoots on the books for August!! So my motivation is HIGH– my vlog yesterday was about it.


I’ve got a big to do list for today…see you on the flip!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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