the 4th was a BLAST!

Hi Ya!! Holy cow the 4th was so much fun!! Hope you had a fun time too!!

Today, it’s been a little hard to get back into “work mode”…

I’m really ready for it though!  I need the sense of accomplishment


So…I’ve kept up with my 70 days to sexy vlogs– here’s a playlist with all 14 of them to date. I’ll keep adding them as I go along.



Here’s my workout POA: ABS DAILY and 20 MINS bike at least 4 x’s in addition to the POA

Monday- bike 20 mins (DONE!) and Legs…heavy legs, lower reps for boosting

Tue- run sprints at track in morning (if it isn’t raining) and lift back, shoulders, biceps in afternoon

Wed- Chest Triceps and intervals

Thursday- Legs again!!

Friday- Run intervals/hills

Saturday-Back shoulders biceps

Sunday-Chest triceps and run


So…I took the past 2 days off workouts. Hadn’t planned it that way, but hey it was the HOLIDAYS!

My goals over the next week is to lift heavy and keep up with my sprinting and ABS!! I’ve been working them harder, and it’s showing.


I do see some results from the past 2 weeks.  Now to keep it up and increase my diligence now that the 4th is over.

I gotta go attack my TO DO List now.



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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