Holy Sore Hammies Batman!

Hey All!!

Had a much more energetic day yesterday…and had a “Cheat Date Night” with the hubby and now am ready to hit it even harder until the 4th of July! Can you believe it’s just a week away?  Do you have any plans?

We are all home for the 4th this year…planning to do some FIREWORKS for sure!! Our town has a downtown celebration this year too– we’ll have to go to it for a bit too…And Do a BBQ at home would be fun too!


So, yesterday I had only 20 mins to do my workout. I set my timer and rolled with it– the PLAN in my head was to do a lighter leg workout, but my hammies had other plans! They were so sore that I tried to squat and they literally cramped up immediatly– it was insanely painful!  Instead I did dips, leg extensions, ab work, laying side leg lifts, some bulgarians and lunges, plus a short slow jog down my driveway and back.  I filled up the 20 mins eventually and can actually really fell the dips today!


Today I’ve already ridden my bike for 20 mins, it was good to get back on there in the morning.  I plan to do that MORE this week– it really helps me get rolling and helps with my blood sugars.


Here’s my vlog from yesterday, 66 days to go– I talk about my definition of SEXY and what my helps me get in that mindset!

Our FUN for today will be to SHOOT, we are setting up targets and planning to shoot all of our guns!! I need to get some brush hogging done around the targets.

Then later this afternoon, I plan to do a run.  Gunner was wanting to go to the track to do sprints. Maybe we’ll do that?? Not sure, but could happen!


Anyhow, I’ll be back with my latest vlog– for today before the next 24 hours is up. Hope you have a good SATURDAY!!


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