heavier squats

Happy Tuesday my Friends!!

Yesterday morning my son mentioned how he did squats during his football practice and quickly he turned the table on my by asking how much weight I squat. I said typically I’ll do 2-3 sets at 155x10reps. Then he said, “don’t you bench about that much??”

….DING!! my lightbulb went off and I felt like a wimp for allowing myself to get complacent about PUSHING myself to squat heavier.


That’s some of what I vlogged about yesterday:


Leg workout today…my squats went like this 45×10, 135×10, 155×6, 175x6x2sets, 155×10 here’s my second set of 175



AND here’s the workout proof pic and video~



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Today has been very rainy here…and my legs are feeling the squats. Probably good that i couldn’t do sprints today– I’ll get in my back, shoulders and biceps workout here in a bit. Plus, some intervals on the bike and punching bob.


Have a great afternoon!!


p.s. Here’s one of my top posts from the week about QUINOA…YUMMY IDEAS!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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